Sunday, December 4, 2022
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World of the Bizarre

Someone has graffitied 'aliens exist' on the Pantheon in Rome

8-1-2022 | 15

The 2,000-year-old structure was defaced by someone with an apparent interest in UFOs and aliens.

Space & Astronomy

James Webb Space Telescope hit by tiny micrometeoroid

6-9-2022 | 3

The next-generation telescope has been hit by a tiny space rock, but there's no need to be too concerned about it.

Modern Mysteries

CIA report suggests 'Havana Syndrome' is not what it seems

1-21-2022 | 26

The CIA has played down the idea that the phenomenon is due to attacks by a hostile foreign power.


Absurd conspiracy theory claims that the Roman Empire is a hoax

12-2-2021 | 25

A ludicrous new conspiracy theory doing the rounds online is claiming that the Romans never existed.

Modern Mysteries

Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theories

10-2-2021 | 5

A declassified report seems to dismiss the idea that Havana Syndrome is caused by microwave weapons.

Modern Mysteries

CIA team reports Havana Syndrome symptoms

9-23-2021 | 13

One of CIA Director Bill Burns's team members was inexplicably targeted during a recent trip to India.

Modern Mysteries

Havana syndrome hits US diplomats in Vienna

7-18-2021 | 19

Cases of unexplained illness among US diplomats are now being investigated by the authorities in Austria.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious attacks more common than realized

5-14-2021 | 3

Directed energy attacks (or 'Havana Syndrome') are far more widespread than had been previously reported.

Modern Mysteries

'Directed energy attack' hits White House staff

5-1-2021 | 22

Two cases of what has become known as 'Havana syndrome' are being investigated by federal agencies.

Science & Technology

'Dr. Strangelove Syndrome' actually exists

 VIDEO  3-29-2020 | 9

Named after the 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie, this very rare condition gives your hands a will of their own.

The UFO Phenomenon

Waipukurau UFO still a mystery 50 years on

11-2-2019 | 2

In 1969, nightwatchman John Cudby had a terrifying encounter at New Zealand's Waipukurau Aerodrome.

World of the Bizarre

Tainted drug turns babies into 'werewolves'

8-27-2019 | 20

A medical blunder has resulted in more than a dozen babies developing 'werewolf syndrome' in Spain.

Modern Mysteries

Vatican bones 'too old' to be missing girl

7-29-2019 | 18

Investigators in Rome are still struggling to determine what happened to missing teenager Emanuela Orlandi.

Modern Mysteries

Vatican mystery: bones found in hunt for girl

7-14-2019 | 18

Two sets of bones have been discovered by authorities searching for missing girl Emanuela Orlandi in Rome.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of missing girl at the Vatican deepens

7-11-2019 | 18

Officials on the hunt for the remains of a missing girl in Rome have lifted the lid on an entirely new mystery.


Exorcism course opens its doors in Rome

 VIDEO  5-10-2019 | 19

For the first time, the Roman Catholic Church is offering exorcism training to all major Christian denominations.

Space & Astronomy

Andromeda killed and ate our galactic sibling

7-23-2018 | 4

Scientists have discovered that the Milky Way once had a sibling that was consumed by our neighboring galaxy.

Modern Mysteries

$42,000 found stuffed in priest's confessional

6-11-2018 | 7

The huge sum of money had been left by an anonymous benefactor in the confessional of a church in Rome.

Science & Technology

Can a self-driving car beat a human in a race?

 VIDEO  5-16-2018 | 5

A prototype autonomous racing car recently battled it out with drifter Ryan Tuerck at the Formula E race in Rome.

Space & Astronomy

Andromeda is comparable in size to Milky Way

2-16-2018 | 2

It turns out that our closest neighboring galaxy is not the behemoth that scientists had previously thought it to be.

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