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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: USHMM

Did Hitler die in 1945 ?

Posted on Monday, 13 September, 2010 | 41 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

We are told that the Allies defeated Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan in 1945 to bring freedom to millions of people…but the actual result was the spread of communist tyranny to Eastern Europe, North Korea, and, ultimately, China. I have written elsewhere, as have others, of the evidence that the major wars of the twentieth century were essentially rigged by a global elite, and that this elite is behind both communism and fascism (including its German variant, nazism) and that all of these supposedly different varieties of tyranny are essentially the same thing. Underneath the phony rhetoric that is the true “opiate of the masses,” communism is really fascism. We are also told that the Allies, principally at the Nuremberg trials, meted out justice to the enemy war criminals. And we are told that Hitler committed suicide in his Fuehrer Bunker on April 30, 1945…Walpurgisnacht, or the witches’ Sabbath. But how much of this is true? Is it possible that Hitler and other top German leaders escaped? Is it possible that the Allies deliberately allowed them to escape? We know for certain that a great many German and Japanese war criminals did in fact escape justice, and such authors as Jim Marrs and Dennis Cuddy have presented evidence that, via the collusion of such prominent people as the Dulles brothers…Allen and John Foster…there may be a kind of “Fourth Reich,” with “ex” Nazis having great wealth and wielding great influence over governments around the world, including the United States government.

People imagine that the Allies were too morally upright to pardon major torturers and mass murderers, but consider the case of Japan. A small number of Japanese, Like General Tojo, were hanged. But the Japanese Army and secret police in WWII committed atrocities rivaling or even surpassing those of the Germans. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians were raped, tortured, and murdered in cities like Nanking. Prisoners of war were routinely overworked, starved, beaten, denied medical care, or murdered outright, and few of the perpetrators were ever punished. Unit 731 of the Japanese Army tested and used chemical and biological weapons on Chinese civilians. Headed by an Army doctor, General Shiro Ishii, the unit infected hundreds of civilians, including children, infants, and pregnant women, with horrible diseases, and then performed vivisections upon them without anesthetics. Small children, already suffering terribly, were slowly cut open and their organs removed while they screamed in agony. None of these murderers were punished, and many became prominent and successful in postwar Japan. Ishii himself was let off in return for giving the United States his research data. We are told that Emperor Hirohito (4/29/01-1/7/89) was little more than a figurehead, a gentle little man with an interest in marine biology, and he was allowed to remain on the throne after the war (now truly as a figurehead). But, in fact, he had tremendous power and influence in Japan before and during the war, and he approved the invasions of Manchuria and China, and consented to the torture and murder of prisoners and to the use of poison gas in China. He approved the attack on Pearl Harbor, made many military decisions during the war, and encouraged the mass suicide of Japanese civilians. American leaders ignored all of this, and even covered up much of it.

It is a documented fact that, via “Operation Paperclip,” many Germans, mainly scientists like rocket engineer Werner von Braun, were brought to Western nations like the United States, and to the Soviet Union as well, to aid in the development of rockets and other technology. Some of these men were ardent Nazis, even war criminals. Reinhard Gehlen, a Wermacht intelligence officer and a committed Nazi, was brought over to aid the United States in penetrating the Soviet Union to gather intelligence on our new enemy. Klaus Barbie (10/25/13-9/25/91), a particularly vicious Gestapo torturer and murderer, was actually recruited to assist the US Army CIC (Counter Intelligence Corps), and, ultimately, US authorities and the pro-Nazi Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganovic helped him escape to Argentina in 1951. Later he moved to Bolivia, where he assisted its military dictator in the torture and murder of dissidents. And, of course, several prominent Nazi war criminals were known to have escaped (apparently without US aid), including Adolf Eichmann (3/19/65/31/62). Eichmann had managed the mass deportation of Jews to the death camps, and, with a Red Cross “laissez-passer,” escaped to Argentina. Dr. Josef Mengele (3/16/11-2/7/79), who selected who should die and who should live (briefly) at Auschwitz, and who performed sadistic experiments on human subjects, including children, managed to remain free in Germany until 1949, then went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where, as a medical doctor, he specialized in abortions. Later he went to Paraguay, where he died.

