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The UFO Phenomenon

US military base UFOs could be next-generation Chinese drones

 VIDEO  1-24-2024 | 24

Former UFO chief Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has offered up a possible explanation for some military UAP sightings.

The UFO Phenomenon

Footage from USS Zumwalt mystery drone swarm incident released

 VIDEO  9-3-2022 | 19

The footage was captured during an incident in 2019 involving multiple unidentified drones buzzing a US navy vessel.


Nick Pope: ET could disguise drones as birds or insects

4-29-2022 | 26

The former MoD UFO investigator has suggested that alien monitoring devices could be disguised as common animals.

Archaeology & History

Previously unknown structures found near Machu Picchu

1-3-2022 | 4

Drones equipped with LIDAR have made a new discovery in Machu Picchu National Park.

Modern Mysteries

US Navy destroyers were harassed by drone swarms

12-18-2021 | 54

Newly declassified documents detail how multiple ships were harassed for weeks by mysterious drones.

Nature & Environment

Real-life 'angry birds' attack delivery drones

 VIDEO  9-28-2021 | 15

Ravens seem to have developed a severe dislike of delivery drones in the skies over Canberra, Australia.

Science & Technology

Dubai creates its own rain to beat the heat

 VIDEO  7-21-2021 | 12

The city has taken the weather into its own hands by using drones to stimulate clouds into producing rain.

Space & Astronomy

Footage shows collapse of Arecibo observatory

 VIDEO  12-6-2020 | 5

Drones that were investigating the facility at the time managed to capture its catastrophic collapse on camera.

Modern Mysteries

US Air Force couldn't explain mystery drones

2-29-2020 | 19

Newly released emails show that officials at F.E. Warren AFB did not know who was behind the Colorado drones.

Modern Mysteries

FAA launches investigation into mystery drones

 VIDEO  1-1-2020 | 74

Officials across multiple government agencies are now working to determine who is behind the Colorado drones.

Science & Technology

Authorities baffled by fleet of mystery drones

12-27-2019 | 74

A fleet of drones has been making regular appearances over the last week and even the US military is mystified.

Science & Technology

Russia builds drone equipped with a shotgun

 VIDEO  4-3-2019 | 7

A weaponized drone designed to intercept and shoot down enemy drones has been developed in Russia.

Science & Technology

DARPA develops telepathic drone control

9-10-2018 | 7

Military scientists have created a brain interface that can enable a person to control drones with their mind.

Science & Technology

DoD wants to develop autonomous bat-drones

 VIDEO  1-6-2018 | 3

A new competition has been launched to help develop animal-like drones powered by directed-energy beams.

Science & Technology

US Army builds drone-busting 'Phaser' weapon

 VIDEO  11-16-2016 | 14

The futuristic-sounding device is designed to combat the threat posed by cheap unmanned aerial drones.

Science & Technology

Scientists are attempting to 'grow' drones

 VIDEO  7-3-2016 | 9

New research is aiming to chemically grow unmanned aerial drones to make them quicker to produce.

Science & Technology

'Death ray' could stop drones over Heathrow

4-27-2016 | 7

Authorities are investigating new security measures to stop drones being used to attack airplanes.

Science & Technology

Huge flying eyeball heralds new era of drones

 VIDEO  3-20-2016 | 13

A new type of aerial vehicle is capable of flying at low altitudes without any risk of damage or injury.

Science & Technology

Company trains eagles to take down drones

 VIDEO  2-2-2016 | 17

A company in the Netherlands has found what it refers to as a 'low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.'

Science & Technology

Cities may soon be able to repair themselves

10-21-2015 | 9

A new research grant in the UK has been awarded to help develop autonomous city maintenance drones.

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