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Russian boy claims he used to live on Mars

By T.K. Randall
November 7, 2017 · Comment icon 144 comments

Boriska has been described by some as an 'Indigo child'. Image Credit: YouTube / Project Camelot
Boriska Kipriyanovich, who has baffled doctors for 20 years, claims he lived on Mars in his past life.
Only a few months after Boriska was born, both his parents and his doctors knew that there was something special about him.

He started to speak before he was even a year old and could read, write and draw by the age of two.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing of all about him however was his remarkable recollections of living a past life on Mars, complete with knowledge of subjects that he had never even been taught.

According to Boriska, before being reborn as a human on Earth, he lived a life on a 'war-ravaged' Mars that had been decimated by a nuclear catastrophe at some point in the distant past.
The inhabitants, he claims, who are still living there now in a network of underground caves, breath carbon dioxide rather than oxygen and are 'immortal' in that they stop ageing when they reach 35.

He also maintains that they are a technologically advanced race with interstellar travel capabilities.

Now 20, Boriska has also claimed that Earth will go through a dramatic change after the secrets of the Sphinx are 'unlocked' via a mechanism hidden behind the ancient Egyptian monument's ear.

An extensive interview with Boriska recorded in 2007 can be viewed below.

Source: Deccan Chronicle | Comments (144)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #135 Posted by joc 6 years ago
I think: Energy is the only thing that exists.  Infinite Energy, expressing itself in an infinite number of ways, on an infinite number of levels, for an infinite number of purposes...none of which I am really privy to. Life is energy...Fire is energy.  Both can be extinguished.   The energy of the Fire isn't lost.  It is found in the wind of the heat of the the smoke from the flame.   But Fire, once extinguished cannot and will not ever become Fire somewhere else.  It is here, it consumes, it  feeds, and it is gone.   Forever.  Life is no different taniwha.  The energy... [More]
Comment icon #136 Posted by taniwha 6 years ago
However a fire is not a biological phenomena just as stars are not trees. Infinite energy will behave in ways not predicted by current science and will continue to do so.  The universe is an infinitely vast space so not all things are known but that doesn't make them any less true.  It simply makes them unknown but thanks for your reply it's time to move on.
Comment icon #137 Posted by joc 6 years ago
We can move on.   I don't know that the universe is an infinitely vast space...only that it is infinite. does behave in exactly the ways predicted by current science....and it will continue to do so.
Comment icon #138 Posted by Emma_Acid 6 years ago
Well, just because you don't understand it doesn't mean no one does. Arguments from personal ignorance aren't really valid arguments. Life - because it eats, poos and procreates - redistributes the energy it receives from the sun much better than, say, a rock would. All systems are trying to reach thermal equilibrium. Life is part of that system. I genuinely don't know how else to explain it, its not a far fetched idea, but what I will say is that you, of all people, calling a simple scientific model as "ludicrous" is definite pot/kettle situation.
Comment icon #139 Posted by Emma_Acid 6 years ago
What are you talking about? I genuinely don't understand what question it is you're trying to ask, and I have a feeling you don't either.
Comment icon #140 Posted by Emma_Acid 6 years ago
It's nothing to do with what I personally believe, and this is where you fall down. The universe and the way it works should not be subject to your own personal subjective interpretation.  I go where the evidence points, I don't decide before hand what I want to see and then go looking for it.
Comment icon #141 Posted by Emma_Acid 6 years ago
Meaningless on so many levels.
Comment icon #142 Posted by jaylemurph 6 years ago
Some people can only maintain their state of perpetual credulity by a sort of militant, pro-active ignorance. For whatever reason, they think gormless wonder is itself a valuable mental state, that it somehow connects them more deeply and truly to some grade-school version of Platonic or metaphysical Truth: they're somehow wiser and better people because they're easily impressable. In reality, rather than take the trouble to learn something -- anything -- they throw out platitudinous, vague questions that can't really be answered in anything less than a 90-minute lecture or book chapter an... [More]
Comment icon #143 Posted by joc 6 years ago
Once upon a time, while driving down a busy street in  Dallas, and after consuming almost an entire mixed can of peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc, I had an acute allergic reaction...mild, not anaphylactic. My face begin to swell and my eyes as well, and they itched terribly. My doctor told me that because the can was mixed, it was impossible to tell which of the legumes had caused the allergic reaction. I think it was the almonds...but then again I just don't know.   I therefore make it a habit to avoid nuts of all kinds.
Comment icon #144 Posted by raketata 6 years ago
Someone faked his memory. There is no other life in this dimension. There is life in Zetha parallel dimension and they don't like to become humans so they will never become one.

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