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  Columnist: LoneSoldier

The Majestic 12 documents

Posted on Thursday, 25 January, 2007 | 9 comments
Columnist: LoneSoldier

When we think of shadowy government agencies we get the picture of unknown faceless people, with pasts erased and faked deaths. But with this particular investigative group, for the first twenty years this is the exact opposite. In the first ten years the group included famous and well known government and defense officials and officers and scientists such as General Dwight Eisenhower, Dr Robert Oppenheimer, and even Professor Albert Einstein, to name but a few of its members. It begins way back in 1941, when something is recovered in the San Benndino Valley, Los Angeles. This "Something" is described as an "Unexplained Aircraft". Dr Vannevar Bush and Franklin D Roosevelt's correspondence to Chief Of Staff George Marshall contained advice to research the "Atomic secrets learned from study of celestial devices". However it was also advised not to share such secrets with the Soviet Union. They believed these "Atomic Secrets" could lead to a "Super Weapon of War."

In 1942 another such "Celestial Device" is found in Missouri, it seems what happened in Roswell July 1947 wasn't the first recovery of a so-called "Flying Saucer". This is the true beginning of Majestic Twelve, under its then name of "Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit" and its scientific branch "The Special Committee on Non-Terrestrial Science and Technology.” February 22 1944 - more correspondence is sent, it contains advice for the Chief Of Staff and members of the IPU. A Recommendation is put forward by Dr Bush and Professor Einstein:"I also agree that the application of non-terrestrial know-how must be used in perfecting super weapons of war to effect the complete defeat of Germany and Japan". After this idea to use technology not of this world for the sole purpose of defeating America's and its Allies enemies, there is another recommendation:"In view of the cost already incurred in the Atomic Bomb program......Our principle object is not to engage in exploratory research of this kind, but to win the war as soon as possible."

At first the IPU, doesn't seem too concerned with secrecy and cover-up, however in the next paragraph they advise (in the light of being at war, where unscrupulous espionage elements may be trying to get their filthy mitts on such sensitive information.), to keep such matters to those who already know, namely the leaders and top scientists of the IPU, and chief of staff. Also in this memo not only do we see the first evidence of cover-up, but also the first admittance of alien life."I appreciate the effort and time spent in producing valuable insights into the proposal to find ways of advancing our technology and national progress, and incoming to grips with the reality that our planet is not the only one harboring intelligent life in the universe."So for a while at least the subject isn't touched until the end of the war. The atom bomb successfully explodes on Hiroshima, followed closely by Nagasaki ending World War Two. Are we to presume from the earliest dated documents, that a portion of the credits to winning World War Two should be given to the owners of the "Unexplained Aircraft" of "Non-Terrestrial" origin? The story is just beginning as Dr Oppenheimer and Prof Einstein, send another correspondence. They propose new laws and guidelines, for they believe by their evidence that contact with "Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entities" was only a matter of time. They both go to great length on how the situation should be handled, with everything from settling of celestial visitors on our planet including asylum claims, to legal claims of the moon or even mars that may be made by "E.B.Es". They also express great concern about their technology, stating perhaps spacecraft may one day be carrying nuclear warheads. In this letter from Oppenheimer and Einstein, we see the first use of the phrase and abbreviation of "Extra-Terrestrial Biological Entities". They also admit the existence of space vehicles...
This was dated one month prior to the Roswell incident, June 1947.So what would you consider to be the single most important moment in human history? The advent of organized religion? The invention of sanitation? The first time "The Black Album" by Metallica hit the shelves of you local record store? How about definitive proof that we are not the only intelligent life to inhabit this universe? If you chose the last option, chances are you're utterly confused by the whole situation. And to most on our planet (save for the few that hold the keys to the proof) are completely oblivious to the fact that it happened. July 4th 1947, the Roswell incident occurs, the crash of not just one but two "Flying Saucers". At first the authorities release the flying saucer story to cover up the "Mogul Spy Balloon" project. Mogul was being developed to eavesdrop on soviet atomic tests, documents state that the first saucer collided with a mogul prototype. They recovered the first saucer, complete with bodies and took them to Roswell Army Air Base, home to the very first atomic bomber squadron. A few days later they had allegedly captured a second saucer, intact. No crew or bodies were recovered. They then realized the importance of the finds, they decide to retract the claims of the saucer crash and recovery, instead choosing to compromise their highly secretive atomic snooping balloon. For the next few days they scramble working night and day to unlock the secrets of what they had in their possession. In September 1947 the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit changes into the newly organized Majestic Twelve, its members included Dr bush, Einstein, Oppenheimer, General Twining.

They answered directly to the president, it was decided that an air of secrecy should be held therefore all topics pertaining to EBEs, Saucers, and technology should be deemed above top secret, lest soviet spies should run their red paws over the most highly sensitive information. With this the Central Intelligence Agency was created to help with this task, and for the gathering of information, this soon expanded to be the main intelligence agency in the United States.For a few years things remained the same. MJ12 gave annual reports to the president and his chiefs of their progress. But by 1950 the beginnings of distrust started to show within the group, when General Twining resigned from his post, followed shortly by his mysterious suicide. Einstein left shortly after, and contracted cancer from which he died in April 1955. Oppenheimer, was kicked out of the group, he too died of cancer in February 1967. The Group was reshuffling members almost constantly, some of the members rejected, soon met there own deaths. By 1961 the group was extremely powerful even more so than perhaps the president, commanding elements of the military and intelligence community. John F Kennedy gained presidency in 1961, he like his predecessors is briefed on the whole gambit by Majestic Twelve.

Kennedy dissatisfied with majestic's progress on all matter alien, decides to shift funding from the organization, to NASA for the space race with the Soviet Union. Strange communiqué in one of the documents hints to the assassination of John F Kennedy. What is also clear, is that a need to know basis for presidents is put into effect, they no longer answered to the president, and would only inform if it was deemed absolutely necessary. Nothing can prove that Majestic Twelve was responsible for the death of Kennedy but, they can be linked, as few documents state. With the arrival of Richard Nixon in office, something forces the group to brief Nixon on their secrets. For the first time Majestic Twelve, are also known as the code name Jehovah. A half burned set of documents are recovered, apparently Nixon ordered a whole load of majestic twelve documents to be destroyed, he didn't want to be seen connected with Kennedy's death. Majestic then set up the Watergate hotel scandal, to take the heat off of them, Nixon proclaims innocence then resigns in 1974. This is about the time that Majestic Twelve go underground, hardly anything is heard about them. Some documents indicate that they sought monetary funding from private investors. The last document is dated 1998.

Article Copyright© LoneSoldier - reproduced with permission.

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