Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Magnetic wormhole created in a laboratory

Posted on Saturday, 22 August, 2015 | Comment icon 10 comments

A new device enables the invisible transmission of magnetic fields. Image Credit: NASA / Peter Reid
Scientists have managed to create a device that can transmit a magnetic field from one place to another.
A science fiction staple, wormholes are most commonly associated with the idea of opening up a portal between two points in space to enable almost instantaneous travel between them.

While researchers at the University of Barcelona in Spain haven't quite managed to do that, what they have done is developed a device that can do something very similar with magnetic fields.

"This device can transmit the magnetic field from one point in space to another point, through a path that is magnetically invisible," said study co-author Jordi Prat-Camps.
Despite its name however what they've created isn't really a wormhole in the classic sense - instead employing a mechanism more akin to an invisibility cloak than a tunnel through space.

"From a magnetic point of view, you have the magnetic field from the magnet disappearing at one end of the wormhole and appearing again at the other end of the wormhole," said Prat.

The scientists are hoping that their invention could one day make it possible to use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on a patient from outside the confines of a conventional MRI scanner.

Source: Live Science | Comments (10)

Tags: Magnetic Field, Wormhole

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Anomalocaris on 22 August, 2015, 18:54
Another source: A Magnetic Wormhole
Comment icon #2 Posted by pallidin on 22 August, 2015, 21:01
Huh. That's wild!
Comment icon #3 Posted by Father Merrin on 22 August, 2015, 22:05
So let me get this straight. ...they have pulled a magnetic field from one point to another using a stronger magnetic field? i wish I'd payed more attention in physics
Comment icon #4 Posted by Infernal Gnu on 23 August, 2015, 1:51
In the next X-Men sequel they need to update Magneto's powers to include this.
Comment icon #5 Posted by saywhat on 23 August, 2015, 3:06
Could they use this idea by moving the magnetic field just in front of a metallic spaceship, to continually pull it through space? All you'd need is solar power or a reactor like the one used on the curiosity rover to power it. No other fuel needed to bring along. I need to look into this more but I've always thought if they can manipulate the magnetic field just a little even that this should work. Now it seems they can.
Comment icon #6 Posted by TonopahRick on 23 August, 2015, 3:50
Years ago in a Dick Tracy comic strip in the newspaper a fella said the man that can control magnetism will control the universe. Must have been a little ahead of his time.
Comment icon #7 Posted by cerberusxp on 23 August, 2015, 14:30
So they are talking about using this to turn some one inside out? Matter transfer from one point to another has already been achieved but has been hidden from the public for at least 50 years or more.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Leonardo on 23 August, 2015, 15:39
This isn't a "wormhole", it's a converter-switch. The device takes the magnetic field at the one pole, converts it to a non-magnetic form within it's bulk, and then reconverts that to a magnetic field at the other pole. Because whatever form of energy the magnetic field is converted to whilst traversing the device is not being detected for, the magnetic field appears to "disappear from one location and reappear at another." It's true that such a device might have valuable real-world applications, but the science is being misreported as something it is not.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard on 23 August, 2015, 15:47
So they are talking about using this to turn some one inside out? Matter transfer from one point to another has already been achieved but has been hidden from the public for at least 50 years or more. Really? That's news to me, can you provide links/proof that this is happening?
Comment icon #10 Posted by BeastieRunner on 24 August, 2015, 17:42
Not a wormhole but still freaking cool!

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