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  Columnist: Gnoshe

Image credit: Hodder & Stoughton

The Hidden Agenda

Posted on Monday, 7 January, 2013 | 7 comments
Columnist: Gnoshe

In this magnificent world that we are so blessed to live in, many things are all around us that we don’t see or notice. Here's an example of how much we don’t see: Everything we 'see' or decode essentially; is known by mainstream science as 'visible light'. Visible light is part of what is known as the electro-magnetic spectrum, which only accounts roughly 0.005 percent of our Universe. The other 95 percent or so; is what is known as Dark Matter; or information that we don’t see. Simple enough. Well, visible light only makes up a fraction of the electro-magnetic spectrum; so, we are only seeing a fraction of the 0.005 percent of the Universe! We are blind, so; who knows what is out there that the majority of us are not aware of or what we don’t ‘see’. I have had a few encounters with this 'unknown', and it makes me think outside the box everyday. And before you open me up for mass ridicule; just read the FAQ to see how I have come to such odd views.

What lead you to believe in such things?

Well, I have always been open to the possibility of intelligent life like our own (although some people really make me question this statement). And after years of studying 'UFOs' and all that; I really didn't see a 'scientific' explanation so I really never bothered with the idea (even though I really wanted to). I needed proof. And Youtube really wasn't a very scientific place for me. Then, I found David Icke. His stunning research really opened many doors for me and he has my full support and appreciation. It was at this stage; my ‘awakening’, that I started noticing things...

I started seeing shadows in my peripheral regardless of where I was, to the point that I pretty much noticed them wherever I went. It's like when your kid; and you're lying in bed, the minute your mom shuts the lights off;
'Don’t shut the door!'
You just have a fear of the dark.
It’s as if you know that there is something in there; and the moment you swear you see whatever is in the dark, you scream and then the lights are on; there is nothing there, and you feel stupid. Even though you swear there really was something there. Well, that was happening to me. Every day. Before I had read any of David’s material (and started questioning my sanity), I had first read another brilliant article, called the "Annunaki Agenda"; which the first doors gleefully swung open to the ‘real’ world. I highly recommend it if you wish to go deeper into the influence of these beings on a ‘personal’ level and I support the author’s themes.

What was your first encounter with these beings like?

My first encounter, was terrible.
Most people would feel; that their first interaction with another form of intelligent life should be fantastic. Losing your 'box perception' virginity should be magical and full of wonder (that was a weird metaphor I know). But; the first encounter is actually where I got the name for this article from because strangely enough; it was in my bathroom.

It had started on an ordinary night in my small quiet home in the middle of nowhere. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it is more rural up here than downstate. I was sitting alone at my kitchen table reading one of David Icke’s newest books, when I felt the urge to go to the bathroom. Nothing strange about it. Then; I felt a 'presence' so to speak. A very subtle energy you feel when you know someone’s watching you. Combine this with being alone, and in the middle of nowhere and this immediately gave me the heeby jeebies. But I pressed on in my endeavor, undeterred by my paranoia. At this time; everyone in my home was fast asleep, it was probably 3 in the morning or so, it’s also pretty quiet.

I entered my bathroom, did my business; then an image popped into my mind from 'out there' (intuition). It was of this image from one of David Icke's books, Children of the Matrix:

This is highlighting how some of these beings 'feed' off of the negative energies we naturally produce. Such as fear, anger, frustration, depression, sadness, well, you get the idea. This image is what really stuck in my head though:

Instantly, as I glanced at my mirror; I remembered this article (at this point I was walking out of my bathroom which happens to have a large mirror that spans both of the small sinks): (

This article brings up the notion that it may be scientifically possible to use mirrors as 'portals' because they may be different dimensions or levels of reality. Very interesting read. But not to get off topic where was I... Oh yes; the mirror...

I felt my lower 'chakras' kind of tighten up. That feeling when you’re nervous and can’t settle. I felt fear wash over me. Like I was bathing in it. I glance to the mirror; and there, on my back; was one of those on me. Just like in the picture with that man having one overshadow him. Just like it... It is shocking I know, but it really happened. I remember it so vividly, it just clung there. Feeding off me. I remember how green it was; the little horns on its head (kind of like a 'crown' I guess) and its eyes, they were pretty much emotionless. Like a computer. It had a plume of black ‘smoke’ at its base, like a demented genie.

