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  Columnist: Dan Green

Image credit: CC 3.0 Yashi Wong

The Maitreya Code, Planetary Treasure of Tibet

Posted on Monday, 2 April, 2012 | 0 comments
Columnist: Dan Green

[!gad]Since 2005 I have been investigating and presenting the coded language employed by the Knights Templar in much of my work, a communication thought by many to have been carried on by Freemasonry. It has been given various titles which include that of Bird Ogham, the Language of the birds postulated in medieval literature and occultism as a divine mystical angelic or Enochian language originating, as its title suggests, from birds. Futhermore, I knew it as the Green language of the alchemist Fulcanelli, his 'phonetic law' and 'spoken cabala' encapsulated in the geometry and stone architecture of the alchemically structured Gothic cathedrals, the very reason why I chose my surname as an appropriate pseudonym. It is safe to say that this phonetic and punning multi-lingual word play has been with us for centuries, but even it must have an origin and indeed it has, a Lost Mother Tongue which to find we must traverse far East and to the Himalayas of Tibet.

My initial interest in all things Tibetan came when as a youngster I read that the Tibetans had catalogued 49 levels of consciousness whilst we in the West recognised only two - drunk and sober! I simply had to learn more and so I stayed at a Tibetan Centre and monastery, Kagyu Samye-Ling, named after the first monastery in Tibet it was first Buddhist Monastery in Europe, tucked away in the hills of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, where genuine refugees including lamas had fled their home country threatened by Chinese oppression, and learned their ways.

Returning to the outside world and with a little to my surprise, I found that all of the oral learning of Kalachakra and Vajrayana that came my way seemed like second nature to me, and I been resonating with it all my tender years. Although never having considered myself as a Tibetan Buddhist, years after my original stay I met with the Dalai Lama in May of 1994 when he addressed a crowd of 20,000 after consecrating the completion of the Kagyu Samye-Ling temple that had been in construction since 1967.

Buddhists of the Mahayana and Vayrayana Schools, or Tantra, as it is called, keep alive the flames of a burning promise that a 'treasure text' will appear when Man is ready for its delivery. I announce that this treasure is the lost Mother Tongue...'Treasure' is a word from the Old French 'Tresor', Latin 'Thesaurus', Greek 'Thesauros', the word 'Thesaurus' meaning 'a storehouse of knowledge, a dictionary'.

TREASURE = DICTIONARY, and using the Mother Tongue, 'Treasure' = 'To Reassure'.

The complex practice of Vajrayana is a deliberately means of coded instruction, its obscure oral teaching method employs symbolism and synonym, metaphor and word association, this twilight language a polysemic with the capacity of a sign to have visual, verbal and non-verbal multiple depth meanings in their communications.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Thread', the thread of Life, the DNA, our blueprint for life. It is always of interest to me when I hear of words that have either lost their origin, or are obscure. I wonder if they ever did have an origin at all, or whether they are certain words with a mysterious relevance. One in particular is the word 'doll', its origin uncertain, but the Mother Tongue traces it back to Tara, Mother of all Buddhas and known in Tibetan as Dolma - 'Doll' with 'ma' being a child's contraction for 'mamma', Mother - Dolma anagrammatic of 'Modal' = 'Model', the original prototype and pattern. The lost Mother Tongue is a language that speaks in equations, a matrix algebra that determines the behaviour of physical systems, acting in mathematical terms as the network of intersections between input and output leads in a computer functioning as an encoder or decoder. It is a point or locus of points common to two or more geometric figures, and here we notice the connection with geometric figures and words for are not all the words in the English alphabet a combination of geometrical figures - right angles, angles at various degrees, circles and arcs?

Buddhists await the appearance of their Savior Maitreya, the next Buddha-to-be. I announce that this Maitreya they are eagerly seeking and awaiting the arrival of, can be found in the word 'Gematria' - 'Ge -MATRIA' - in Hebrew 'Gimatriya' from the Greek 'Geometria'. That the word in Greek relates to Geometry is another instance of loss of origin of a mystery relevance, declared unfounded. Gematria has been known previously only in a cabbalistic guise as a method of interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures by interchanging words whose letters have the same numerical value when added - a cryptograph in the form of a word whose letters have the numerical values of a word taken as the hidden meaning. Accuracy concerning an original rabbinical philosophy of cabal has now cast doubt amongst scholars who fear that the original system has either been corrupted or lost, or even worse, never having been fully understood or discovered in the first place. The treasure was never lost to be found. It is, of course, that of which I am referring to as Mother Tongue. 'Gematria' = 'Ge Matria' = 'Ge Matria(rch)'. Ge = variant of Gaea, in Greek myth the goddess of the earth from 'Ge' meaning 'earth'.... 'Matriarch', a woman who dominates any group or activity, from Latin 'Mater' meaning Mother. Gematria = Mother Tongue = 'Matrix', from Latin meaning 'womb', originally meaning 'pregnant animal' from 'Mater', Mother. All this, the algebraic equations of the Mother Tongue, the angles and geometry of language...LANG uage....'ANGL'..... language of the angels. 'Maitreya' has arrived, to unlock the mysteries and announce the hidden role of the Tibetan Buddhist.

