Thursday, April 22, 2021
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  Columnist: Robert Torres

Image credit: PD - Kai Stachowiak

Thom Reed UFO Monument Park

Posted on Thursday, 19 April, 2018 | 0 comments
Columnist: Robert Torres

There's a new UFO destination – The Thom Reed UFO Monument Park, a waterfront park that now stands at the location of the 1st UFO incident officially inducted into in the United States as historically true. The park, which represents modern-day history and a progressive effort to memorialize such events, is free to the public and located at the precise location of the Reed family incident. The monument is nestled in front of a replica of the old covered bridge - the bridge the Reeds drove through that September night, just seconds before their extraordinary firsthand account.

So much has been written, documented and filmed about this well-known incident, but only a small number of people are familiar with the more-grounded narrative and its modern historical significance, or how the park even came to be. Before the now-famous 1969 event in Sheffield, Massachusetts, Thom, his brother Mathew, his mother Nancy, and Marian had several sightings on their own property. These sightings drove some opposition in the town, certainly when objects were described as large round balls of lights shooting lightning-fast to the ground from several miles high, to the more traditional disk-shaped craft. But, it wasn't until the night of September 1, 1969, that the lives of the Reeds, along with the members of the quaint town of Sheffield, were forever changed. History was made the night the family exited the Sheffield Bridge. It was a hot September evening at around 9 p.m., when, off to the left, a large illuminated light, encircling and concealing a dense disk-like shell lit up the river. This rounded low lite, or self-contained light, was reported as ascending from the Housatonic River. Its shape, as per ABC News New York, was said to reference that of an upside-down Hershey's Kiss, or even that of a teardrop. The amount of water and winding river could have explained why a tail of light or a reflection of light was reported. The vessel was described to have climbed to about 40 feet, then proceeded in the same direction of their car, but traveling behind a tree line. The pace was estimated to be about 20 miles per hour. Nancy Reed, just 29 years old, pulled the car over as soon as there was a break in trees, to take a better look. At that point, the vessel also appeared to hold its position. An amber light was seen about 50 yards away, but off to the right of the car, in a swampy area. All four Reeds recalled an unfamiliar change in air pressure, imitating that of being in the eye of a hurricane - and then - silence. Suddenly, an eruption of crickets filled the air and the four went placid and numb, yet Thom could see the seats. Everyone's hair. Everything, but no noise. A Vacuum of Silence.

Thom then recalls being in a large vacant room that looked like an airplane hangar. It was immense. To his right were metal trays that reminded him of the carts his school used to put projectors on. Beyond the carts, nothing but open black space, with a little light spilling in from some luminous tubs on the far side. He slid down from the cart he was on to walk toward a door but was sternly grabbed on his left arm, then taken down a hallway. The corridors were very tall and narrow with sharp, left and right bends. He was taken to a room where walls bowed inward and then placed on a table supported by a single center pole. Off to his left side were two very large ant-like insects. Their skulls and/or heads shaped like that of a football, thin purple bands wrapped their extremities and legs, similar to wringed bamboo stakes. Looking back to that unnerving night, he theorizes the Ant could have been engineered, alive yet off enough to suggest an intelligent uncanny valley. Reed, at times, could hear voices coming from distant corridors. The table he was placed on raised about three feet off the floor. At which time a cage-like apparatus also descended about his body. The cage was in two separate parts, an inner square, and an outer cylinder, both with circular holes on the side. What looked very much like two-inch round raisins were affixed to his left leg. He was then overcome and placed back on a cart and moved to the hangar area. The Reeds were later returned to their car, and although in the same spot the car ignition was off. Marian now in the driver's seat went for help. Thom the second to regain feeling and composure recalled seeing his grandmother out of the car and ran to her as she wandered aimlessly—in a state of shock—toward the drugstore. Marian broke down, crying and shaking. The four would all come to at slightly different times. Matthew remarked that the feeling he had coming out of this numbing fog-like state, was similar to coming out of surgery with anesthesia. It should be noted that Nancy and Marian's positions were reversed in the car; Nancy had been driving that night, but following the encounter, Marian was placed in the driver's seat. Matthew, the youngest, was the last to regain his consciousness and collect himself.

That night, reports from four townships, including members from a local country club, reported a disk shaped craft moving in ways unknown to conventional aircraft. The local radio station, WSBS, aired reports from callers telling of a disk-shaped craft, some even while it was happening. Witnesses filed statements with the police department, and law enforcement became involved. Arguments had erupted in Nancy's diner over the incident, and this would also generate additional documentation for validity of the event. In addition, the son of Sheffield's Chief of Police was a witness, and now a pillar in the community; he, too, would give a notarized testimony to the state. Sketches of a UFO from children lined the school classrooms at Sheffield center in 1969.

