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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Pre-Roman era tomb unearthed in Pompeii

September 22, 2015 | Comment icon 3 comments

Pompeii was covered in volcanic dust and ash 2,000 years ago. Image Credit: PD - Alago
A remarkably well preserved tomb has been discovered at the site of the infamous volcanic disaster.
The ancient Roman city of Pompeii has proven to be something of a gold mine for archaeologists over the years thanks to the fact that both its buildings and its inhabitants were frozen in time by the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD which covered the entire area in thick, choking ash.

Beneath the dust however lies not only a Roman settlement but also indications that someone else might have lived in the area beforehand - most notably the Samnites - a group of tribes who fought bitterly with the Romans in the fourth century BC.
The latest discovery at the site, which was found near Pompeii's Herculaneaum Gate, is a perfectly preserved Samnite tomb that contains a wide selection of vases and amphoras which are helping researchers better understand how the Samnites lived.

"Pompeii continues to be an inexhaustible source of scientific discoveries," said superintendent Massimo Osanna. "These excavations prove that the city of Pompeii is still alive and that we must preserve it as it continues to provide us with material for research."

In addition to its archaeological significance the site of the disaster also continues to prove a popular tourist destination in Italy ( second only to the Colosseum ) with more than 2.7 million visitors a year.

Source: News.com.au | Comments (3)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by BeastieRunner 6 years ago
The French seem to be the only ones find Roman things anymore.
Comment icon #2 Posted by MJNYC 6 years ago
fantastic discovery
Comment icon #3 Posted by Immune to Bieberfever 6 years ago
So it was etruskian?

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