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  Columnist: Dan Green

Image credit: CC 2.0 Allan chapman

The Lincoln Cathedral Code and the Olympic torch

Posted on Sunday, 15 July, 2012 | 0 comments
Columnist: Dan Green

[!gad]On March 12th 2010, against all odds and ahead of that summer's world cup finals in Africa, the 36.5 centimeters tall, 5kg solid gold chalice shaped soccer World Cup was lowered into Sincil Bank, home of lowly Conference National league Lincoln city football club, by helicopter as a token acknowledgement of the club's 125th anniversary. Nowhere else was it making an appearance within the UK. This was an amazing synchronicity as the symbology of the 'Blade and the Chalice' to modern Grail hunters is even mentioned in Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code'. The helicopter (blade) bringing the world cup (a golden chalice) – to Lincoln. After its arrival it next went to Paris where Brown's novel placed the final resting place of Mary Magdalene. The visiting team that played Lincoln that night was Hereford United, Hereford Cathedral home to the 158cm x 133cm golden 13c Mappa Mundi or 'Map of the World'. What connects both Cathedrals of Lincoln and Hereford was the once chancellor of the former, Walter Map (1140-1210) long considered to be the author of a lost prose entitled 'Quest of the Holy Grail' on which later accounts of the Arthurian legacy were based. In the centre of the Mappa Mundi is placed Jerusalem. Three miles to the west of Lincoln Cathedral is the small village of Jerusalem, a place name unique to the British Isles. One of Hereford United's nicknames is 'The Lillywhites', a synchronicity as the white lily is the emblem of Mary Magdalene. The origin of the name 'Sincil' is untraceable until we employ the cryptic code of the Knights Templar to reveal phonetic 'Sign Seal', completing the synchronised collection of blade and chalice of the Grail, a sign, and the seal, the word 'seal' meaning an authentication or attestation.

The synchronicities involved in what I have announced as the 'Lincoln Cathedral Code,' are beyond meaningless coincidences, and all began happening after 1986 when I encountered a UFO in the close vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau, France.

The Collective Unconscious and its tool of synchronicity works through the unwitting agency of the human and can employ whom ever it chooses, often sensitive painters and sculptors, to leave 'clues' wherever and whenever it wills throughout the centuries. It was the author Henry Lincoln who primarily kick started the modern day search for a symbolic Magdalene related Grail back in 1982 as major author of three in the best seller 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail'. He went looking for evidence at Rennes-le-Chateau for clues. They were there, but only I discovered they led back to the place name bearing his surname, Lincoln in England! The Chateau, dedicated to Mary, is high up a hill and the church has a demon guardian statue inside. Lincoln Cathedral, high up a hill has its own demon guardian, the Lincoln Imp, a 'v' notch on its left leg, the acknowledged symbology of 'the chalice'. A church of Mary Magdalene was demolished and built upon to make way for the Cathedral in 1097. No sooner had I announced the code in 2005 when who should come knocking on Lincoln Cathedral's door to film scenes for Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' movie, but Hollywood itself. True irony, a fictional movie about a Code, in a Cathedral that actually does have one, initially found in 2005 when instead of a cup or loaf on Christ's platter at the scene of the Last Supper at the Great East Window, we discover a dog, which goes on to appear a further twice elsewhere! The dog a symbol for the dog star Sirius, the blazing emblem of all Freemasonic Lodges. When the HBHG authors Baigent and Leigh sued Random House, publishers of Brown's novel for plagiarism, they were represented in the Courts by QC Raynor James, the same sounding Rayner being the name of the family tomb that the Code finally leads us to the lost treasure of the Templars at a burial grounds only yards adjacent the Cathedral.

Lincolnshire has more than its share of Templar activity and the Cathedral, viewed from the air, is in the shape of the Cross of Lorraine, the original Templars' emblem.

