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Ken Korczak

How to turn yourself into a genius

June 14, 2006 | Comment icon 38 comments

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What if I were to tell you that just one year from now your IQ could be double what it is today? And what if I told you that all you needed to do was perform a simple daily exercise that would make it happen? In fact, there is strong evidence that by doing this one simple exercise, you can dramatically increase your IQ -- and even make yourself a genius!So what is this simple, easy and fantastic “genius exercise” that will supercharge your brain? This: Keep a daily journal or dairy. Every day, or several times a day, write down all your thoughts on paper. Do it faithfully for one complete year, and you will rapidly grow more intelligent -- guaranteed.

• Researcher Catherine Cox studied the habits of 300 geniuses — luminaries such as Isaac Newton, Einstein, Thomas Jefferson — and discovered that all of them were “compulsive” journal or diary keepers.
• A study determined that only 1 percent of the world’s population habitually engaged in daily journal writing. The study also found that that same 1 percent were almost always super high achievers, and that they almost always lived longer than the average for their time, place and era.
• Thomas Edison wrote an incredible 3 million pages of notes, letters and personal thoughts in hundreds of personal journals throughout his life.
• The brilliant cosmologist Steven Hawking contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease more than 30 years ago and was give just two years to live. Hawking is a shriveled up lump of a human being confined to an electronic wheelchair. He cannot speak, write, or even move more than just a trifle. But 32 years after contracting his disease, Hawking is considered among the world’s greatest thinkers. He remarried a few years ago after a divorce, and shows no signs of slowing down with his contributions to cosmology and quantum relativity theory. Although unable to physically keep a journal, Hawking has used computers and other mechanical aides to constantly record not only new ideas and scientific theories, but his own inner reflections.
• When he was a young man, Albert Einstein took a young woman sailing for a date. The date didn’t go very well. The young woman was frustrated because Einstein hardly said a word to her -- but instead spent the whole day scribbling in a small journal he carried with him.

Now here’s some more good news: to get all of the IQ building effects of daily journaling, you don’t even have to write down anything that is even coherent!This fact is demonstrated in the the journal of one of the great minds of the 19th Century, English inventor Thomas Faraday, a man much admired by Einstein himself. Faraday filled thousands of notebooks with seeming utter nonsense. Many have studied the journals of Faraday hoping to discover the key to his brilliant mind. All have been frustrated. In Win Winger and Richard Poe’s book, The Einstein Factor, one researcher wrote:“(Faraday's) Diaries have the irritating form of ideas jotted down, repeated and forgotten … a morass or articulated and unarticulated principles, concepts, observations and physical facts.”In fact, the best method to build your IQ seems to be carrying your journal with you throughout the day and writing down any random thoughts as they come into your head.Now an added bonus: Keeping a daily “random thoughts” journal will not only make you smarter, but may also increase your life span! The evidence for this come from a fascinating study of a group of unusual nuns in Mankato, Minnesota.

The nuns are unique in that just about all of them live well past the average age of death for women in Minnesota. Most of them live well into their 90s, and some top the 100-year mark. Few or none of them have ever suffered from senile dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.What do the sisters all have in common? That’s right -- they are all obsessive journal keepers. Keeping a journal is a requirement of their particular order. And yes, a study of the nuns’ IQs showed that they were all well above average. Of course, there were other variables in the nuns’ clean and serene lifestyle that most likely contributed to their intelligence and long life -- but journal keeping is the one key element they all had in common.So there you have it. Buy a notebook, get a pen and carry them wherever you go. Jot down your random thoughts, reflect upon what you write, and soon, you’ll be enjoying your shiny new super-powered IQ!

Ken Korczak is the author of Minnesota Paranormala:

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Comment icon #29 Posted by WoDoByMe 18 years ago
A friend of mine has a SVN server up and running just so he can write down his thoughts, read them the next day and update them, or add to them without loosing the original. For those of you that don't know SVN is a versioning system database that will allow you to keep track of changes in a file. So for example you have different txt files in a directory, you write something down, commit it, then the next day read it change it and commit it, and so on, it will allow you to undo the file to different versions while never loosing anything that you ever committed to the database.
Comment icon #30 Posted by WoDoByMe 18 years ago
On another topic, I felt more of a need to journal when I was actually learning something, it helped me sort out my thoughts. When ever I have lots of thoughts running through my head I like to write it down, I haven't started the SVN server yet for my daily ramblings but after reading this article I'm going to have to start carrying that notepad that I have around with me. Just to jot down my daily thoughts, and then use the computer at home to write down what I consider my good ideas or pertanent information that I'd like to come back to. The stuff that I don't want to come back to can stay ... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by IronGhost 18 years ago
Come to think of it, this one chick that moved into my place after I met her at a party kept a journal as well, and she had an IQ of something over 135. lol to bad she figured the best way to use her gift was to use her IQ and good looks to try and scam people for money. It scared me enough to not talk to her anymore. Just because you're very smart, does not mean you are a good and moral person - -unfortantely. I guess that's why they call some people "Criminal Masterminds."
Comment icon #32 Posted by Trader 18 years ago
I think they are looking at this from the wrong end; it is because these men and women were geniuses that they kept diaries, not that they were geniuses because they kept diaries. I do agree though in mental exercises to keep the brain sharp...for example, whenever you have that situation of trying to remember something, and it is on the tip of your tonuge, don't google it and take the easy way out, instead force yourself to remember no matter how long it takes; it is a great mental exercise that keeps your mind sharp.
Comment icon #33 Posted by conspiracysrus 18 years ago
throughout the day we have god knows how many thoughts. but id say that writing these down , turns the thought into an action which will be embeded deeper in the mind. i suppose b4 the were computers this was their laptop.
Comment icon #34 Posted by WoDoByMe 18 years ago
Well if you think about it the real difference between tribal man and literary man is writing. The new electronic media such as serves to bring man back to the auditory tribal state, which is where the term the global village came from coined by Marshall Mchluhen. It has to do with the audiory or right brain creative thought process, and the linear left brain thought process. I'm not explaning this very well. Maybe I'll try again later.
Comment icon #35 Posted by __Kratos__ 18 years ago
Hmm... Is it the raw emotion that programs our memory then from recalling our days? Our days trying to be laid out in our own feeling to make it seem half way important to read again? I have countless doodles of my name and words all in random fashion for designing on printer paper. Something to do. Does that count?
Comment icon #36 Posted by UniversalAbsurdity 18 years ago
Win Winger and Richard Poe’s book, The Einstein Factor i had this book, got through about half of it before a friend borrowed it while i wasnt home. havent seen it since, good book from what i remember, very insightful. I remember thinking "this book would be great if i were 30" i was probably 18 or so at the time. Thanks for that IG. I may just have to go and get it. A journal sounds good, never actually thought to keep one. I'll give it a go
Comment icon #37 Posted by WoDoByMe 18 years ago
I think it is also important what you journal on. This goes along with the saying practice does not make perfect, but perfect practice makes perfect.
Comment icon #38 Posted by lonelyalpacafarmer 18 years ago
Is it very important to read over what you wrote throughout the day at the end of the day?

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