And so to Tibet and the revelations from this most Ancient of all Codes. Buddha received his critical and decisive vision sitting under an old Peepul ('people') tree on a seat of kusha grass. This kind of tree is now called the Bo or Bodhi tree, tree of enlightenment. The word 'Bodhi' is the section of the word 'carbohydrate' - 'car BODHY drate' ....From 'carbohydrate' we find the last 4 letters anagramatic 'trae' - 'carbohyd trae'....phonetic 'tree'. In total we locate 'Bodhi Tree'. A carbohydrate being any of a group of chemical compounds including sugars, starches and cellulose - along with fats, our prime source of energy. 'Kusha' grass = 'Shuka' = Sugar, crystalline carbohydrate. Buddha was sitting under the Diet Tree = phonetic 'Dietary'.

So what was his message we have overlooked? Food comprises a trio of nutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are any of a group of complex nitrogenous organic compounds of high molecular weight that contain amino acids as their basic structural units and that occur in all living matter, essential for the growth and repair of animal tissue - the solution to Siddhartha's dilemma of decay - thus proteins are the prime building blocks of the body's tissue required for the growth and repair of cells and for producing hormones and enzymes. In the traditional telling of the Buddha story, it was the dismay at death and decay that so troubled the Prince, the antithesis to this ill being, precisely, protein, required for growth and cellular repair. Proteins are made up of amino acids. Our body needs 22 and can be synthesised in the liver, but more importantly there are a strategic 8 that we require daily in our food intake.

The names of the 'essential amino acids' are;

1. Isoleucine 2. Leusine 3. Lysine 4. Methionine 5. Phenylalanine 6. Threonine 7. Tryptophan 8. Valine.

Now, allow the Mother Tongue to reveal the cybernetic content of these 8 acids and their relationship with the Buddhist values of Siddhartha Buddha's 8-Fold Path, for both are, incredibly, one and the same.

The Four Noble Truths and the 8-Fold Path, in concise form are as follows;

Truth number one - Individualized existence is suffering,
Truth number two - The three poisons; ignorance, attachment and hatred are the cause of suffering,
Truth number three - Suffering ceases when desire ceases,
Truth number four - release can be reached by the 8-Fold Path :

1. Right Seeing
2. Right Thought
3. Right Speech
4. Right Action 5. Right Livelihood
6. Right Effort
7. Right Mindfulness
8. Right Contemplation.

1. Isoleucine = Right seeing
IS o LEUCINE to read as phonetic 'Eyes looking'

2. Leusine = Right thought
LEUS ine to read as phonetic 'Loose' i.e. lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility : also licentious, unchaste, immoral

3. Lysine = Right speech
LYS ine to be read as phonetic 'Lies', false statements or pieces of information deliberately presented as being true.

4. Methionine = Right action.
To conceal phonetics 'Me', 'Thee' (Thi) and 'Thine' (Thion). Concern for all, regarding our actions.

5. Phenylalanine = Right livelihood.
To be read as phonetic 'Penny' (Pheny) a line (L an INE). A penny, in UK currency, was a coin originally silver, later copper, bronze from 1860, formerly worth 1/240 of £1, now equal to a hundredth part of £1. There is also the term 'bread line', meaning to be living at subsistence level, a modern day epithet to describe the original state of Buddhist living. People living in the UK will be reminded of the weekly 'football pool coupon', a mainstay of British national existence primarily before the advent of the National Lottery, whereby nominal stakes to attempt to win a fortune were staked at a 'penny a line'.

6. Threonine = Right effort.
To be read as phonetic 'Thrown in' (THREON ine = Throne). To put quickly into use or place, the colloquialism to 'throw in' as in colloquialism 'throw in the towel', to accept personal defeat, to give in, to oppose selfish, incorrect effort.

7. Tryptophan = Right mindfulness.
Concealing phonetic 'tripped' (TRYPT), colloquialism to 'trip up', meaning a mistake, slip up or blunder, to go wrong.

8. Valine = Right contemplation.
From vulgar Latin 'Valiente' (VALIEN te), to be strong, to possess, act with or show valour.