Then there is the strange case of Rudolf Hess. Rudolf Walter Richard Hess (4/26/1894-8/17/1987) was Hitler’s Nazi Party deputy. Born in Alexandria, Egypt to German parents, he served in WWI as an infantryman and then a pilot. He was a member of the occult Thule Society that essentially created the Nazi Party and backed Hitler as its leader, and he also joined, after WWI, such extremist paramilitary groups as the Freikorps and the Eiserne Faust (Iron Fist). Always fascinated by the occult, at one point he directed a mapping of all the supposed ley lines in the Reich. The Nazis had never wanted war with Great Britain, and certainly not a two front war, and (supposedly on his own, without Hitler’s permission) on 5/10/41 he flew to Scotland in a ME Bf 110, and parachuted out near Renfrewshire, where he was captured. It is likely that he had hoped to contact the Duke of Hamilton, Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, who supposedly wanted peace with Germany, but he was held prisoner, tried at Nuremberg, and sentenced to life in prison at Spandau in Germany. Although the Western Allies later wanted him released, the Soviets insisted that he remain a prisoner. He either killed himself or was murdered 8/17/87; his body was found with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck, and death was attributed to strangulation. A number of authors have suggested that the man in Spandau Prison was not really Rudolf Hess, and that Hess had either been murdered by the British during the war to cover up the existence of pro-Nazi elements in the British ruling class, or that he had been allowed to escape. This is based primarily on Hess’ alleged inability to recognize family members, and the absence of a scar from a WWI wound, but Hess’ mental state was such that his memory could very well have been impaired, and at least one medical doctor believed that the scar might have completely healed. It is doubtful that we will ever know the full truth of the matter.

Given the known extent of US aid to and collaboration with certain war criminals, we cannot really be certain that those who allegedly were executed or died by suicide while in Allied hands were not actually allowed to escape. Even photographs of their bodies could easily have been faked. Hermann Wilhelm Goering (1/12/1893-10/15/46?) is a case in point. He had been an ace in WWI, in the Red Baron’s old squadron, and became the head of Hitler’s Luftwaffe and Reichsmarschall. Captured by the Americans, he was at first treated like a guest and a celebrity; there is a photograph of him in one of his various dress uniforms, relaxing with US officers. But he was tried at Nuremberg and sentenced to hang. Yet, supposedly, despite repeated searches, he somehow obtained a cyanide capsule and killed himself; there is even a photograph of his body, which proves conclusively that he had a body. There are several accounts of how he obtained the capsule, including a claim that he befriended an American officer, Lt. Jack G. Wheelis. Goering suffered from dermatitis, and Wheelis supposedly brought him jars of skin cream from storage, and the capsule was hidden in one of them. But why was Wheelis not court martialled for fraternizing with the enemy? Why was the matter not properly investigated and the results made public? We have to take very seriously the possibility…and I stress that it is only a possibility…that Goering’s death was faked and he was allowed to escape.

Heinrich Himmler (1/12/1893-10/15/1946?) was the leader of Hitler’s dreaded SS, including the Waffen SS, or combat units (which were operationally under Army control), the Gestapo, the concentration camp guards, and the SD, or security service. A military cadet in WWI, he was interested in agriculture and the occult. Captured by the British on 5/22/45 after the German surrender, he was searched and either one, two, or no cyanide capsules were confiscated…accounts vary. Yet he allegedly killed himself with a cyanide pill, and his autopsy failed to show the cause of death. The British published a picture of his body, which, again, proves nothing. Files on his capture and death are to be kept secret until 2045…why? The body was supposedly buried in an unmarked grave which the British themselves were later unable to find, so no independent researchers can verify his death. Churchill had advocated simply killing some of the worst Nazis without a trial, so it is possible that the British murdered Himmler. But it is also possible that they allowed him to escape. Again, we will never know.

Heinrich Muller (4/28/1900-?) was the head of the Gestapo, serving under Himmler. A pilot in WWI, he later joined the Bavarian police and, although initially opposed to the Nazis, he was recruited into the SS by the sinister leader of the SD, Reinhard Heydrich. Muller was last seen in the Fuehrer Bunker on 5/1/45, and no body was ever found. In 1960 Eichmann, captured by the Israelis, claimed that he believed that Muller had escaped from Berlin and was still alive.

And then there is Martin Bormann (6/17/1900-5/2/1945?) who was head of the Nazi Party Chancellery and private secretary to Hitler, a position that allowed him to more or less control access to the Fuehrer. A veteran of the Army in WWI, too late to see action, he joined the Freikorps, and, in 1925, joined the Nazi Party. During the Second World War, as Germany’s defeat began to seem likely, Bormann set up holding companies and transferred vast amounts of capital out of the country, keeping it under the control of major German bankers and industrialists. He, too, was in the Fuehrer Bunker at the end, and was last reported seen there on 5/1/45 or 5/2/45. He and several others attempted to escape (and some of his comrades did escape), but it was claimed that Bormann was either shot by Russian troops in the fighting in Berlin, or killed himself to avoid capture. Reinhard Gehlen claimed that Bormann was actually a Soviet agent throughout most of the war, raising the possibility that he may simply have gone to Russia at the end, or been allowed to escape. On 12/7/72 construction workers dug up a skeleton identified by dental records (and, in 1998 by DNA evidence) as Bormann’s. Supposedly glass fragments were found by the skull, indicating a possible suicide by cyanide capsule. But Berlin is built on yellow sand soil, including the site where the skeleton was found, and there were flecks of red clay on the bones, red clay found in parts of Russia and in most of Paraguay. Some researchers have therefore suggested that Bormann had escaped to South America, and later died and was buried there, and that the Nazis or their friends in Western governments then moved the bones to a site where they would be found in Berlin, in order to stop all speculation about his escape. This seems pretty improbable…but where did the red clay come from? And this is assuming that we have been told the truth about the dental records and DNA.

Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun, whom he married just before the end, remained in Berlin in his bunker while the Soviets surrounded the city for the final battle, and Hitler supposedly refused to attempt to escape. The official story is that, on 4/30/45, he either shot Eva or she took cyanide, or both, and then shot himself. His valet Heinze Linge said that he and Bormann heard at least one shot and, entering the room, saw the bodies and smelled the characteristic bitter almonds odor of cyanide. SS Adjutant Sturmbannfuehrer Otto Gunsche also claimed to have seen the bodies. Several of the SS guards claimed to have seen the bodies taken above ground, doused with gasoline, and burned. Accounts of the locations of the bodies when first found and the locations of the bullet wounds vary, but human memories, especially in times of stress, are notoriously unreliable. However, all those present were presumably loyal Nazis, and would have been quite capable of lying to cover up Hitler’s escape. A man’s body found in the Chancellery Garden near the Fuehrer Bunker resembled Hitler, but this could have been a look alike murdered and planted there, or simply a coincidence. The Soviets, who occupied Berlin, kept changing their story as to whether or not they found the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun, although all accounts agree that Propaganda Minister Goebbels and his wife and children were found dead after a murder-suicide. Stalin at one point claimed that he believed that Hitler had escaped, but he was an infamous liar and changed his story as well. After 1990 the Soviets claimed that they had found the bodies, not totally burned, and had finally cremated them…but Otto Gensche claimed that the bodies were totally destroyed in 1945 by burning and by Russian shellfire. So we are left with no real proof. Even at the end it was possible to escape, and German pilot Hanna Reitsch flew a small plane in and out of Berlin at least as late as 4/26/45. And there is always the possibility that the Soviets and the Western Allies collaborated in arranging the escape and in the cover up. Note that Hitler, in his fifties and in very poor health in 1945, would be long dead by now, like most of the top Nazis. It is unlikely that Hitler, if he did escape, lived for more than a few years after.

And a great many Nazis are known to have escaped to Italy, to Spain, where General Franco was sympathetic to them, and, ultimately, to Argentina, where the socialist dictator Juan Peron was quite friendly to the “right wing” Nazis. “Nazi,” remember, is the acronym for the German words for “National Socialist.” Escapees were aided all too often by Catholic monks and priests, especially by the German bishop, Alois Hudal, and by the Red Cross. To be fair, we must remember that it is likely that not all of those who helped the war criminals escape knew who they were. The Nazis themselves, principally Reinhard Gehlen and former SS commando Otto Skorzeny, organized a group called Die Spinne ( The Spider) based in Madrid to help their comrades, and supposedly there was a network called Odessa (Organisation der ehenaligen SS-Angeharigen). And, finally, there is the curious case of U-234.

U-234 was a large, snorkel-equipped German submarine that, just before the German surrender, was sent, supposedly to aid the Japanese, with a cargo of 560 kilograms of uranium oxide (ironically, one isotope of uranium is U-234), a glide bomb, and a crated Me-262 jet. There is certainly no doubt that both Germany and her ally Japan were attempting to develop nuclear weapons; some researchers believe that they actually succeeded. No information is available as to whether or not the uranium was enriched to bomb grade; supposedly, neither Germany nor Japan were able to enrich uranium by separating the U-235 isotope from the more common U-238. Also on the submarine were two Japanese officers. The story is that, when the captain received confirmation that Germany had surrendered, he headed for Canada to surrender. But the US Navy jammed the Canadian radios, intercepted the sub and escorted it to America, and kept the uranium for our Manhattan Project. The Japanese officers supposedly killed themselves and were buried at sea. Accounts differ as to whether the uranium oxide was packaged in lead or gold lined containers. Author and researcher Joseph Farrell has suggested that U-234 carried top Nazis, perhaps including Hitler, to Spain, and that they may have made a deal with the US leaders to be allowed to do so in return for the uranium and the rest of the technologically valuable cargo. And so, once again, we are left with yet another unexplained mystery…but that is what makes life interesting.

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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