I freaked out. I walked really fast trying not to wake my family (because if I woke my little sister up over lizards I can only imagine what that conversation would sound like) and as I entered my kitchen and into the light; my belly felt 'warm'. All in all, I was disturbed beyond all belief; and my first impression was; these guys are assholes.

I couldn't believe it was real. I still kind of don’t; but even last night, I had something trying to 'manifest' itself in my living room as I did more research. Every time I looked away; it just formed as a black blob, it wasn’t in my head. It also seems; that when I am uploading something, my computer decides to go crazy and does not want to co-operate at all, very similar to how the author states how he also faced the same problems in the annunakiagenda article. This further cements my belief by the day, and it’s just increasing.

So, maybe you scared yourself. How can one experience prove them to exist?

I'm actually not trying to prove anything. I’m just stating opinions and my many encounters with these beings. People may believe in whatever they choose and it should be that way. Yet so far for me anyway, they have all been very unpleasant. I’m not going to say all 'Reptilians' are bad, that would be like saying all Humans are bad. But the ones I’ve interacted with so far are just plain rude.

I’ve had them try to intimidate me time after time (especially when I was e-mailing a friend of mine whom was the one who convinced me to write this article). I was scared for a while yeah; but who wouldn’t be? I’m just done with these beings; wherever they come from, trying to run our planet because; I can only imagine how much they have interfered in our international affairs (although I have a good idea). There was one incident, when I was once again reading one of David Icke's books, and me and my little brother seen a nine foot tall, black figure run into my bathroom. It literally just blitzed for my bathroom when I noticed it peering at me while I read in the kitchen. Just the fact that my little brother had seen it (he was absolutely petrified) just further cements my belief these things do exist but once again: I fully respect everyone's belief in whatever they may choose these are strictly my experiences and opinions.

What was the most convincing encounter?

The most convincing; was also the most terrible and interesting at the same time.

This happened about two months ago, at this point; the global conspiracy was very much accepted by me. The evidence is so monumental; no way it’s simply a coincidence. I started posting the headlines on David Icke's website which has legitimate evidence for all of these themes and more. I was thoroughly reading David's books to become streetwise in current worldly events and affairs.

I was sitting at my kitchen table, it was about 2 or 3; (I usually don’t sleep a lot, I feel I have more important things to do) and I was alone at the table.

There were two empty seats beside mine; and what happened to me I still really don’t know, but if anyone has any information or opinions on it I would be very glad to hear from you.

I got that 'presence' feeling again, I had become very familiar with it at this point and could identify it rather quickly. Based on what the author of the annunakiagenda stated and I agree with; some of these beings don’t really have telepathic powers and communicate through language oddly enough. I believe that they are so locked in ignorance they lack the telepathic abilities we still retain to an extent. I also feel the beings that were interacting with me were not Annunaki, but a rouge faction maybe? I don’t know, but here is what happened.

The feeling grew and grew and I just continued to read my book acting like I didn’t notice. But I was paying very close attention.

I allowed them to manifest in my home, just as another confirmation (I don’t need anymore, but they're coming on their own at this point). Slowly but surely; a black masse formed in the two vacant chairs beside mine. Two faces then formed on this black cloud but I didn't look at it. I wanted to see what it was doing.

One face was yellow, the other a kind of red I guess. Kind of similar to the 'demon' in the movie Insidious. I was trying to act like I was reading the book but, it was very intense. I then noticed a silver 'box' about two or three inches thick and three feet long across my kitchen window. Two lights began to flicker on and off at both ends with the one of the right being much more active in pulses. My head began to hurt. Then; out of the blue I heard,
"Can he see us right now?"
Clear as day. I had heard and seen enough at this point, I gathered my courage and I looked at where the black mass was and I said,
"Yes I can."
the black masse wasn’t there when I looked at it. “Am I going crazy” were my only thoughts but when I looked back down there it was! Outside my window, I saw multiple different beings that ranged from a short reptilian, to an odd 'E.T.' look alike who was manning the odd box device. The being was wrinkly, lacked a mouth or a nose, but had two; very small circular eyes that were very spaced apart.

