Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Police apprehend 'crocodile' in Plymouth

Posted on Sunday, 19 October, 2014 | Comment icon 17 comments

The crocodile didn't turn out to be much of a threat. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Spencer Wright
Officers were called out this week after a panicked resident reported seeing a crocodile in their garden.
Cundy Close in Plympton became the scene of a bizarre series of events on Wednesday when police received a call from a resident who reported seeing a crocodile outside their house.

Officers alerted animal experts at Dartmoor Zoo to attend the incident as they hurried to the address to investigate.
When they got there however they found that the ferocious reptile was actually nothing more than an inflatable toy.

"We received a call from a concerned member of the public reporting that an escaped crocodile was in their garden, approximately 3ft in length," said a spokesman.

Source: Plymouth Herald | Comments (17)

Tags: Crocodile, Plymouth

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by MidnightLady on 19 October, 2014, 19:35
At a job I had years ago, one of my duties was to water the live hanging plants in the bar. There was about 5. One day, when I got to the 3rd "plant" I realized they had been switched-out for realistic fakes, and no-one bothered to tell me beforehand. Boy did I feel stupid. But it was funny. EDIT: They weren't playing a joke on me at all, they just forgot to tell me. My dad once bit into a piece of fake fruit my mother kept on the dinning room table. Of course it was her fault he had to see a dentist. Does that sound like Sheldon Cooper?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sundew on 19 October, 2014, 20:36
To be fair, it was pretty realistic, I was expecting this:
Comment icon #10 Posted by DieChecker on 19 October, 2014, 20:36
And, here was another one... SOUTHAMPTON, U.K. - A very lifelike stuffed tiger ignited a scare this weekend, causing cops to scramble for fear that a wild animal was on the loose in the countryside. According to The Telegraph, police shut down a major highway, evacuated a golf course and dispatched a helicopter after passersby reporting spotting the tiger in a field. Hampshire Police enlisted help from experts at nearby Marwell Zoo, who were ready to send in a team to overcome the tiger, according to The Daily Mail. It wasn't until a blast of air from the helicopter flipped the stuffed animal ... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by MidnightLady on 19 October, 2014, 21:03
A happy Crock is one that has his own stool at Cheers. Hey Norm!
Comment icon #12 Posted by pallidin on 19 October, 2014, 21:14
Note to self... Attach tiger's feet to ground... Yeah, and with a couple of "hand warmer" heat packs stuffed in the fake tiger, and/or an animatronic tail and/or head, who knows what the response might have been!
Comment icon #13 Posted by lightly on 19 October, 2014, 21:15
the headline made me picture a croc getting pulled over in a Plymouth. silly.
Comment icon #14 Posted by MidnightLady on 19 October, 2014, 22:10
To be fair, it was pretty realistic, I was expecting this: Outstanding. The critter patrol have apprehended the monster in my nephews pool. His boys are going to sue. Film at 11
Comment icon #15 Posted by MidnightLady on 19 October, 2014, 22:11
the headline made me picture a croc getting pulled over in a Plymouth. silly. In Plymouth or in a Plymouth. Yes it matters. Sorry, like squirrels and squids I read that too fast. So Mr. Crock-full-O-Nuts was in a Plymouth. What did he have a head light out. I hate it when that happens.
Comment icon #16 Posted by MidnightLady on 19 October, 2014, 22:15
Yeah, and with a couple of "hand warmer" heat packs stuffed in the fake tiger, and/or an animatronic tail and/or head, who knows what the response might have been! The aliens have landed.
Comment icon #17 Posted by BaneSilvermoon on 21 October, 2014, 5:25
And recall this real event from WW2?.... Ghost Army: The Inflatable Tanks That Fooled Hitler. Source: http://www.theatlant...-hitler/276137/ Bill Blass was one of them. So was Ellsworth Kelly. And Arthur Singer. And Art Kane. Before these men embarked on the artistic careers they would become known for, they served together during World War II. But they were a particular kind of soldier, serving in a particular kind of unit: Blass and his brothers in arms were recruited from art schools and ad agencies. They were sought for their acting skills. They were selected for their creativity. They wer... [More]

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