Sunday, August 9, 2020
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NASA debunks September doomsday claims

Posted on Monday, 8 June, 2015 | Comment icon 41 comments

There is no indication that a comet is about to strike the Earth. Image Credit: NASA
Conspiracy theorists have claimed that a huge comet will wipe out mankind at the end of September.
It seems that not a year goes by without someone somewhere proclaiming that the world is about to end whether it be due to a supervolcano, an asteroid impact or an invasion by extraterrestrials.

This year it is the prediction of a collision between the Earth and a large comet that has been causing the most concern, a rumor that initially appeared on the Internet a few weeks ago.

Conspiracy theorists have even suggested that world governments are already well aware of the threat and that they are deliberately keeping quiet about it to avoid causing a panic.
Astronomers however have been quick to point out that no such comet actually exists.

"NASA knows of no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth, so the probability of a major collision is quite small," said a NASA spokesman. "In fact, as best as we can tell, no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years."

It isn't clear exactly how this rumor got off the ground or who started it but suffice to say there is no merit to it whatsoever - there is no indication that an apocalyptic collision will occur any time soon.

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (41)

Tags: Doomsday, Comet

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #32 Posted by Teh Beast on 9 June, 2015, 15:58
Would you care to tell us what that is supposed to mean ? It means, Laugh out loud National Aeronautics and Space Administration...
Comment icon #33 Posted by Iron_Lotus on 9 June, 2015, 16:38
It means, Laugh out loud National Aeronautics and Space Administration... sooo absolutely nothing of any importance or insight at all then. noted. Depends on where it hits. Could be really bad or super bad. or so bad we dont even have a chance to question how bad it was
Comment icon #34 Posted by Teh Beast on 9 June, 2015, 19:31
sooo absolutely nothing of any importance or insight at all then. noted. I'd like to know things about Ceres even though there isn't anything being posted about it, since the probe has been in orbit around it since mid March and then they fob us off with an animated video of the surface of Ceres without explaining properly what those bright reflective spots where.. http://www.cbsnews.c...f-planet-ceres/ .... This is all we are allowed to see. and ... then nothing from NASA on Ceres for quite a while now. I've noticed most things that NASA have produced ha... [More]
Comment icon #35 Posted by ShadowSot on 9 June, 2015, 19:56
The explanation for tge light spots on Ceres is: we don't know what they are yet. Not surprising because they have just been noticed. As the probe sends more data we will get an idea of what they are and how tgey were formed. All NASa, ESA, JAXA, and so on photos are compiled from a series of images that are spliced together. Many also include spit if missibg data or damage to the image from radiation as they are captured or as they are sent back. And lots of their data is confirmed theough other space agencies, NASA is not the only one, especially now that private ibdustry has gotten involved... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by Iron_Lotus on 9 June, 2015, 22:52
So as far as I'm concerned, NASA hasn't given me good enough evidence to believe anything they do is real. this is exactly how i feel about people with this belief now...
Comment icon #37 Posted by McFakename on 9 June, 2015, 23:20
I'm convinced I'm invincible... you guys know how many times I've survived the end of the world?
Comment icon #38 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 9 June, 2015, 23:28
I'm convinced I'm invincible... you guys know how many times I've survived the end of the world? The reason why the Earth keeps surviving all those doomsday predictions is because we have a protector.
Comment icon #39 Posted by ShadowSot on 9 June, 2015, 23:46
I chuckled, thanks for that.
Comment icon #40 Posted by jeanmichelo on 1 July, 2015, 20:36
It's Asteroid Day 2015, and experts and space agencies around the world want to raise awareness of potentially hazardous objects. NASA has a Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program which tracks asteroids and comets using its Sentry collision monitoring system. With all the chatter about "doomsday" asteroids that could end life as we know it, what are the real odds of such an event? The easy answer is slim-to-none. There were reports floating around that an asteroid that would hit Earth in September, but said asteroid doesn't exist and NASA has repeatedly debunked those claims. NASA and the European Sp... [More]
Comment icon #41 Posted by Paradoxxal on 4 July, 2015, 7:01
Looks like I'll have to be the calm astronomer to come around and explain why NASA is right, how I know, and that people need to SHUT THE HELL UP! How'd I find this? Well, it was an average Monday morning and the kids just left from school. I was looking through my email to see if NASA needed me for training, and, yes, I found this thread: , URGENT! DOOMSDAY ASTEROID TO HIT SEPTEMBER 24, 2015!! YOU CANT HIDE ANYMORE! NASA HAS CONFIRMED IT!!" Reluctantly, I opened the email. What did I find? I fake article in which Nasa confirmed it. "We are on high alert for this coming impact. It's going to h... [More]

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