Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Science & Technology

The Doomsday Clock is now at 90 seconds to midnight

 VIDEO  1-25-2023 | 15

The disconcerting change reflects the current situation in Ukraine and the increased risk of global annihilation.

Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock remains at 100 seconds to midnight

 VIDEO  1-22-2022 | 5

The symbolic clock has remained at the same ominous position now for three years in a row.

Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock is still seconds from midnight

 VIDEO  1-28-2021 | 8

The latest update to the symbolic clock shows that there hasn't been much improvement over the last 12 months.

Science & Technology

Civilization on track for 'irreversible collapse'

7-29-2020 | 59

Two theoretical physicists believe that there is a 90% chance that civilization will collapse within 40 years.

Modern Mysteries

Forget 2012 - is the Mayan doomsday this year ?

6-14-2020 | 54

A controversial new theory going around on social media suggests that the Mayan doomsday is actually this year.

Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock is now seconds from midnight

1-24-2020 | 23

According to the latest movement of the symbolic clock, the state of our world has gone from bad to worse.

Science & Technology

US Navy's 'Doomsday' plane taken out by a bird

10-19-2019 | 13

An aircraft designed to survive a nuclear apocalypse recently suffered a rather unfortunate mishap.

Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock stays at two mins to midnight

 VIDEO  1-25-2019 | 23

The possibility of a world-ending disaster does not appear to have abated any over the last twelve months.

Modern Mysteries

Blood moon prompts fresh doomsday warnings

6-27-2018 | 29

Next month's spectacular blood moon will not bring about the end of days, despite the usual doom-mongering.

Modern Mysteries

No, the world is not going to end on April 23

4-13-2018 | 38

Warnings of another end of the world scenario involving the planet Nibiru have been doing the rounds this week.

Space & Astronomy

Could paint save us from a doomsday asteroid?

3-22-2018 | 13

Rather than ramming or nuking a large space rock, scientists have suggested simply covering it in paint.

Science & Technology

Doomsday seed vault hits the one million mark

 VIDEO  2-26-2018 | 2

The most recent consignment to arrive at the facility has brought its total number of deposits up to 1,059,646.

Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock moves forward 30 seconds

1-25-2018 | 19

The possibility of nuclear war has pushed the Doomsday Clock one more step closer to midnight.

Modern Mysteries

NASA scientist is fed up with Nibiru theories

11-19-2017 | 53

Astrophysicist David Morrison has been repeatedly explaining to people that Nibiru doesn't exist for years.

Modern Mysteries

'Doomsday' has been postponed until October

9-25-2017 | 211

The man behind this month's doomsday prophecy has pushed the apocalypse back another few weeks.

Modern Mysteries

Doomsayers claim the world will end tomorrow

9-22-2017 | 211

Rumors of another apocalyptic collision with the mythical planet Nibiru have been circulating the Internet.

Science & Technology

Doomsday vault flooded by melting permafrost

5-20-2017 | 25

Norway's Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been breached by water flooding in through the entrance.

Science & Technology

'Doomsday' library joins Norway seed vault

4-8-2017 | 4

A new facility for archiving some of the world's most important documents has opened in the Arctic.

Science & Technology

Doomsday Clock moves closer to midnight

1-26-2017 | 29

Scientists have moved the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock to two-and-a-half minutes to midnight.

Science & Technology

13% chance of doomsday, claims maths expert

11-25-2016 | 36

Dr Fergus Simpson maintains that humanity has a 13% chance of going extinct before the century is out.

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