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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Paul Dale Roberts

Black mold specters of Waterford

June 3, 2013 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: Paul Dale Roberts
[!gad]Mariposa Ortiz says she saw me on TV and decided to contact me. She had one investigative group in her home and they did not help her at all. Activity: Her husband and her 10 year old son have seen 3 spirits. There is a little girl spirit, a man (bald man with beard) spirit and a full figure white outlined spirit. The son is TERRIFIED. One night when she was sleeping, she felt a breath on her face. Her husband saw a man standing over her as she lay in bed. The radio goes off and on – on its own. Stuff goes missing around the house. She wants a blessing conducted on her home. Note: Black mold was found in the house. Black mold has been known to cause hallucinations. Are they really experiencing something paranormal or is there a more natural explanation that originates with the black mold?

HPI Paranormal Intelligence Operatives present: Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner; Deanna Bailey – Lead Investigator – Orb Princess; Shari Aresta – Lead Investigator – EVP Queen; Louise Cordova; Atheuth Paris – Remote Viewer - Psychic – Virtually Here via Cell Phone; Wendy Williams – Videographer – HPI Webmaster; Lisa Gottschalk - Technician and Researcher; Scott Atkins – HPI Webmaster; Jon Koyasako – Lead Investigator – Security - Orb King; Larry Baty – Mobile Wi-Fi Technician; Steven Baty.

Jon and Shari are the leads tonight. Jon leads Team Prozac and on his team are: Louise, Lisa & Steven. Wendy is a floater. Shari leads Team Spider, on her team: Deanna, Scott and Larry. This place is a ranch, built in 1967 and covers many acres. On this property are goats, chickens, cows, geese, horses, donkey, dogs, cats and gold fish. My investigators were ecstatic to see all of the animals; it was literally a petting zoo.

Mariposa explained to us that her deceased son’s head stone is displayed at the front door entrance. His name is Kyle Robinson. Mariposa used a Quija Board one year after her son’s death to try and make contact with her son. Hopefully, she did not open a vortex / door in which another entity, a negative entity came through. Mariposa and her family have lived here for 5 ½ years. She tells us that other people have seen entities in her home. Waterford, like Sacramento did have Portuguese settlers and Miwok Indian tribes in the area. One entity kept saying ‘torso’, Mariposa has no idea what this means. One of the entities pulled Mariposa downstairs. Mariposa has a bite mark on her cheek and on the back of her hand. An entity was once captured on one of their security cameras. Other activity: 1. One of Mariposa’s sons had his name screamed into his ear. 2. Mariposa was in the shower and heard a voice yell out ‘blaaaaaah!’ 3. One of her sons says there are 3 entities, one entity is bald headed and has a beard; another entity is a little girl with blood on her face; and the last entity is a white figured entity. The son is unable to make out the entity’s face. 4. One of Mariposa’s sons had scratch marks on his back, 3 large scratch marks. Other things we learn are that Kyle Robinson was 14 when he took his life; he hung himself at their previous home. Atheuth Paris felt strangulation on her throat, which points towards Kyle. Atheuth picks up on an old lady and the old lady was telling Mariposa that she loved her. After a good talk with Atheuth, we determined that the old lady is Mariposa’s deceased mother who never told Mariposa while she was alive that she loved Mariposa. Jon picked up on an old lady and received a severe headache. Mariposa’s mother died of an aneurism. This may explain Jon’s headache. Kyle was also known as a prankster.

Mariposa had another ghost hunting group in her home, before us. They conducted an unsatisfactory 15 minute investigation. The black mold in the home was cleaned up by the landlord and Scott took swab samples from the air vents, to assure that there is no more black mold. Special Note: I have a biologist that will analyze the material captured on the swabs. Scott is being very cautious and is wearing his filtered mask. Mariposa’s husband has seen a little girl entity. 2 family members have seen a shadow come out of the shower. Atheuth pin pointed many aspects of this case through remote viewing and she was so accurate, it caused Mariposa to break down and cry. Watch the YouTube video as Atheuth is talking to the occupant via my speaker phone.

