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Fisherman claims to have seen MH370 crash

By T.K. Randall
January 17, 2019 · Comment icon 21 comments

Does an Indonesian fisherman hold the key to solving the mystery ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 byeangel
A man whose crew allegedly witnessed the plane going down has provided investigators with the co-ordinates.
Exactly what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 after it took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8, 2014 still remains one of the most enduring mysteries in aviation history.

Despite undertaking an extensive search covering 46,332 sq miles, costing $160 million and lasting 1,046 days, investigators from Australia, China and Malaysia ultimately failed to find the wreckage.

Now though, five years after the ill-fated flight, Indonesian fisherman Rusli Khusmin has suddenly come forward with the claim that he and his crew actually witnessed MH370 crashing in to the sea.
"I saw the plane moving from left to right like a broken kite," he said during a press conference. "There was no noise, just black smoke as a result of fires before it crashed into the water."

Khusmin had no explanation for why he had waited five years to talk about the incident, however he has provided authorities with data containing evidence of his claim and the co-ordinates of the site.

Whether this information will genuinely help to solve the mystery however remains to be seen.

Source: New Zealand Herald | Comments (21)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by Gecks 5 years ago
Even if he did, he probably wouldn't have been taken seriously. The experts thought they had the crash area identified off Western Australia prompting them to spend so much money searching for it. Unless they missed it, atleast we know its not there I suppose. Only the rest of the world to go.....
Comment icon #13 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
It's mind boggling the number of bogus "leads" that came out of this incident. And this toys with people's emotions. Very sad. I'd scan that area that he claims the craft is in, and if it's not there, throw the damn book at him.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Myles 5 years ago
Either he is lying or he is an as$hole.  
Comment icon #15 Posted by Skulduggery 5 years ago
It could be possible. Although it raises more mysteries. Maybe the dude was involved in something illegal and didn't want to come forward until it seemed relatively safe? Maybe. But, still, it seems odd. Wasn't there another supposed witness who claimed to see it go down in flames somewhere around Vietnam or something odd? Or is my memory skewed?
Comment icon #16 Posted by Princess Serenity 5 years ago
Probably both.  Skud: How recent was that claim?
Comment icon #17 Posted by susieice 5 years ago
No. Some people did make that claim.    I guess it's possible some stuff floated for awhile, but still. Nothing was found when they flew over the area. There were all kinds of satellite pictures released at the time.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
No, your memory is Ok. There was a British woman who was sailing alone and claimed she saw a plane in flames coming down into the ocean. Weeks later when she reached shore, she learned of MH370 and reported her sighting to officials.  It is a little fishy to me. Doesn't she have a radio for emergency situations and could she not notify the officials of her GPS location when it happened? Anyway I think that was all a deliberate misdirection in a long line of misdirections by investigators. Yes. Just think,  if it was not for all the bogus stories, there'd be no stories at all in the medi... [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by ChrLzs 5 years ago
I was going to like this, but, well, like.... you said 'like'. Like OMG, duude.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Eldorado 5 years ago
In the news..... "MH370: New underwater sound wave analysis suggests alternative travel route and new impact locations." "Motivated by a desire to help find Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which is believed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean in March 2014, we proposed a way of working out where objects hit the surface of the ocean using underwater acoustic waves. Unfortunately this didn’t lead to finding the plane. However, our research into these waves has moved on since we first proposed the idea in 2017, and we have now been able to identify two locations where the aeroplane c... [More]
Comment icon #21 Posted by Emma_Acid 5 years ago
The whole thing sounds like bait.

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