The famous Rennes Parchments, discovered its parish priest Sauniere, decode at Lincoln Cathedral, the Shepherdess 'no temptation' being a pregnant , therefore no sexual temptation, depiction of Queen Eleanor high up the SE buttress, looking directly over at the secret marker tomb, in the St Margaret burial grounds, this saint herself a shepherdess. 'That Poussin and Teniers hold the key peace' (piece) is explained by the presence of the shepherdess in Poussin's 'Shepherds of Arcadia (1341) and Teniers painting 'The Cabinet of Archduke Leopold' which contains over 50 smaller paintings in the canvass, its central depiction that of St Margaret, a green canvas suspiciously draped over the top right of the frame. St Margaret's burial grounds is also known as 'The Green'. The French word 'tenure' means 'to hold,' in the sense of 'to aim, to direct' indicating our Eleanor statue that holds the gaze of the marker tomb.

'681' in the Parchments are discovered when we look up at the Cathedral East Sun Dial, the equal spacing between the numbers 6, 8 and the 1 in the 10 explain the cipher. 'By this horse and cross of God' is found within the Cathedral hidden under a seat in the Choir stalls, a depiction of a falling knight shows a horse with its legs crossed. It has seven studs on the right of its fastenings and four on the left. The crossed legs serve as the sign for multiplication, and when we multiply the 7×4 we arrives at 28, the exact recorded plot number of the tomb in the burial grounds that is the marker.

A straight line drawn through the eyes and the centre of the cross of the kneeling Magdalene in her painting at the Rennes church ends at the 28th in a series of oblong tomb shapes read from left to right. In the background we can clearly see Lincoln Castle and its surroundings. The Angel Choir in the Cathedral has 28 carvings. 'I complete this guardian demon at noon blue apples' is explained when we return to the Sundial and its Latin motto 'Pereunt et imputantur'. We 'complete' the Demon imp by expanding the word' imp' to 'imputantar'. At noon on 22nd July, the feast day of Mary Magdalene, straight out a scene one would expect in an Indiana Jones movie, sunlight shines through a specific pane glass to create a dancing dappling effect on the stone floor that looks like red and blue apples! The second of the Parchments decodes on a plaque at the statue of Grail Poet Laureate Lord Tennyson (also with a dog!) – 'For Dagobert II King of Sion is this treasure and it is death'. Both the word 'Sion' and Roi', French for king, interlock on this statue, in the same 'v' notch as on the imp's leg, the reference to treasure and 'it is death' telling us that what we seek resides in the nearby burial ground, only yards away.

The last few lines of Tennyson's 1869 epic 'The Holy Grail' poem, contain cryptic references to within the Cathedral to confirm the Code. Further startling evidence and synchronicities that interlock involve the Maquette, a model map commissioned by Rennes priest Sauniere two years before his death in 1917. Entitled 'Jerusalem', and we have one in Lincoln, it comfortably fits the topography of the area involving the Cathedral and our marker tomb. A strange painting. 'The Invocation', left in the Museum of Antwerp also affords visual clues that pinpoint our location, as does a mysterious document simply entitled 'Wyville' deposited in Grantham Library in Lincolnshire that has been there for as long as the library's history can recall, the benefactor unknown.'Wyville' is a Masonic play on word revealing 'Wife Hill' the spot where our Quest concludes…the hill where hides the remains of the wife of Jesus?

The plot thickens, for in 1995 the then Dean of the Cathedral Brandon Jackson (whose surname shares the strangely adjoining tomb to our marker), announced nationally that he thought the Cathedral, damaged by fire in 1141 and almost destroyed by an earthquake in 1185, was the battleground of Good and Evil and wanted it closed for three months to have it exorcised! In 2008 author and mathematician Greg Rigby orientated and aligned the Cathedral for me with star maps to discover it has an on ground relationship with the star Arcturus, the heavenly body that is the home of Arthurian legend, its name the origin of 'Arthur'. The Rose Window situated at the North side of the Cathedral (when all other Gothic Cathedrals have theirs at the west) is actually a Star Clock of the Northern heavens of which Arcturus features. Given this revelation, it may be clearer why the Very Reverend Alec Knight, Dean of the Cathedral in 2004, had a winking figurehead of himself carved and placed around the Rose Window Tracery 85' above the ground and around its stained glass, for the Masonic understanding of a 'wink' is an informal mode of communication indicating shared, secret knowledge.