Team Prozac did not get anything. Team Spider captured an EVP that says ‘stop talking’ a male voice. Jon got nauseated in one of the back rooms. Special Note: Prozac and Spider are the name of horses on this ranch.

Team Prozac captured some orb shots and one orb is a Mother/Baby Orb, an orb within an orb. Mariposa’s sister says that the face in the orb looks like her niece Breanna, who also committed suicide by hanging herself. There were some K2 hits, nothing significant. Possible whistling sounds and ‘ugh’ EVPs. Possible EVP that says ‘good bye’. Jon felt a cold breeze go past him. Psychic Jon Rubsam picked up the letter B, possibly Betty. That possible B could be the deceased niece Breanna. Mariposa’s son says that at one time he saw a floating head ghost. Remote Viewer Atheuth Paris talked about an entity that was a prankster and liked to tickle feet. A deceased relative of the family did touch the ankle of Mariposa’s sister and the sister said this family member was known to be a prankster.

Shari Aresta captured a full body apparition in her video, it's a man with a 2 sided bent down hat on, wearing a long coat.

I conducted a Catholic house blessing after the investigation. I pray whatever entities may have been in this house are gone.

Shari Aresta for the 3 large pizzas, Mariposa’s sister for the Sprite and Mariposa for the farm fresh chicken eggs! Thank you to Deanna for driving Shari to the investigation, thank you to Wendy Maxam for driving Jon and me to the investigation. Special Note: I held a meeting at my house with Wendy, Jon, Deanna, Shari, Scott, Larry and Steven. We discussed the future work of Abnormal Paranormal TV Pilot.

While getting gas at a 76 gas station in Modesto, we encountered Leo Braga and 3 of his friends in a truck. I heard 'hey, HPI!'. I went over to the truck and Leo was asking to become a member of HPI. The 4 gentlemen started telling me their own paranormal experiences.

The Drawings of Kyle Robinson (deceased son of Mariposa Ortiz)

Hi Paul, here is what I felt: I first felt something going on with the parents of the woman that lives in the house. I also felt that someone had passed from throat cancer or something to do with the throat. I'm feeling pressure on my throat. (Kyle hung himself, which would cause pressure on the throat) I feel like if I were sitting on the couch in the house at night, I would hear noises coming from the kitchen and see shadows in the hallway. I feel there is a female spirit's voice heard at night. She feels attached to the land from before. I see fields there from before, like its farming land. I keep seeing this box being showed to me by a female spirit, the box has memories from her life and she wants her daughter to know she loves her very much. I get this dizzy tired feeling going from the hallway to the bedrooms. Other then that I feel like that there is a spirit that is not very tall, almost like a child, who likes to move things around in the bedrooms, the child will move the blankets when you’re in bed. Here is the text I sent of my reading of the son:

Hi Mariposa, I apologize if I spelled your name wrong. When I touch this picture I feel his laugh, he was so much fun. He was a happy baby. I feel like things started to change or get harder for him around ten. Like he lost somebody. He seemed so happy, that's why it was so surprising. He wants his mom to know and he moves his hands a lot when he talks, I need him to slow down.. Okay he says he loves his mom and he knows she takes it all on to her self. He wants her to not do that and to know she is and was a wonderful mom. He knows he should not have done it, he didn't mean to hurt anyone, and he loves you. He showed me a necklace that you have that reminds you of him. He also wants his mom to know he is there with her, those nights she is crying. He says he is the cool breeze that she feels brush against her cheek.. I hope this helps.. I won't be able to call back tonight, it is about midnight here and I have an early day tomorrow. Love, Thea

With the EVPs that were captured, black mold would not cause this kind of phenomenon. Black mold may enhance the experiences of the occupants. It appears they are experiencing real paranormal phenomenon. Three psychics pick up on the 'old lady'. Shari has video footage of a full body apparition. During the Catholic blessing, I didn't tell anyone, but I felt like someone punched me in the stomach - 30 minutes before the blessing. I was actually in pain and didn't mention it to anyone. I believe one of the entities did not want me to conduct the house blessing.

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