Sunday, April 18, 2021
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  Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

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Do you feel cursed?

Posted on Tuesday, 20 March, 2018 | 2 comments
Columnist: Kathleen Meadows

I often receive emails and phone calls from desperate people seeking help and spiritual direction regarding possession, curses, and all manner of pesky, dark and invasive entities.

Caught in a vortex of fear, people are willing to do anything to free themselves of this perceived blight on their lives. Attributing everything from their financial ruin to relationship disintegration on a curse they were told had been placed on them or their family up to a millennium ago. For those who adhere to a belief in reincarnation, this fear assumes alarming and gargantuan proportions.

Confusion About the Spirit World

Light, love and good are intensely more overpowering forces than dark, fear and evil. When you are in a shudder-less dark room and light a candle, notice how much light is cast into the room? Enough to see another person or make out where objects are placed.

Conversely, imagine yourself in a sunny room and notice how much shadow is cast by an object. Does it throw the bright room into a pitch blackness? or are you still able to see everything in the room? When you meet someone who is afraid and you offer a warm smile, does this not easily relax their fear? When you are having an upsetting, nothing-going-right sort of day and someone smiles warmly with a friendly gesture, do you notice how all the day's frustrations suddenly melt away from your mind? A little love seems to go a long way just like a little candle lit in the darkness.

If I am mindfully honourable and act in a loving manner towards others; if I work in the light and believe in the power of love and goodness, how could darkness overwhelm me?

If I believe that I am cursed, I must ask myself why I insist on staying in the shadow. If everything in my life feels terrible, it isn't that someone has sent a bad spirit to plague me, it's that I'm not asking the highest and best to be with me. Whenever you ask spirit to be with you, always request for the highest and the best to assist you.

When We Pass onto the World of Spirit

It's like the mirror image of the material plane, only reversed. Those who persistently attach themselves to the material plane will remain so attached in spirit, meaning they will be on the lowest level of spiritual existence. This is why people were admonished to be cautious when using tools like the Ouji Board. Do you know who or what you are inviting for a visit? Untrained, you might be opening to any spirit in the astral plane (the lowest and most earthbound plane) to parlay with you. Unless they are joining you out of love, it could very well be for purposes of their own design which may or may not match your own.

Who are Your Spirit Guides?

Frankly I don't trust anyone here on earth is qualified to tell me that. This is a gift you will receive from spirit directly through a series of synchronistic signs, symbols, dreams and visions when the connection is ready to be established. Trust in what you know to be true. You want those of the highest celestial realms to be with you in your times of suffering and desperation. The brightest lights in the celestial realms easily dispel any darkness cast by those ignorant spirits caught still between the worlds. We cannot be cursed or attacked unless we are persistently acting in darkness.

Just like you need to work in the light here on earth, so must you do in spirit. If you fervently believe you are cursed by an ignorant spirit, ask with a selfless heart that they be brought into the light by those most spiritually advanced in the celestial realm. Immediately the light dispels their darkness and you are left to live your life in peace.

Quote from Cora L. V. Richmond (my spiritual guide)

"Have you ever seen how in the midst of truth, falsehood betrays itself and strives to fly away from the peaceful yet clear light of the vanquishing nature of truth? Such is the condition of ignorance and crime.

In spirit life, immured in one's own condition, one may not be aware that one's state is a state of negation, because to the individual the reality of one's own state becomes more and more apparent, and more and more appalling.

Such must have been the states of darkness into which Dante gazed when he looked into purgatory; this condition within the individual where they bear with them their atmosphere of darkness, and conscious of their own condition, how could they be powerful to do harm to others?

The humans of evil intentions are like pirates instead of merchant ships, and passing into spirit life, they carry with them the mists and shadows of their own state, and they would strike blindly if they struck forth to injure others.

It is singular law of spiritual existence that the centre of attraction for every spiritual force is the individual, and that as the individual is bright, or beautiful, or good, all spiritual force that resembles that state will be drawn toward the individual.

If you send forth prayers, they return into blessings; if you send forth good thoughts, they return in beautiful images to surround you; and if you send forth shadows, they envelope you in shadows, for you surround yourself with your own thoughts and conceptions.

If it were possible for the spirit to steal, think of murder, revenge, or any condition resembling those states, that same law of which we speak would send this thought back upon him or herself, and redouble the shadows around them, until by the very overwhelming weight of their own condition the spirit would strive to overcome it."

Cora eloquently describes how it would be for a spirit sending you negative energy from the spirit world. The negative energy would increase the shadows around them exponentially until the spirit would be energized to finally overcome it. Spirits cannot send you negative energy nor do we have the power to boss spirit around. I cannot tell a spirit to attack you - well I can, but it would be a wasted breath. There is no such thing as curses. There is only your own belief in their existence that powers the shadow effect. It is your own energy coming back to you.

If someone in any way suggests you have been 'cursed', laugh and move on because that curse they believe was sent to you is redoubling back on them. Don't be duped into paying someone to remove a curse that doesn't exist.

Kathleen Meadows, M.A. is a practicing spiritual advisor in Canada. You can read more of her articles and see her videos on her web site

Article Copyrightę Kathleen Meadows - reproduced with permission.

If you are interested in the esoteric sciences and psychic ability development you will find the articles on my web site an interesting read. Visit my web site

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