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Science & Technology

Scientists are attempting to 'grow' drones

By T.K. Randall
July 3, 2016 · Comment icon 9 comments

It may soon be possible to chemically 'grow' drones in a laboratory. Image Credit: US Air Force
New research is aiming to chemically grow unmanned aerial drones to make them quicker to produce.
In an extension of existing 3D-printing technologies, the project, which is being headed up by Professor Lee Cronin at Glasgow University and engineers from British aerospace company BAE Systems, could ultimately revolutionize the rapid construction of drones for the military.

Using something called a 'chemputer', the research aims to speed up the chemical reactions in the 3D-printing process at the molecular level to reduce development time from months to mere weeks.
The concept is still in its early stages and Professor Cronin admits that creating something as complex as a drone is going to be extremely challenging, but in the future the creation of an effective 'digital synthesis engine' may make it possible to rapidly produce just about anything.

The below concept video from BAE Systems offers a brief look at how the whole thing will work.

Source: BBC News | Comments (9)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by White Unicorn 8 years ago
Ahh, same old story, technology advances but not the mind of men who move forward because of the needs of war. 
Comment icon #2 Posted by and then 8 years ago
Sounds like the replicator on Star Trek NG.
Comment icon #3 Posted by and then 8 years ago
Exactly.  The need for one group to dominate another will come close to ending us on this planet.  
Comment icon #4 Posted by Why not 8 years ago
Wow that's great, A faster way to make killing machines.  Good job. I hope you sleep well.
Comment icon #5 Posted by lightly 8 years ago
       ya,  Power.    each and every One of us need to learn to overcome desire for Power over any other One of us. easier said than done.      As for Drones,  the thought of swarms of them is unpleasant.
Comment icon #6 Posted by and then 8 years ago
It's funny how it seems built into our DNA.  I guess that's what made Quinctius Cincinnatus so famous.  Not many people give up power once they have it.
Comment icon #7 Posted by White Unicorn 8 years ago
For those who know me, I'm an amateur translator of Old Biblical Hebrew and read various old translation by others  then find copies of the original to compare  it to the original Hebrew written. I dabbled with  an old scroll  from British museum. It was Solomon, the king of Wisdom on earth,who recorded holy names and the last day prophesy. It creeps me out about the drones, since his last day prophesy described them thousands of years ago!  I leave the Holy Names = HN out to be respectful, but this is the  prophesy of wisdom I discovered and it is very interesting when you see events re... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by universal skeptic 8 years ago
If they only could grow brains for themselves we'd be better off.
Comment icon #9 Posted by MJNYC 8 years ago
Very disturbing and wondering if anyone else thought of Battlestar Galactica?

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