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Kathleen Meadows

Life lessons and esoteric secrets

November 14, 2018 | Comment icon 0 comments
Image Credit: CC 3.0 David Monniaux
Studying the Tarot is like taking a symbology / esoteric / psychology course.  The Tarot (a word that doesn't exist in any language other than as this deck of cards), is a depiction of our journey as spirit into physical form. The stages/learning at each step in this development and what it means when we successfully reach the end of a cycle are represented with a card.

When I used to teach the Tarot, I was amazed by the changes I witnessed in the lives of the students as they learned the meanings and how to read them.  Marriages and other significant relationships were split and forged; career paths were quit and launched.   Students' appearances even changed!

Enlightenment or psychological growth (whatever lingo is your jam) does impact on us in a multitude of ways.  Self-love and acceptance relaxes our muscles especially those in the face, and all the joints in our bodies.  The resting expression on our faces will alter – we smile, laugh and cry more easily making us look younger.  As the joints in our bodies relax, we walk and move differently. Sometimes our appearance can alter so profoundly, someone we haven't seen for a while might not even recognize us.

Secrets Revealed in the Tarot

- All aspects of our journey and experience is comprised of good and bad. For example, the Devil card, which would be assumed to signal bad news, teaches us that sensuality without love becomes usury, addiction and entrapment. Cups, which are embraced as positive cards, reveal that ungrounded intuition and emotional instability can lead to paranoia and vain imaginings.

-All aspects of our humanity must be in masculine and feminine balance. For example, the leadership qualities revealed in the Emperor must be balanced with the empathy and nurturance of the Empress.

- Our life journey continually moves us towards wholeness. Our process of learning and growing throughout embodiment leads to an acceptance of ourselves, our limitations and gifts. This is encapsulated in the World card and a study of the four essential elements represented in the four suits. For example, when one of the elements is over-represented in a reading, we are guided to re-balance by bringing more of its opposite into our lives.
- The human experience is an expression of spirit in matter. When our spirit enters matter, there will be irresistible temptations from both the unseen and seen worlds. The High Priestess represents insight, spiritual riches and knowledge. Following her call may lure us away from our bodies, however, and our day to day concerns for survival. Slavishly following the signals of the High Priestess may distract us from the needs of their bodies to eat and express sexual passion (eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa exemplifies this pathology). The Empress is the riches of the Goddess made manifest. She beckons us with promises of a generous harvest, physical pleasure, and the blessings of birthing. Too much Empress energy may lead to too much mothering and idealized materialism.

- Our journey to wholeness will mean sacrifice and death, as revealed through the Hanged One and the Death cards. We must learn to relinquish our ego's mythology of total control to discover the riches of self-actualization. True psychological health is reflected in our ability to sacrifice our egotistic needs to be recognized and admired at the alter of what supports the greater good and truth.

- Balance is the key to emotional/spiritual maturity. Awareness of our spiritual power must lead to prudence, responsibility and beneficence or we will reap the ultimate backlash from the unseen world of sickness, despair and alienation.

- Pride always comes before the fall. The Major Arcana offers this lesson several times along the Fool's journey.  The Devil reminds us to be mindful of the trappings of success and the danger of losing the freedom and joy truly only available from the spiritual plane.  The Tower finally rips down all vestiges of egotism and Judgment promises us atonement (at-one-ment) for our lapses into egotism and be awarded a grace of rebirth.

We are Spiritual Beings in a Physical Body

At the World card, we achieve wholeness.  We embrace true joy which is an awareness of our purpose in life.  We are balanced, spiritual beings in a physical body, here to do the work of the sacred.  Our trials, challenges and losses are regarded from a perspective of wisdom, acceptance and generosity.  We humbly acknowledge that it is only in this very moment that we can experience fulfillment, all else is illusion.

I wish you all an enlightening and fulfilling autumn! Set your intentions to make this a month of balance, right purpose and joy.

To read more of Kathleen's articles and watch her videos on the Tarot go to Kathleen practices in person in Victoria, BC, Canada and online through skype phone and chat.

If you are interested in the esoteric sciences and psychic ability development you will find the articles on my web site an interesting read. Visit my web site Comments (0)

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