These things were outside my window! I asked my higher levels of being (because at this point all things 'normal' have to go out the door) what this energy looked like; I then saw green, luminescent energy engulfing my body and I felt a powerful sensation. The event lasted about four minutes, but after that. I was totally convinced. They do exist. I feel closed minds should be opening and fast because I know some beings are currently on a mission for human enslavement (and have done a pretty good job already).

To what extent do you feel these entities are affecting Human life?

I full heartedly believe that these beings have influenced every level of 'our' society to the point that it is basically theirs. I believe that they are using sounds found in modern day appliances, cars, and especially genetically modified foods to genetically modify us and use every form of media to connect us to their hive mind.

I also agree very much to the notion that they are trying to steer us in a new evolutionary path similar to the one the annunakiagenda brought up. The author believes that we are undergoing slow and subtle changes as a cause of our society's technology. Not to mention the sound and frequencies emitted from basically everything. This stuff is relatively new to us and has been around for only a few decades so we won’t know how it will affect us long term (see: cell phones, radio towers, Wi-Fi and all the rest). There is also scientific base for his claims:

Scientist have found that our DNA can be reprogrammed and re-structured through sound. Scientist even turned a frog embryo into a salamander embryo using certain frequencies.

After I read the annunakiagenda; I had also observed that I had basically every symptom with exclusion to the skin modification. I noticed and observed these changes months before I had even read the article! I had also suffered the same level of attacks but not as extreme with the sound attacks (it was only a one time occurrence with thousands of birds squeaking outside my window while I attempted to sleep). I can tell when someone is also being 'hosted' by different; often malevolent levels of consciousness, their eyes are the best marker for me at least.

Their pupils will twitch and change shape erratically, iris will turn odd colors (somewhat greenish yellow), and the people exhibit frustrating behavior when it is pointed out. I observed it a lot in people who serve belief systems (imposing dogmas of any sort) and sometimes when certain people smoke cannibus; it just varies per person. I believe these beings are influencing us, our world leaders, and the ‘elite’. The elite genuinely believe they are a different species if you find the right documents. And survivors of satanic rituals state that the participants are 'demons' or are under demonic possession. Some say they are extraterrestrials and it goes on and on.

Why are they here?

The only thing I can think of is because they want to strip this planet of its resources, this not only includes precious metals but also to milk all the life of its DNA. They operate through the underground (see: DUMBS and hollow Earth) and move from planet to planet using the same subtle to all-out attack tactics before the ‘host’ species even knows the game plan.

There is evidence our planet's gold is being depleted. Most gold reserves have no gold; the bars have disappeared as we will eventually find out. I have a hunch it has gone to that ancient spacecraft known as our ‘moon’. I’ve seen the facts, no way it is a natural satellite (for more background see: Remember Who You Are (2012, David Icke Books). Here is what David Icke has found in his extensive research, taken from Remember Who You Are:

"We are going to find that most of the gold reserves, including those in America's Fort Knox, are not actually there. They have long gone to the Reptilian Alliance. There have been a number of stories circulating that gold bars across the world have gone missing and have been replaced by tungsten bars with a gold coating. Some reports have even appeared in the mainstream media. Tungsten is the same density as gold to three decimal places. Pakistan Daily, an online news agency, reported that when Bill Clinton was US President '... between 1.3 and 1.5 million 400 oz. tungsten blanks were allegedly manufactured by a very high-end, sophisticated refiner in the USA' they totaled more than 16 thousand metric tonnes. The report said that 640,000 of these tungsten blanks were gold plated and shipped to the US 'gold' depository at Fort Knox. It said the Chinese received a shipment of more than 5,600 gold bars in October 2009 for payment of debts. Tests to guarantee their purity and weight revealed the bars to be fake."

They have taken our planet's natural resources since they have first set foot here I’m afraid. Whenever that was. I'm guessing a few hundred thousand years ago but it could go further. It’s not just about that either, they want us in a tinier box of perception than they are in.

They want us even more enslaved than we already are. They want, and are imposing a totalitarian state that would seriously make George Orwell’s novel 1984 novel look like a good time. Orwell was a member of one of the many secret societies that interlock worldwide. It was the Fabian society and he would have had access to insider information. The same with Dr. Richard Day and Aldous Huxley (Orwell’s mentor and friend) who tells the agenda in the equally disturbing novel Brave New World. This is truly what they have in mind at minimum, it will get far worse if we do nothing.