Hundreds of UFOs are reported to organizations like MUFON every month. Many are investigated and occasionally written about. So how did this Incident become deemed "significant and true" by historians, Governor Charles D. Baker and the Massachusetts Historical Society? It stems from the townspeople, documents, and the social standing of those involved. So who were the Reeds? From 1960 through 1962, Thom lived in the home of William Roosevelt, the grandson of President Roosevelt, in Cherry Hills, Colorado. His grandmother, Marian, was the family governess for the Roosevelts, with a residence on property, promoting the family's interest in legislation and public office. In 1963, the Reeds moved to a home in Sheffield, Massachusetts and bought the Village on the Green Restaurant. Thom Reed, went on to found the international model and artist group, Miami Models. Nancy Reed, was a radio personality for WKZE FM and previous owner of Village on the Green Restaurant in Sheffield, MA. Dr. Howard Reed, was an attorney, Connecticut politician, and a college professor.

The Reeds finally relocated in the 1970's, following a whirlwind of critique and disturbances at their eatery. Howard would later run for office and soon become a Selectman, backed by Senator Christopher Dodd. Howard also developed a working and personal friendship with fellow lawyer Robert Bletchman. On October 2, 1992, Bletchman, Reed's retained attorney, organized the United Nations Symposium on Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and Human Future, where the question was posed, "What if SETI discovers life?" and "How should our countries freely allocate such information?" Coincidentally, 14 years later to the day, Howard lost his life, and under questionable circumstances. Howard, a well-connected man who advocated space, science and the UFO topic, was beloved by the community. His voice spoke and carried weight for the townships' 1969 incident. To preserve his standing and to pay forward the support he posed, the Great Barrington Historical Society elected to examine the documents related to the historic 1969 incident. The more the historians looked into it, the more evidence they found and collected for the state. The census voted to induct on several key factors. According to the Washington Times and the Roswell Daily Record, the key elements were: the radio station's broadcast, the tangibles collected, and the fact that the September 1, 1969 incident had permanently altered the natural progression of western Massachusetts. With all of this data combined, the Reed UFO Incident became the Nation's 1st UFO Case to be officially inducted into the United States as historically true. On February 6, 2015, the Reed UFO Incident was officially inducted into the Massachusetts archives as historically true with a signed and notarized state letter by state historians. With this state induction covered live by ABC News New York, Thom Reed, himself, was then officially inducted into Massachusetts history on Oct 27, 2015 by Governor Charles D. Baker, and the Lieutenant Governor Karyn E. Polito with a state-issued citation notarized by a judge in the 30th District Court with the quote, "On behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the off world incident which engaged the Reed family was factually upheld your service to the incident was deemed true, (Reed) is now officially part of the historical society's collection and resent induction into Massachusetts History. The second Official State Citation issued by Governor Charles D. Baker on Nov 3rd, 2015 inducted the 1969 Reed UFO incident into State Record. Quote: The Incident was Upheld, founded and deemed History Significant and True by the State of MA."

In the fall of 2015, a community outpouring of support drove the erecting of a 5,000-pound monument, marking the spot of the now-historical event. In the days leading up to its unveiling, the Boston Globe published a lead front-page article announcing this modem-day history, while ABC News New York held live coverage during the unveiling of the UFO Monument. This was a heartfelt moment for Reed, who dedicated the monument and unveiling to his late father. Shawn Stowe, owner of Inspirational Talent, prompted by watching this coverage, contacted the International UFO Museum, where the Reed Case had been a welcome attraction. Roswell and other generous benefactors answered her call for financial backing and the establishing of this historic UFO Monument Park.

"The UFO Monument and the UFO Park are both powerful symbols of progress and growth. The fact that Sheffield has the monument and park at the precise location of the incident, means it will forever be preserved. That, too, is profound. The municipalities, radio archives, state historians and the Governor's office have equally, collectively and officially, engraved our incident into our state's antiquity. This unquestionably means assenting UFOs as a reality and that they're operated under intelligent control. With that said, when our incident went before the census and was voted into state, it signified the state conceited other life forms exist and reside among us. This is considerable progress. I'm proud of our monument, I'm proud of our park, and proud to have been essential in establishing a foundation for disclosure." – Thom Reed
The area remains of interest to researchers today. Historian and judge, Kevin Titus, investigated the 16 to 17-foot-tall cornstalks, 3-foot corn cobs, and strange, barren patches in the area of the incident. Much has also surfaced regarding the government mining of magnesium that was used for the atom bomb, and the amount of military manufacturing facilities like KMD, Prat and Whitney, GE, and others that were and still remain just an hour's drive of Sheffield.

As of 2018, the sponsored UFO Memorial Park has gained a vast amount of support, and is now a roadside attraction, listed on Google Maps, Yahoo and MapQuest. The Reed UFO case is presently in several museums and the subject of many documentaries with Discovery and the Science Channel. Numerous television celebrities have since stepped forward, such as Travis Walton of Fire in the Sky and Ben Hansen from TV's Fact or Faked, to sponsor a bench at the park. The Thom Reed UFO Monument Park is open 24/7 and free to the public.


Article Copyright© Robert Torres - reproduced with permission.

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