Thursday, January 21, 2021
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  Columnist: Rob MacGregor

Image credit: Unknown, Belgium, 1990

Dreams of UFOs

Posted on Saturday, 16 February, 2013 | 6 comments
Columnist: Rob MacGregor

[!gad]A recent poll by the National Geographic Society indicated that 36 percent of Americans – about 80 million people – believe that UFOs exist; 77 percent believe there are signs that aliens have visited our planet; and that 80 percent of Americans believe the government is hiding information about UFOs. So it's not surprising that many people are also dreaming about UFOs.

A typical dream might involve aliens arriving on spaceships, spaceships filling the sky, or one enormous craft. There might be a sense of the end of the world, aliens influencing our thoughts and actions, or widespread panic.

Some of these dreams could be metaphors for other issues in your life. A UFO dream might symbolize a feeling of alienation hovering over you in your life. You also might ask what feels alien to you in your life now? Carl Jung believed that dreams of flying saucers were predicting the outbreak of World War II, but also saw them as mandalas that symbolized a desire for wholeness or a spiritual search.

That could be the case with this dream sent to us by Dale Dassel, who lives near Macon, Georgia. "A couple weeks ago, I had a dream where I saw a UFO hovering motionless in the sky in broad daylight. Instead of the usual disc or triangle, it was a ring-shaped craft with a reflective plate in the center, rather like a dark gray donut with a mirror blocking the hole, and many small dark windows dotting its circumference. I've never seen a UFO like that in any book or movie, but it was really unique and cool-looking. Of course, I probably wouldn't say that if I saw it in real life; I'd probably be galvanized with terror and awe."

Other UFO dreams might be premonitions of disclosure. Or, they could be both symbolic or a premonition. When we mentioned to Dale that we were wondering how common UFO dreams are becoming, he recalled a recurring UFO dream involving a mass landing at night.

The ground, he said, was covered with luminescent holograms rather like the Nazca lines in Peru, which projected into the sky to guide the ships down. The ships were of myriad shapes, impossibly gigantic, and literally thousands of them, almost like a colonization force.

"I remember feeling really exhilarated during the dream; being simultaneously excited and terrified. When I woke, my pulse was racing and the imagery was vividly clear in my mind. Part of me wanted the scenario to be real, while the other part desperately hoped it would never happen. But I haven't had that dream in quite awhile, so hopefully it wasn't prescient."

The feeling of exhilaration is a common sensation during dreams of UFOs – especially a large vessel filling the sky or many small ones.

Mike Clelland of Idaho, who blogs about UFOs on his site, Hidden Experience, recalls one such dream from Feb. 16, 2010 that he described as ‘weirdly vivid.' It occurred the night before he would begin a long drive to Laughlin, Nevada for a UFO conference. So the subject was on his mind.

"My sleep was restless, and since I had my laptop near my bed, I listened to an audio podcast to occupy my time. Shortly after starting the podcast, I fell asleep. The dream begins in a nighttime environment, and I'm standing in a gravel parking lot—or a gravel road in a very distinctive forest. The pine trees are evenly spaced, and there are no branches down low.

"The forest floor is flat, without any undergrowth. I look to my left and see a very weird orange light shining through the trees. I move a little closer to get a better view, and see that it's a simple lampshade set on the ground, or maybe floating a few inches above the ground. It emits a vibrant orange glow. Instantly, I have the thought that this is not a lampshade, it's some sort of hallucination, and something else is there."

Even in his dream state, Mike thought about an event in a book by Dr. Karla Turner titled Into the Fringe. "There was a creepy scene in that book where a witness describes seeing a ‘satellite dish' in his yard, but he knows it's not a satellite dish."

He looks at the lampshade for just a few seconds, and then finds himself floating up off the forest floor. "I rise up, slow and smooth, and I think to myself: Oh, this again. My perception is that the experience is quite familiar, and actually very pleasant. This comforting feeling fits a pattern of what I call my reassuring dreams."

Soon he is levitating above the tall trees and looking down into the pine forest. His floating body is positioned with a slight tilt forward, so he's forced to look downward. Below him is a huge round circle, inky black against a pale orange glow among the trees. He realizes it's a large saucer-shaped craft, and he smoothly descends toward it.

Then he realizes he is floating in a shiny glowing blue tube, and slowly descending. The walls of the tube are covered with a collection of brightly colored puzzle pieces inlaid in the wall. Each of these shapes looks somewhat like Egyptian hieroglyph. They seem to be made of candy-colored plastic and are backlit inside a frame.

"I'm reminded of a brightly colored child's toy. I reach forward and pick out one puzzle piece. It's as if I'm drawn to this one shape. I hold it in my hand and examine it closely. It is shaped like a stylized ‘W' and I'm filled with an intense compulsion to remember it. I continue down into the tube, and then I'm walking around in a series of blue rooms crowded with people."

The dream seems to culminate with a meeting in a daylight street scene. "I'm in a crowd of people, and there is a discussion by a small team. They are carefully explaining that everything is all right and that there will soon be a wonderful event where UFO occupants will join us here on earth.

"It sounds logical and nice, but it seems a little too perfect. I approach the woman sharing the story, and tell her that I don't believe her, that my intuition senses some sort of deception. Suddenly her eyes get big and black, and the same thing happens with her teammates. She stares at me in a very threatening way and warns me NOT to tell anyone about my feelings."

That's when he woke up.

-Excerpted from Aliens in the Backyard: UFO Encounters, Abductions & Synchronicities, by Trish & Rob MacGregor

Article Copyright© Rob MacGregor - reproduced with permission.

- Rob & Trish MacGregor

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