Further appearances of sacred geometry appeared when astonishing alignments came to light when my friend Tony Peart and his templarmechanics.com/ Sacred Geometry website announced that churches south of Lincoln sit on pagan sites that form a mystical pentagram and that the Templars had built their headquarters at Temple Bruer as part of it, physical manifestations in the area, both natural and man made, affected by its geometrical dimensions. The remains of this 13c Templar Preceptory house on the west wall a peculiar etching that is at the top left of one of the two Rennes Parchments. Peart has also demonstrated a clear connection geometric between Bruer and Rennes-le-Chateau. In 2002 international stone sculptor Michael Dan Archer who has told me he receives his inspiration for his talent through dreams, positioned a sarcophagus shaped slab outside of the Great East Window home to the dog on the plate, randomly pointing over to our marker tomb. Unwittingly, he chose a most fascinating title for this work. He named it 'The Secret'!

In 2006 the Chief Executive of the Cathedral announced publicly that there would be no problem allowing my request for a GPR radar scan at my marker tomb location – I was paying for it myself and it involved no structural damage. When the time drew nearer for the scan, the Cathedral reneged and a strange silence on the matter followed and remains. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury cannot overturn any decision made by a Cathedral, as I learned when I put my case to him. However, a German geophysicist and a well-known Rennes researcher, both wishing to remain anonymous, carried out their own scan at the site in April 2011 and a sarcophagus shaped anomaly alongside a metal oblong anomaly were detected. (see Youtube 'The Lincoln Cathedral Code GPR Scan 2011')

Being led to a 'lost' historical artifact of the Knights Templar is only half of this ongoing story. Wrapped up in the symbology of the Grail as it is perceived today, a mystery involving Mary Magdalene, this 'treasure' appears to await us under tomb 28 at the burial grounds of St Margaret opposite the SE corner of Lincoln Cathedral. French aristocrat Marie de Negre, who is universally believed to have guarded the secret of Rennes, died in 1781…the very year that the church of St Margaret that housed the spot under the ground where our marker tomb stands, was demolished. When I decoded De Negre's complex cryptic headstone, it read' Margaret at Lincoln'. Is it the mysterious Magdalene, the contemporary Grail, who awaits discovery? Is this 'treasure' the object of a battle between two opposing forces?

An 1850 painting in the Cathedral by an ex member of the Royal Academy of Art famed for his canvasses of salacious women, Matthew William Peters, who became Canon at the Cathedral, shows a red haired, red garbed pregnant woman. The scene is supposed to be of the Annunciation, but clearly the figure depicts the sacred feminine associated with the Magdalene, an observation agreed with me by the respected authoress Margaret Starbird. The woman looks over at a small black monolith that resembles our marker tomb. On it lays something resembling scrolls. Does the remains of Mary, documentation and some shocking secret await discovery under the tomb? My own enforced conclusion is presented in the USA movie docu 'The Murder of Mary Magdalene; Genocide of the Holy Bloodline'.

On November 23rd 2011 something quite unexpected and alchemically significant occurred when for 48 hours only the mystical archetype of the Chartres labyrinth was chalked on the stone floor of Lincoln cathedral exactly in the middle of both opposing Light and Dark Rose Windows, at the area called The Crossing. The centre of the labyrinth is known as 'The Temple of Jerusalem'.

