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Dan Akroyd: unplugged on UFOs

June 20, 2006 | Comment icon 9 comments
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We were lucky enough to get our mitts on a copy of the new UFO DVD "Dan Akroyd: unplugged on UFOs". The DVD features an 80-minute interview with well known actor and UFO researcher Dan Akroyd and is presented by UFOlogist David Sereda. Akroyd discusses in depth every aspect of the UFO phonemenon, including the origins of UFOs, the technologies behind them, conspiracies by governments to conceal the truth and how the human race as a whole should strive to better understand and benefit from contact with an advanced extraterrestrial race. The DVD also features many photographs and clips of UFOs, including recent footage such as the infrared footage taken in Mexico in 2004 and STS clips taken from the space shuttles. Also in there are testimonials from astronaut Gordon Cooper, NASA engineer John F. Schuessler and some fascinating footage of recent tests with experimental anti-gravity technologies.

Anyone with an interest in UFOs will find this DVD extremely interesting, Dan Akroyd is fascinating to listen to and is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the phenomenon. In the interview he also covers his own experiences with the unknown, giving some insight into the origins of his interests in the subject. Interviewer David Sereda also does a good job of presenting the programme and the discussions between Sereda and Akroyd make for compelling viewing. Recommended.
See also: Official "Dan Akroyd: unplugged on UFOs" web site

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Kaknelson 18 years ago
I honestly am really intereested, i would like to see that DVD. Thanks for posting it Saruman, i await it's arival. I have seen UFO's, although i believe they were man-made, nevertheless, UFO's. Dan is the man. I wanna hear his theories aswell, if there is any of his on there.
Comment icon #2 Posted by ROGER 18 years ago
The trailer shows some good recent footage. Most of whats on the TV shows lately are of the same old footage run over and over again or computer animations based on reports. I look forward to seeing this new release.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Ichigo 18 years ago
Its pretty intresting I would look forward for the release The trailer is pretty cool
Comment icon #4 Posted by IronGhost 18 years ago
I've seen some of Aykrod's UFO stuff -- a lot of it is pretty basic and naive -- yet, I like his stuff. I'm glad a guy with his money and influence is contributing to the UFO debate. I wonder if he has anything about the planet the Coneheads are from?
Comment icon #5 Posted by Art Vandelay 18 years ago
Is Dan dressed up like a "cone-head" in the video?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Tillghast 18 years ago
get our mitts Mitts? BTW, Dan Akroyd is the man! I'm glad he is helping us out.
Comment icon #7 Posted by snuffypuffer 18 years ago
I'd love to see if this isn't just like every other ufo program out there, aside from having Dan Ackroyd. So I'm curious, I am indeed.
Comment icon #8 Posted by SaRuMaN 18 years ago
Mitts? Mitts=hands Is Dan dressed up like a "cone-head" in the video? and no he isn't. If he were it would be a bit more difficult to take him seriously.
Comment icon #9 Posted by positron 17 years ago
Mitts=hands and no he isn't. If he were it would be a bit more difficult to take him seriously. You really confuse me sometimes!

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