These then, are the revealed references, the eight amino acids for healthy growth and their relationship with approved Buddhist thought, until now phonetically veiled in the 8-Fold Path by Prince Siddhartha....SIDDHA rtha

SIDDHA = AHSIDDS = phonetic 'acids'

It seems Buddha's essential message was to instruct us how to keep a healthy body, thus answering something that had always puzzled me. The clue had always been in those deliberate oversized, fat Buddha statues - how could he be represented as obese when we know him as a strict ascetic?

We can take it a stage further, the calorie connection. The term 'calorie' is used in expressing the heat or energy producing value in foods; 1 calorie = 4.184 kilojoules (kilojoule = 1,000 joules) A joule is a SI unit of energy, equal to the work done when a current of 1 ampere is passed through a resistance of 1 ohm for one second, an ohm being a unit of electrical resistance. Here we have insight into the meaning of the most renowned of mantras, Om/Aum, of which the literal translation, 'Hail to the Diamond Jewel', can be revised by punning as 'Hail to the Diamond Joule'. Within the grounds of the Dalai Lama's ex-residency in Lhasa is the 'Garden of precious stones'. A diamond is, of course, the most precious of gem stones, but here the reference to precious 'stones' is a play on word to 'stones' used to express body weight, a 'stone' in the UK and other English-speaking countries equals 14 pounds avoirdupois. Of interest and a certain synchronicity, a balanced diet is approximately 2,500 calories per day, the very figure that we are told in years signifies the birth of the Buddha BC.

Now we turn our attention to the cosmology and the purpose of the Buddhists of ancient and relatively modern Tibet, a race concerned with the raised consciousness and one focused prescribed technique, for they have been playing out the role of the Planetary Body's - Mother Earth's - living brain cells. When fully alert, a brain gives off Beta waves. We find this designation in the word 'Tibetan' - 'ti BETA n'. These brain cells are responsible for a particular aspired and cultivated brain wave drifting off into far space from their remote lamaseries and isolated retreats, an Asiatic centre for the living body of Mother Earth. Today, in our advanced push button world of computers and the micro-chip, we find that we have a similar device to the brains of our lama friends up their mountain tops. Used to amplify long range radar and radio astronomy signals, it is called the Maser. Find it in the word 'Lamasery' - 'la MASER y'.

This cosmic neurological connection continues. The original and enforcedly relinquished seat of power in the Tibetan hierarchy was held by the now exiled Dalai Lama, an actual throne at his now abandoned and empty exquisite Pothala Palace, also known as Summer Palace, in the capital city of Lhasa. Summer Palace is also called Norbulinka, and our code reveals it as an anagram containing 'Brain link'. We will find the Pothala hiding in the word 'Hypothalamus' - 'hy POTHALA mus', a tiny cluster of cells in the brain and an essential link between the brain and the pituitary gland, which is sometimes called the 'Master Gland', as in the Masters of both Tibetan and Indian Buddhism. 'Hypothalamus' also locates 'Summer Palace' - 'Hypothal AMUS .......''Amus' reversed as 'SUMA'.....'Hy P ot HAL am US'...'PHALUS' = phonetic 'Palace'. Furthermore we find more significance in this crucial word, the very origin of the High Lamas of Tibet.....again, 'Hypothalamus' - 'HY potha LAMUS' = phonetic 'High Lamas'.

The origin of the titular spiritual 'Head' of both Tibetan people and religion, the Nobel prize winning Dalai Lama, is revealed by our Tibet code as functioning within the Amygdala region of the brain, which controls anxiety and fear, the twin emotions that have besieged his race since his undignified flight from Tibet in 1959. 'Dalai Lama' is found by anagram and phonetics in 'Amygdala'.... Amyg DALA... producing Dala.... And, again.....AM ygda LA concealing 'Lama'....Dala + Lama = phonetic 'Dalai Lama'. The Code reveals more about His Holiness, named at birth as Tenzin Gyatso, presenting his biological functioning within the Planetary Body as Angiotensin - tenzi N G Y A ts O = anagrammatic ANGYO + TENZIN = phonetic 'Angiotensin' - a hormone that signals the hypothalamus in the brain to produce a sensation of thirst by ordering salivary glands to reduce their secretions. In the human body, the resulting dry mouth and throat ensures that quantities of drink are consumed until depleted water reserves in the body are restored. Cosmologically speaking, the Dalai Lama, if functioning correctly by being enthroned upon his birth-right in the Pothala Palace rather than enforced exile in Dharamasala in India, would be an instant antidote to the fearful imbalance of increasing global drought and dramatic rising sea levels resulting from both global warming and the effect of melting polar ice.

