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T. Stokes

The Enfield poltergeist

May 18, 2007 | Comment icon 0 comments

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An excellent article in the psychic world April edition by Graham Hewitt, on one of the most interesting of modern cases, that was alas all too short. With Graham's permission I wish to expand on several of his items.I had the utmost respect for the integrity of investigator Maurice Grosse, who was scrupulously honest in what he saw at Enfield, and if anything down played it,I had seen him very shaken at what he had seen and heard, but particularly the energy from the girls that was “Bled” from them by the discarnate entity to produce the paranormal effects.Dr John Beloff, would not allow anything to be seen as evidence that was not seen and verified by himself, this made it difficult to have independent statements and photographs verified, and many were never seen, it was Carl Jung who said; “any degree of learning narrows horizons”and it was the late John Beloff an intellectual academic, who used his position in the SPR to downgrade and poo-hoo the work of reputable psychics alongside the fakers. There is a trend just now for the SPR to be cynical in the main on these subjects,while they should be open minded and John was not.

John particularly disliked the lowbrow “Psychic News,” newspaper, which he said was ”a pathetic rag”, and while I agree they have constantly verified as genuine, a string of mediums who have later been proved charlatans, this is a bit harsh.John had great regard for the psychologist Hans Eysenck, and it was Hans who told me That while John would do his official cynical pooh hooing, in private he believed he had been here before, and as a strict Jew he had to believe in the Old Testament teachings on Astrology Necromancy etc. Around this time I was teaching Psychology, and my class was working on personality testing, and I think I may have used the Briggs Myers personality test for each student, now psychology is not an exact science, exactly as Hans Eysenck says, But students and lay people always think it is, so I took details from each of the class and next day asked them to read their psychology assessments and comment on it.While every single student agreed it was absolutely accurate, I told them afterwards that all assessments were the same, all said they were likeable but stubborn, could get angry when riled, liked to laugh, loved animals took work seriously and worried about their family and future countries prospects etc.
After they had agreed, I turned over the sheets and it was from Adolph Hitler's analysis, from W W II. and this is how general some psychological assessments are.!After every item on T V about paranormal and spirit phenomena we are treated to a quack psychologist coming on and making fun and often uttering ignorant statements. Psychology has many differing opinions right across the board, why do the T V companies treat us as children and always put on a disturbed cynic to throw dirt, The law on discrimination was recently broadened to include religious beliefs, And Spiritualism is a world recognized religion, in fact many theologians say:“ belief in spirits is the core base to all religions “ so to discriminate and laugh at another's beliefs is actually a criminal offence, the Human rights act actually covers this by name, and these T V companies and quack psychologists are actually now breaking the law.One final point, the official excuse for the prosecution of Helen Duncan was that she could reveal data about the D day landings, is total codswallop, a medium works through dead communicators, and this accusation at best is very, very tenous, the argument is that she was prosecuted because she was a fake, yet the authorities claim she could also give accurate information on D Day ?

So how would they determine when she was faking and when not, and what about all the thousands other mediums who could also give out the D Day info ?One of Churchills occult advisors Dr. Alexander Cannon, who was imprisoned on the Isle of man for speaking of Churchill's wartime paranormal team in his papers, claimed that both Harry Price and home secretary Herbert Morrison were behind the prosecution, and this could be true as Morrison had a lot to hide. Strikes me that the whole Helen Duncan saga was just another of the governments “ Dodgy dossiers” and we have had a bellyful of them lately.

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