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Space & Astronomy

Nearby planet Wolf 1061c may be habitable

January 20, 2017 | Comment icon 14 comments

Is there life on Wolf 1061c ? Image Credit: NASA
Astronomers believe that a planet 14 light years away may be a promising place to look for alien life.
Originally discovered by Stephen Kane from San Francisco State University, Wolf 1061c appears to be situated within its star's habitable zone - a region in which the temperature is just right for liquid water to exist on its surface.

"The Wolf 1061 system is important because it is so close and that gives other opportunities to do follow-up studies to see if it does indeed have life," said Kane.
The planet had initially seemed to be too close to its star, suggesting that it would be too hot to support life, but its orbit is now thought to be so chaotic that it is likely to experience regular cold periods that could help to make the conditions there more appealing.

"A critical component of exoplanetary studies is an exhaustive characterisation of the host star, from which the planetary properties are frequently derived," Kane and his team wrote.

"Of particular value are the radius, temperature, and luminosity, which are key stellar parameters for studies of transit and habitability science."

Source: Huffington Post | Comments (14)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Thorvir 5 years ago
OMG I almost peed laughing right now... Um, no, I'll pass on that particular ship, thanks.  At least we wouldn't need our eyes for the trip....
Comment icon #6 Posted by Thorvir 5 years ago
There, found it. (And I love that movie)
Comment icon #7 Posted by Stiff 5 years ago
"You can't leave. She won't let you."
Comment icon #8 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy 5 years ago
There were some minor design flaws in that ship.  "liberate tuteme ex inferis"
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sundew 5 years ago
Is that like planet Wolf 359 from the Outer Limits? If so, I won't be visiting.....  
Comment icon #10 Posted by khol 5 years ago
Searching for bio signitures on distant worlds with existing telescopes is telescopes on the way will greatly improve our chances! this is an interesting link    
Comment icon #11 Posted by Thorvir 5 years ago
I think the floating starship graveyard created by the Borg has been cleaned up by now...
Comment icon #12 Posted by FlyingAngel 5 years ago
When we have the needs of finding another habitable planet, we know that we're already failing the Earth. Find more planet to destroy?
Comment icon #13 Posted by Thorvir 5 years ago
/facepalm Yeah, I guess we're doomed no matter what.  You should probably go and hide then.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Sundew 5 years ago
This was the entity from Wolf 359 on the Outer Limits, a throughly nasty, anti-life creature. Even the Borg might have had a tough time....

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