Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Mystery stone structures found in Saudi Arabia

Posted on Thursday, 26 October, 2017 | Comment icon 13 comments

Several of the mysterious 'gates' can be seen in this image. Image Credit: Google Earth
Over 400 unexplained structures have been discovered in the Saudi Arabian desert using Google Earth.
Found by Australian researcher David Kennedy whose team has already identified thousands of archaeological sites in the Middle-East, these peculiar man-made edifices seem to defy explanation.

Thought to have been constructed between 2,000 and 9,000 years ago by the ancestors of the modern-day Bedouin people, the structures are only visible when viewed from high above.

"You can't see them in any intelligible way at the ground level but once you get up a few hundred feet, or with a satellite even higher, they stand out beautifully," said Kennedy.

"I refer to them as Gates because when you view them from above they look like a simple field gate lying flat, two upright posts on the sides, connected by one or more long bar."

"They don't look like structures where people would have lived nor do they look like animal traps or for disposing of dead bodies. It's a mystery as to what their purpose would have been."

Source: CTV News | Comments (13)

Tags: Saudi Arabia, Desert

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Jon101 on 21 October, 2017, 20:27
Apologies to our esteemed Seeder for the topic duplication.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Hanslune on 21 October, 2017, 20:27
You'll find similar structures in other parts of ME. The best guess is that they were for controlling or capturing large herds of gazelle and other such creatures.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats on 21 October, 2017, 21:57
It is the dread city of Irem, close enough to the Nameless City to be tainted by the eldericht horrors that lurk there.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Hanslune on 22 October, 2017, 0:57
Nah Irem is in the depth of the Empty Quarter a dozen or kilometers from where the iron meteors fell....that and the odd Italian bomber from WWII
Comment icon #8 Posted by paperdyer on 26 October, 2017, 19:59
Very interesting, but are we sure they were man made?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Jon the frog on 27 October, 2017, 17:14
That's some big structures! Moving rock to help soil tilling for agriculture and putting them in line ? I would want to see the height of these walls... ?
Comment icon #10 Posted by jmccr8 on 27 October, 2017, 17:37
Well we picked rocks every spring and in some places, there are substantialrock fences around every 1/4 section jmccr8
Comment icon #11 Posted by DieChecker on 28 October, 2017, 10:25
From what I read about this on other sources, the structures were not unknown, but simply unstudied. Very low walls of piled volcanic rocks, on a plain of volcanic rocks, isn't very tempting I guess.
Comment icon #12 Posted by fred_mc on 28 October, 2017, 17:31
There are dried out river beds in the Arabian desert called wadis. I've read that thousands of years ago, the climate was different and rivers used to flow there, especially during certain seasons of the year. Furthermore, the Book of Genesis mentionsfour rivers flowing out of the garden of Eden; Euphrates, Tigris, Pishon and Gihon. There are people who have tried to follow the deions and come to the conclusion that the river Pishon corresponds to one of the wadis. I have actually a few years agosearchedthe net a bit to see if somebody has found archaelogical remains in the Arabian desert, ... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by seeder on 13 November, 2017, 14:22

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