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  Columnist: William B Stoecker

Image credit: CC 3.0 Chmee2

Die Glocke

Posted on Thursday, 29 March, 2012 | 3 comments
Columnist: William B Stoecker

[!gad]During WWII the Germans developed or planned a number of wunderwaffen, or miracle weapons which, Hitler assured his people, would reverse the Reich’s fortunes and lead to victory. The Germans tried to develop a nuclear fission bomb, but, we are told, were stymied by Allied sabotage of their heavy water plant…they needed the heavy water (deuterium oxide) for a nuclear reactor. They developed snorkels for submarines; they built the world’s first truly successful jet fighter, the Me-262; they developed a rocket fighter; they designed the first jet bomber; they experimented with a flying wing aircraft (but there is no evidence that they overcame its control and stability problems); and, of course, they designed and built the powerful V-2 rocket, the first rocket capable of reaching outer space.

But there have been persistent rumors that the Germans, and possibly their Japanese allies as well, developed nuclear weapons despite the lack of heavy water, having discovered a way to enrich uranium to bomb grade level (about ninety percent U-235 isotope). There is the curious case of the U boat U-234, which was surrendered to the Americans on 5/19/1945, with a mysterious cargo in lead containers. Did the U-234 carry U-235? Or was it merely natural uranium? Two Japanese officers had been on board but supposedly committed suicide when the crew decided to surrender to the Americans. Apparently the submarine was carrying uranium, whether natural or enriched, to Japan, but changed course. If the cargo was only natural uranium, why did US officials classify everything? On the other hand, if the Nazis had developed nuclear weapons, why would they not have used them? Author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell has speculated that the high ranking Nazi Martin Bormann bribed the Americans with the uranium so as to escape being charged with war crimes. Other accounts suggest that Bormann died while trying to escape Berlin during the final battle, or that he went to the Soviet Union and, perhaps, had been a Soviet agent all along. There are also the rumors that Hitler flew out of Berlin and took a U boat to Argentina or even to a secret Nazi base in Antarctica. It is a fact that the Nazis were somewhat obsessed with Antarctica, and that many top Nazis did find asylum in Juan Peron’s Argentina.

But of all the legends about the Nazis, none is more fascinating than the claims that they succeeded in developing gravity control, and, perhaps, “free” or “virtual” energy. Author Igor Witkowski went so far as to describe a supposed gravity control craft built by Nazi scientists, called “die glocke,” or “the bell,” due to its shape. The design incorporated rotating cylinders and mercury, reminiscent of the legendary Hindu “vimanas.” Mercury was also important for Medieval alchemists, and there have been persistent rumors that a mercury compound called “red mercury,” or mercury antimony oxide (Hg2Sb2O7) can cause a nuclear explosion. Hard proof of this is lacking. Supposedly the bell was tested at a structure called the “henge” near Ludwikowice, Poland, near the Czech border. Again, proof is lacking, but the structure undeniably exists. Skeptics claim that it is merely the support for a water tower, but, unless it is on a hill (videos show no evidence of this) it is far too low for an effective water tower. This entire story has been taken up and developed further by Joseph P. Farrell, a formidable researcher with a considerable knowledge of science and technology.

But, if there is any truth to any of this, where did the Nazis gain the knowledge needed to do the seemingly impossible? Nazi physicists, while embracing quantum mechanics, were encouraged to reject relativity theory as “Jewish physics.” Could they have been doing the right thing for the wrong reason? Quite a number of people, some of them physicists, have, in recent years, suggested that relativity is a terrible mistake , and that, furthermore, there really is a luminiferous ether, perhaps a dynamic, rather than a static ether, which might explain past failures to detect it. A dynamic ether might be the key to “free” energy and to gravity control. German physicist Walter Gerlach made a study of gravity, and he had once suggested that mercury might be transformed into gold by relatively simple means…clearly, he thought outside the box. Farrell and others have suggested that he may have played a major part in Nazi gravity control research, and that the overall project may have been headed by SS Obergruppenfuhrer Hans Kammler, who disappeared at the end of the war. Then there is the case of Austrian researcher Viktor Schauberger, who was fascinated by the esoteric qualities of water and obsessed with implosions and centripetal flows. As has been the case with Nikola Tesla, Schauberger has achieved an almost legendary status, and there are rumors that he developed a kind of turbine called a “repulsine” that could control gravity. Once again, hard proof is lacking. There is yet another possibility. The Nazi Party was created, and Hitler sent to become its leader, by a mysterious and rather sinister cult called the Thule Society, named for a legendary northern version of Atlantis, supposedly the original home of the Aryan race. The Thule Society was essentially an earlier cult, the German Order, under a new name, and the German Order was essentially a rebirth of a still earlier cult, the Order of the New Templars, or ONT. Anyone who has studied these cults, and the Theosophists, and the earlier Masons and Rosicrucians, and the still earlier Knights Templar, will notice that the same signs and symbols and beliefs appear over and over. It is quite likely that these cults, or at least their beliefs and goals, are descended from the ancient mystery cults, and/or a branch of the ancient Egyptian priesthood. Evidence has emerged in recent years confirming a belief many of us have long held, that early Man was much more advanced than previously believed, and civilizations existed long before historical Egypt and Sumer. Plato said that the buildings of Atlantis were made of red, black, and white stones…and these are the colors of the Nazi flag. It is entirely possible that the technology of gravity control has been passed down by secret societies and originated in prehistoric times. If the Nazis had developed this technology, it must have been at the very end of the war, or they would have produced craft in fairly large numbers and used them as weapons against the Allies.

