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Hunt for missing flight MH370 set to resume

By T.K. Randall
January 7, 2018 · Comment icon 14 comments

What happened to flight MH370 ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Brocken Inaglory
A US-based exploration firm is set to begin hunting for the whereabouts of the missing plane's wreckage.
Exactly what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8, 2014 still remains one of the most enduring mysteries in aviation history.

Despite undertaking an extensive search covering 46,332 sq miles, costing $160 million and lasting 1,046 days, investigators from Australia, China and Malaysia ultimately failed to find the wreckage.
Now in a renewed bid to get to the bottom of the mystery, US-based exploration firm Ocean Infinity has launched a new search on a "no cure, no fee" basis, meaning that it will only receive payment if the missing plane is actually found.

The vessel 'Seabed Constructor' reportedly left the South African port of Durban on Tuesday to begin searching a region near Australian waters covering 25,000 square kilometers.

The team will have a window of opportunity of around 90 days to locate the plane's wreckage.

Source: Independent | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Jon the frog 7 years ago
Good that some people still looking. Strange that they found nothing in the search zone after the past searches... at least some bits of the plane.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Gary Meadows 7 years ago
If it was still *here*, it would have been found.   If you know what I'm sayin'.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Codenwarra 7 years ago
Bits of the plane have washed up in the western Indian Ocean
Comment icon #8 Posted by Jon the frog 7 years ago
Yeah but it's far away of the search zone... they don't find any on it and it's quite strange...If nothing was found i would say that the plane have remained intact and it's why it's so hard to find bits...  But they have found bit that far, the plane is certainly in many pieces because the bits are from different parts of the plane debunking that he sunk more or less intact... 
Comment icon #9 Posted by kartikg 7 years ago
Comment icon #10 Posted by Jon the frog 7 years ago
Crossing finger that they will find something... and not something shredded and putted in place to save face.
Comment icon #11 Posted by I'mConvinced 7 years ago
How can you look for a plane that was abducted by aliens? 
Comment icon #12 Posted by Jon the frog 7 years ago
Taking parts, putting them down on purpose to make a good story while 'f'inding'' them... or doing that to shot down conspiracy stuff.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Jon the frog 7 years ago
They have enough time for forgery you know... they searched in an area for so long and found nothing. Yeah it's a needle in a hay stack but to save face... i think they can do a ''miracle'' and stop the inquiry, lawsuit, etc by founding what they need to find, whatever if it's the plane or a forgery.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Jon the frog 7 years ago
Paranoia maybe but i just said a possibility. If the plane is elsewhere and their search zone was flawed from the beginning it would be an incredible embarrassment for the family involved and also for all the time and money spent at the wrong place.  I would be pleased that the story end with a true finding  but with so much time in evaluation of the data and searching done, i have some doubt.  If they want to put an end to the story to save face, it will be with the help of a lot of guys who probably have access to the maintenance record and information from Boeing.

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