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T. Stokes

Abductions and police policy

October 24, 2006 | Comment icon 4 comments

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The U S police take reported abductions more seriously than here in Britain, some British authorities will not even take notes on missing persons before 48 hours has elapsed, and serious enquiries do not get under way in under 7 days. Be sceptical of many of the claims made in the press by such like as remote viewers and psychics who claim they work for the police, as the first thing the authorities do is to get you to sign the official secrets act, and they do enforce this with back up threats of harassment or prosecution.One of the most amazing psychics I know who did many years of police work, was what police call a “finder”.The story of how I met this man is many years old, but began when a distraught husband came to our little spiritualist church desperate to find his missing wife. He had heard that a “finder “ could possibly help him.Through connections “ Tom the finder “ was brought in, I was curious to meet a man I had heard so many rumours about, and admit I was very sceptical of his abilities.Although this man specialised in missing children from cases such as the awful Moors child murders.
He asked the distraught husband for an article of clothing and a photograph, and squeezed a silk head scarf in his hands while concentrating, then rubbed it on his face and smelt it all over, and put it out on a map of Britain.He spent some time dowsing with a pendulum over the photograph of the woman and the map, before saying; “ she is alive and in the county of Dorset”.I kept quiet about my scepticism here, because most missing people stay local, but this was right across Britain, and under pressure from the husband, as soon as our “ Finder” had finished making his copious notes, we set off in the husbands car for Dorset.The drive was tiring and on arrival at the county borders, the map and the photo was again dowsed for some time, and the head scarf sniffed, I remember thinking that the crackpot sceptics would have a field day watching this, when he said; “ got it “ and dictated the way to go, after a couple of false starts en route, he said we were near now and the winding road through the fields would soon reveal the missing woman.As we then turned a bend in the road, and a small caravan park of about fifteen caravans was where he said she was, I was still unbelieving in this when he on looking round said; “the green and white one” and we strode over and banged on the caravan.

I was as shocked as the woman who opened the door, her eyes bulged and she grabbed her mouth in horror as she saw her husband, ”how, how did you find me" she gasped.The husband had not told us they had been arguing, and she just ran away to make some decisions on the marriage, and I was just gobsmacked. The use of the pendulum is very popular just now, and was used extensively in W.W.II and war documents refer to it as Radiesthesia,The Third Reich had ship finding experts, whose work was copied by the British.Remember Winston Churchill as a 33rd degree mason, and a long term druid and occult student, was well aware of the possibilities of dowsing, and collected together a team of experts known as the “Black team” to use these occult methods in the war.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by contactismade 16 years ago
Neat story if its true.
Comment icon #2 Posted by jsf35rino 16 years ago
hitler also counseled with "mediums" and "fortune tellers" and other "occultist" on his plans for invading russia--and that worked out just swell for the nazis-lol
Comment icon #3 Posted by limited 16 years ago
If you tell a cop in the united states of america; you were abducted by aliens. they will baker act you about 95% of the time.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Tejina 16 years ago
Actually, here in the states.... if you do a missing persons, depends on how rich you are it seems on how fast you find them. My brother went missing for a week, the police did squat. Ends up he was just hiding out from my dad and I at a friend's house. He's just lucky it was durring summer break from school.

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