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Mysterious drones appear over Paris

By T.K. Randall
March 1, 2015 · Comment icon 15 comments

Who is responsible for the drones sighted over France ? Image Credit: CC BY 3.0 Taxiarchos228
Authorities in France are attempting to determine who has been flying drones over the country's capital.
Safety concerns were raised last year when unidentified drones started to appear near nuclear power stations across France. Since then more than 56 similar sightings have been reported across the country and now even Paris has become a target with multiple drones being reported over the capital this week.

The unmanned aerial vehicles were spotted above the US Embassy, the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides military museum and several main roads over the course of two nights.

Nobody has accepted responsibility for the sightings and it isn't clear whether the drones, which are actually banned over built-up areas in France, are being flown by someone who is up to no good.
"There is nothing to worry about," said a government spokesman. "Drones have been spotted and investigations launched… we are mobilized on a matter which is and should be taken seriously."

While the drones could just be the result of pranksters, their appearance has added to the already existing state of high alert across the country following last month's terrorist attacks.

The case even took a rather ironic twist a couple of days later when three al-Jazeera journalists were arrested in Paris for themselves using a drone to film a report about the other drones.

"The first was piloting the drone, the second was filming and the third was watching," said a police spokesman. The incident is not believed to be otherwise connected to the original drones mystery.

Source: The Guardian | Comments (15)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by seeder 10 years ago
Arrests made, AlJazeera journalists
Comment icon #7 Posted by meryt-tetisheri 10 years ago
Very interesting choice of sites to be filmed/photographed by Al Jazeera! The question is to what end, and whether Jazeera is acting on its own or as a proxy for the government of Qatar (which despite all PC babble, does maintain covert relationship with terrorist organizations). There is something creepy about Qatar's self-aggrandizement ambitions.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Sundew 10 years ago
Whew, for a minute there I thought it was a bunch of radical Catholic nuns! You just can't be too careful.
Comment icon #9 Posted by seeder 10 years ago
Hey its even happening in the UK Plague of the voyeur drones: Flying toy cameras spark 'Peeping Tom' complaints with police powerless to stop them A dozen incidents involving drones have been reported since Christmas Tourists are taking selfies with the cameras at landmarks in major cities It is illegal to fly them near buildings and people but police are powerless Officers are calling for tighter laws amid new wave of complaints KEY BIT Videos posted on YouTube show spectacular footage of London’s major landmarks taken illegally from drones. One drone scales the 315ft of Big Ben to show the... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by Ashyne 10 years ago
May be ISIS doing recon for targets. Following individuals doing solo attacks there, they may want to conduct a bigger attack. Google Maps doesn't provide enough detail for proper planning so they use drones.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Hawkin 10 years ago
Seems the French government takes this matter more serious of unknown vehicles flying around sensitive areas then the US. And should,considering the current world events.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot 10 years ago
It's commercialized now, ther eis no mystery in it. Every idiot can buy one drone and do whatever he likes. Luckily there were no accidents involving drones, at least not that i know of but soon, there will be. Stupid thing was to commercialize drones, now we all can enjoy life, untill something drops on our head.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Border Collie 10 years ago
May be ISIS doing recon for targets. Following individuals doing solo attacks there, they may want to conduct a bigger attack. Google Maps doesn't provide enough detail for proper planning so they use drones. Seriously?
Comment icon #14 Posted by DefenceMinisterMishkin 10 years ago
Looking for bacon?
Comment icon #15 Posted by Sundew 10 years ago
I would think that any of these drones capable of carrying a few pounds of payload would be a huge danger to sensitive targets. A little C4 and a remote detonator on a very small flying vehicle would be difficult to stop, and I'm sure this has crossed the minds of terrorists already, not to mention the covert surveillance of any potential targets. It's probably only a matter of time before we have a serious incident. Perhaps we need computer controlled LASERs that can target and take down drones at every military and nuclear facility. It's sad that so many potentially wonderful new technologie... [More]

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