Farrell and others have suggested that two of America’s most famous UFO incidents may have been caused by crashes, not of alien craft, but of the Nazi bell, whether controlled by a secret group of Nazis or by our own government, or by the Soviets. The first of these is the Roswell crash, and I have written elsewhere of the magical aspects of this incident. To those who claim that the incident can be explained by the crash of a Project Mogul balloon, I would like to point out that a balloon is a balloon is a balloon. Neoprene is synthetic rubber, and metal foil and balsa wood were very familiar materials in 1947. There is no way on Earth that Major Jesse Marcel, the intelligence officer involved, would not have recognized a balloon, whatever its purpose. Had he reported a balloon as a crashed “flying disk” his career would have ended that day…but he was later promoted. His commander, Colonel Blanchard, authorized a press release stating that it was a “flying disk,” yet he was promoted all the way to four stars. And if the wreckage was that of a mere balloon, why was no writing in English found, why no “made in USA” or “property of US government, “ or directions telling anyone who found it to call the nearest Army base? And the Mogul balloons were really trains of balloons held together by long cords. Why was no cord reported? Clearly something crashed at Roswell, and clearly it was not a balloon of any kind, and clearly it was of interest to the Army Air Force. The possibility that it was interplanetary cannot be ruled out, but neither can the possibility that it was man made, whether developed by researchers working in the US, or by the Soviets, or by some secret group of Nazis operating independently. Perhaps the most likely explanation (but not necessarily the correct one) is that the object at Roswell was designed by Nazi scientists working for the US under the auspices of Operation Paperclip. The magical aspects of the crash might be explained by the Nazi obsession with magic and occult lore, an obsession matched by the Freemasons in the US government. The “hieroglyphics” reportedly seen on the fragments found at Roswell might well be Germanic runes of the kind found around the “Black Sun” symbol at Wewelsburg Castle. This was the symbol of the Thule Group. To us, it seems nonsensical to mix science and technology with magic and ritual, but the Nazis thought otherwise, and the same is true (if author Richard Hoagland is correct) of the leaders of NASA.

On 12/9/1965 dozens of people across the northeastern US and eastern Canada saw a fireball streak across the sky, and many reported that it made major direction changes…something virtually impossible for a meteor. Many heard sonic booms, and there were even claims of fragments of hot metal falling from it. The object crashed in the woods near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, and was described by several volunteer firemen and others as acorn shaped (similar to descriptions of the bell), made of metal, and as large as a small car. Several people reported “hieroglyphics” around the base of the object. Troops came, chased witnesses away from the crash site, and took the object away on a flatbed truck. Local radio reporter John Murphy allegedly photographed the object, and, according to his wife, Bonnie Milslagle, some military personnel confiscated the film. Several radio station employees verified that they saw the photos, and that people claiming to be government agents confiscated the radio program tapes. In February of 1969, while on vacation in Ventura, California, Murphy was killed by a hit and run driver (like John Mack). Debunkers have claimed that the object was simply a failed Soviet space probe, Cosmos 96, but that had crashed (and was retrieved) in western Canada thirteen hours before the fireball was seen in the eastern US. Debunkers have pointed out that other Kecksburg residents, who did not witness the object at close hand, are skeptical of their fellow citizens’ stories…but it is almost inconceivable that all the witnesses are lying (and telling pretty much the same story).

As is so often the case, final proof is lacking. But the evidence overall suggests that our government has long had access to exotic propulsion systems and energy sources. This lends credence to the claims of Richard Hoagland that our public space program, immensely costly in lives and treasure, is merely a cover for a secret space program, and that our leaders have suppressed technologies that might have solved many of our energy problems and thus improved our economy. And the implications of that are staggering.

Article Copyright© William B Stoecker - reproduced with permission.

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