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World of the Bizarre

Woman in France is struck by meteorite in freak incident

7-17-2023 | 16

The woman had been enjoying a coffee on a terrace when she was suddenly hit on the chest by a small space rock.

World of the Bizarre

88-year-old walks into hospital with WWI shell stuck in his rectum

12-21-2022 | 13

A hospital in France was evacuated after a patient arrived with a rather unusual object stuck in his posterior.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs are no laughing matter for France's real-life 'Ovni' hunters

11-19-2022 | 2

A team of dedicated UFO investigators in France has been studying the phenomenon for the last 45 years.

The UFO Phenomenon

Prankster Remi Gaillard sparks UFO flap in France

 VIDEO  11-20-2021 | 8

The legendary YouTube prankster used a drone to produce fake UFO sightings, then dressed up as an alien.

Science & Technology

Restored 1899 footage is like a time machine

 VIDEO  6-21-2021 | 8

Incredible film footage that's over 120 years old shows holidaymakers enjoying the seaside in France.

Modern Mysteries

'Templar' crop circle shows up in French field

 VIDEO  7-16-2020 | 56

An intricate and impressive crop formation described as a 'Templar cross' has appeared in northern France.

Modern Mysteries

French rock inscription mystery finally solved

 VIDEO  2-25-2020 | 1

A village in France had been offering a reward to anyone who could decipher a strange 230-year-old message.

World of the Bizarre

Black panther prowls rooftops in France

 VIDEO  9-19-2019 | 12

Authorities were alerted yesterday after residents spotted the escaped animal on a second-floor window ledge.

Science & Technology

'Killer slime' has closed beaches in France

9-9-2019 | 18

An unassuming yet potentially deadly type of algae has appeared in large quantities along the coast of France.

Modern Mysteries

France stumped by mystery rock inscription

 VIDEO  5-10-2019 | 14

A village in France is offering a cash reward to anyone who can decipher a strange message carved in to a rock.

Modern Mysteries

Decades-old Garfield phones mystery solved

 VIDEO  3-28-2019 | 6

Since the 1980s, Garfield-themed telephones have been washing up along France's picturesque Iroise coast.

Archaeology & History

Did European megaliths inspire Stonehenge ?

2-12-2019 | 10

A new study has suggested that European neolithic stone monuments may have first arisen in France.

Nature & Environment

Bees can do arithmetic, new study finds

2-7-2019 | 6

Scientists from Australia and France have determined that bees are capable of mastering basic maths skills.

Modern Mysteries

Serial rabbit killer on the loose in France

10-28-2018 | 10

French authorities have been hunting for a mystery killer who has so far slaughtered more than 100 pet rabbits.

Nature & Environment

Giant predatory worms have invaded France

5-22-2018 | 15

Scientists have warned that huge worms up to 40cm long have been silently invading French gardens.

Science & Technology

World's smallest house built using nanorobotics

5-19-2018 | 6

Scientists in France have created a house so small that not even a mite would be able to fit through the door.

World of the Bizarre

Underpants mystery baffles French village

2-16-2018 | 8

Someone has been hanging underpants out across a village square in France and nobody seems to know why.

Modern Mysteries

Strange sinkhole opens up on French beach

2-2-2018 | 5

Visitors to the French seaside resort of Nice have been left puzzled by the hole's sudden appearance.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists discover 'little Pompeii'

 VIDEO  8-3-2017 | 3

An exceptionally well-preserved Roman neighborhood has been unearthed in south-eastern France.

Space & Astronomy

Titan 'disappearing islands' mystery solved

4-19-2017 | 9

Researchers in France have determined why entire islands have been vanishing from the surface of Titan.

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