I will announce why the Dalai was 'removed' from his rightful seat. In 1964 Tibet was formerly made an autonomous region of China and the overthrowing of Tibet by the Chinese can be better understood when the Mother Tongue delves deeper into the word 'Chinese' for it will translate phonetically as 'Kinesis' - CHINES ES...the word kinesis relating to the science of kinesiology, the study of locomotion in relation to the structure and the working of human muscles. It is from the word 'kinetic' of, or, relating to, or producing by motion or change, - this to be expected of a race whose classical book of Ancient China, the I-Ching, propounds a philosophy seeking to explain nature and human nature in terms of changing balances, such as now experienced by the previously mentioned change in sea levels and climactic unpredictability.

'Aum Mani Padme Om' is unmistakenly the most famous and well known of the Buddhist mantras, the sacred formula repeated believed to induce a contemplative state or to increase ones power of concentration. The Mother Tongue reveals that Aum Mani Padme Om, as in electronics, is a signal that has been distorted and garbled so as to render it unintelligible, without a receiver. The Mother Tongue is that receiver and within 'Aum Mani Padme Om' we find in anagram the concealed word 'DOPAMINE'. This release of the neurotransmitter dopamine through the Planetary Body by both solitary or mass chanting of the mantra any time and all times in constantly growing and never ending aggregate, stimulates the cosmic brain of this living planet assisting in messages getting around in that brain, traveling, as it does in our own brains, from one nerve cell - a geographic power or energy point - to another. Different parts of a brain manufacture different neurotransmitters, some 30 currently categorized, and this is what mantras actually are, neurotransmitters - ' neuro TRANSM itters' = anagram 'Mantras'.

There are two major control systems and great communication networks in the human body, the better known nervous system and the lesser spoke of endocrine system, both interacting to bring about physical and mental health as they co-ordinate most body functions. Whereas electrochemical impulses transmit the messages of the nervous system, the endocrine system enlists the chemical messengers we know as hormones and is an intricate 'feedback' system in which these hormones release or suppress other hormones. Hormones released from the hypothalamus controls pituitary secretions, body temperature, hunger, thirst, sex drive and hormones stored in the pituitary i.e oxytocin, vital in childbirth and nursing. Let us consider the most popular and enduring image of the Buddhist, chanting, saffron clad monks and their begging bowls seeking alms for food. Translating this image into medical terminology, we can see the Buddhist in its Planetary Earth Body role as chemical messenger hormones afforded their 'feed back' in the way of alms offered up to their begging bowls, releasing or suppressing hormones; ' hormones' = anagrammatic and phonetic 'horms' = Oms/Aums, their chanting in fact is sometimes described by Westerners as 'moaning sounds'...'hormones' = hor MOANS, and begging 'bowls' = phonetic 'bowels', the intestines, that part of the digestive system.

Modern interpreters expecting some physical Maitreya appearing are propagating that he will appear wielding a 'Sword of cleavage.' This appears to be the Collective Unconscious way of announcing an example of the actual coming, for 'sword' is anagram of 'words' and 'cleavage' means to divide and mark off into parts, which is exactly how the Maitreya Code of the Mother Tongue works, breaking up and re-arranging wording. The lost Mother Tongue of Tibet, as revealed by the arrival of Maitreya - the Gematria - is not restricted solely to Tibetan issues, it translates and transmutes all known language and so I will end with just a few of my favorite examples. Firstly, an explanation why war on this planet has been not such a necessity as more an inevitability, for we are a sexual and continually reproductive planet. From 'Gamete', a sexual reproductive cell, we have 'Gametophyte', in alternation of generation, a plant of the sexual generation, producing gametes. 'Gametophyte' = phonetically 'Game to phyte' = 'Game to fight' = War. Given that we are learning the true role of the Buddhist regime and their insistence and stance of non-violence, it is reassuring to know that there has never been a war in the name of Buddhism.

Another example returns us again to the hypothalamus (which also contains hypoth ALA mus, 'Allah' being the supreme being of the Muslims) as it is the seat of all religion. The pituitary gland, alternatively called the Master Gland, is officially called 'Hypophysis' - HY POPH YSIS = anagram 'High Pope isis', Isis being the head divinity of the Egyptian pantheon. Looking at the word, we see it contains 'pophy', or phonetic 'poppy', the plant of the Papaver and the origin of the word 'Pope' is from the Middle/Old English 'Papa', Greek 'Father' as in the Christian God figure. Christian religion and its character assassination of women by way of attributing her Original Sin, should look again, for this 'Original Sin' is found in a word we mentioned earlier, 'Oxytocin' - oxy TOCIN = phonetic 'To Sin' - the pituitary hormone that stimulates uterine muscle contraction.

Finally, I owe much to my association with Samye-Ling and it should make me smile, for 'Samye-Ling' translates, simply and phonetically, as 'Smiling' ...

Article Copyright© Dan Green - reproduced with permission.

Dan's book, "The Murder of Mary Magdalene -Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint" is available now at Amazon:

His new book, "Activation Code Earth", is available to download as a free ebook from

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