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Space & Astronomy

Scientists simulate a wormhole and send a message through it

12-3-2022 | 9

Using quantum computers, the researchers simulated a working 'baby' wormhole without rupturing space and time.

Space & Astronomy

Wormholes could serve as stable conduits through space after all

11-16-2021 | 6

A new study has played down fears that wormholes would not be stable enough.

Space & Astronomy

Real-life wormholes may not be that far-fetched

5-24-2021 | 13

It might sound like science fiction, but the idea of linking two black holes together actually does have some merit.

Space & Astronomy

Physicists explain how to create a wormhole

8-31-2019 | 6

Astrophysicists have published a set of instructions explaining how to make a do-it-yourself wormhole.

Space & Astronomy

Are black holes actually colliding wormholes?

6-18-2018 | 7

Scientists have put forward the possibility that what we think of as a black hole may be something else entirely.

The UFO Phenomenon

Green 'wormhole UFO' spotted over Cape Town

11-30-2015 | 24

A strange green light was photographed over South Africa by numerous witnesses during the weekend.

Science & Technology

Magnetic wormhole created in a laboratory

8-22-2015 | 10

Scientists have managed to create a device that can transmit a magnetic field from one place to another.

Space & Astronomy

Wormhole may exist at center of our galaxy

1-22-2015 | 34

A new study has opened up the possibility that the center of our galaxy is actually a massive wormhole.

Science & Technology

Could wormholes enable us to time travel ?

5-26-2014 | 81

If a wormhole stayed open long enough it may be possible to send messages back and forth through time.

World of the Bizarre

Morgan Freeman inhales helium in new trailer

 VIDEO  5-26-2014 | 9

The legendary actor sounded a little different in a recent promo video for 'Through The Wormhole'.

Space & Astronomy

Are black holes gateways to other universes ?

4-15-2010 | 31

A mind-bending new theory suggests that black holes are actually wormholes to alternative universes.

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