So, that sums up the FAQ, now; it’s time for my opinion on the whole mess we are in.

I feel that there are many beings that are here to assist us, we have to simply do our part ‘down here’ and it will be a wonderful journey full of many challenges with the ending being equally wonderful. I am looking forward to it. The beings that are influencing our world are not all powerful. I don’t give a damn what image they put out.

We have to simply finally accept that there is something wrong in the world and that is the Control System. The system of repeat and re-repeat. Get up, go to work, go to sleep, repeat, it’s like we are in a trance like state. It’s not that it’s wrong to have a job, that’s not what I’m saying. But to the point that we are so enslaved, that we’re too enslaved to see were enslaved is my line in the sand. The control system wishes to stimulate as much frustration and depression and all the negative emotions because it is designed to do so. How can it be any other way? These malevolent beings are not from here, they need our energy in order to operate. So, I say let’s Love one another. Not highschool ‘love’. The electro-chemical reaction we are sometimes addicted to, but a far greater Love. A Love that love’s because you exist. Unconditional Love for everything; All That Is as David Icke so eloquently put it. That’s the love the control system would be devastated if it ran rampant joyously, uncontrolled by the vice-grip of ‘what other people think’. Who gives a damn what other people think. Even if you get people to shut up today they’ll just be saying something else tomorrow. We should say ENOUGH. Draw our line in the sand. We must, because well; the fascist state is already upon us. It wants, no; is poisoning and targeting us and our children with such toxins such as vaccines, aspartame, fluoridated water, pharmaceuticals, chemical cocktails known as ‘additives’ and all the rest. The Control System is controlled by the Reptilians, what some have dubbed the Reptilian Alliance which is composed of various extraterrestrial species but with the Reptilians most definitely at the fore-front of it.

We have to open our eyes to the obvious. There is a prison that is systematically being justified by false-flag 'terrorist' attacks and ‘incidences’ that are most definitely an inside job (a 10 year old can take apart the 'official' cover-story of 9/11) to further erode our already mangled and neutered ‘freedoms’.

We sit back and allow our fascist government to kill women, children and entire families overseas for the sake of 'freedom'. How can you fight for peace? They have brainwashed us to believe that you can fight for peace, when the fighting would never take place because one side would choose not to fight.

The conspiracy is real and not a game. It is much bigger than people think it is. I am glad to see people accepting the possibility of the Illuminati; or 'Illuminated Ones' (bloodlines that have hoarded ancient knowledge we all used to know) in the music industry (they control everything).

But we have to do more than that. We must get our heads out of the sand and finally handle the situation that is staring us in the face. We need to finally grow up and come together as one. We are One! One big human family. Have we really come to the point that we believe that a child in America is worth more than a child in Pakistan? What bullshit. We need to arrest the real criminals such as the big-bankers who gamble with people's lives and livelihoods every day and are making profit off of people being thrown into the street. I know, me and my family were some of them. The current war on 'terror', the ‘global warming’ lie (it was re-named climate change when the planet began cooling), the list goes on and on, it is all a scam!

We have been hypnotized by the spineless media and 'education' system. It’s helping to stimulate the ‘R-complex’ (Reptile complex because we share it with reptiles) which is the most primitive part of our brain; it dictates basic survival instincts such as fight or flight, hunger, sexuality, primitive mainly. To turn our society into Reptilian society. It is stimulating the me me me me mentality that I see everywhere I go! That will be the doom of this planet and our species as a whole unless we act NOW. Not tomorrow, but NOW. Humanity, get off of your knees! Our children should be left with a place far greater than the current state it is in because some day; they will. It is up to us. We are the generations that will change that. The control system, will fall, and when it does; the things that have been hidden from us for so long will finally be revealed, and those that have hurt others trying to expose it; and have helped forward it will be horrified at what they have done. We will come together as the magnificent thing we are. Humanity. We will unite. And when we do, it will be beautiful.

Thank-you for reading.

Article Copyright© Gnoshe - reproduced with permission.

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