Then in 2012 another global icon announced it would be visiting Lincoln to brush past the Cathedral code marker tomb….the Olympic Torch. The blazing torch is a symbol of the Greek archetype Hecate Goddess of the Underworld whose presence is associated with entrances, tombs and burial grounds, and so it comes as no surprise that her torch will pass by the Cathedral Code marker tomb and burial grounds of St Margaret's. The synchronicities unfold when we learn that the torch will be carried into Lincoln Cathedral to stay overnight on 28th June, that reoccurring number associated throughout the Code. Even more intriguing is that the surname of the Masonic number and 33 year old carrier is HOPE. This is most interesting from the point of why should the bearer, of all names, that is passing by our marker tomb express an etymology that can be traced back to a Germanic word from the Dutch 'hopen' – phonetically 'open' - meaning a desire of good with some expectation of fulfillment? Is our tomb destined to be opened ? There is another number associated with our Code mystery that has been deduced by American author Gary Val Tenuta by exploring the notion that our English alphabet is encoded to synchronise with the numbers 1 through to 9, useable as a form of Geomatria. This find is to use the basic single digit numerology that is part of Ross Kelly's 'Ana Code' (see 'Synchronicitywins.blogspot.com/') 151 is the key number Kelly's Code is based around and his principle figure, the female 'Ana' or Isis, has the value 151. Using Tenuta's findings, both Rennes-le-chateau and Lincoln Cathedral, as well as numerous Templar related words and short phrases, have a value of 151. If we accept the date 11 -23-11 for when the Chartres Labyrinth arrived within Lincoln Cathedral we find the total 151 hides itself right in the centre - 11 2+3 11

The geometry discovered by Tony Peart's Templar Mechanics has shown that the key measurement is 5.15 miles, a simple reassembly of 151. When I paid a visit to 192.com a site that finds how many people they could find with the surname Kelly, it came up with exactly 151 people named Ross Kelly. Studying Kendrick's 1928 famed and voluminous book of Lincoln Cathedral looking for a ground plan, I found only one. It is figure 151! The reason I mention the 151 association becomes clear when we follow the Olympic torch out of Lincoln where it next heads to the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, the handover from one torchbearer to another taking place at 11:11am, 11:11 being a noted phenomenon associated with synchronicity. The Major Oak is a huge oddly shaped oak tree which according to local folklore was Robin Hood's shelter where he and his merry men slept. Robin has a strong connexion with Lincoln in that Lincoln green is the colour of the dyed woolen cloth worn by Robin and his men, produced by the dyers of Lincoln. However, did the enigmatic figure of Robin ever really exist and the same can be asked of his alleged wife Maid Marion, she of the same initials of Mary Magdalene? There is a very strong indication that throughout history, perhaps inspired by the meanderings of the Collective Unconscious, couplet myths have maintained the indication that once there were an original male and female of great significance, Isis-Osiris and Mary Magdalene-Jesus being two examples and forerunners to Robin and Marion, for each generation appears to have them to keep the burning flame of memory alive. Whether all these couples actually existed as recorded or where partly myth or archetypical is a moot question. The fact remains that we have them in our memory for our own investigations.

When the torch heads for the Major Oak the flame is carried by five people all with surnames relevantly significant to our Cathedral Code: SHEPPARD, FOOTE, WILLIAMS, and particularly so, GRAVES and CHAMBERS. In Poussin's 'Shepherds of Arcadia' the shepherd nearest to the Shepherdess has his foot placed on a noticeably and strategic small raised rock, the same theme duplicated with the Lincoln Imp's placing of his 'v' notched left leg. The Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the church in England is of course Rowan Williams. A trusty correspondent of mine bought to my attention their 'Sherwood Forest Pentagram' with the Major Oak at its centre, nearby the landmark are two place names close to one another that return us to our peculiar Holy Land associations, with 'Jerusalem Well' and 'Jerusalem Plantation'. There is a recent post to mark the site of the well, filled in decades ago, records attesting to its very ancient history and the rumour that it served as a watering hole for the Crusades on their way to the Middle East. Neither historians nor the Forestry Commission, can explain how Jerusalem Plantation got its name. Indications are, led by the Collective Unconscious, the Lincoln leg of the Olympic Torch is following an old Templar/Pilgrim pathway. Perhaps, the route that furtively brought the mystery of Mary Magdalene, whatever that may be, to its final resting place?

Oh, and if you add the ages of the five torchbearers for this leg of the journey, would you be surprised to learn that it is 151?

Article Copyright© Dan Green - reproduced with permission.

Dan's book, "The Murder of Mary Magdalene -Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint" is available now at Amazon:

His new book, "Activation Code Earth", is available to download as a free ebook from http://www.dangreencodex.co.uk/

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