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Earth could be under 'galactic quarantine'

By T.K. Randall
March 25, 2019 · Comment icon 176 comments

Why have we yet to encounter extraterrestrials ? Image Credit: CC0 Pixabay
An international group of scientists met in Paris last week to discuss why we have yet to encounter alien life.
The question of whether we are alone in the universe remains one of the biggest philosophical conundrums of our time. While it seems almost inconceivable that our civilization is alone in the cosmos, the fact still remains that we have yet to see any evidence to the contrary.

The Fermi paradox, which highlights the contradiction between the likely existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the fact that we have still never encountered any, seems to suggest that either there are no aliens out there, or they are so rare that it is unlikely we would ever come across them.

But what if there was another explanation ?

At a recent meeting of METI (Messaging Extraterrestial Intelligence) in Paris, a diverse group of scientists debated the possible reasons why we have yet to encounter extraterrestrial life.

The discussion focused heavily on what is known as 'The Great Silence' - a concept that centers around the idea that ET knows we are here but chooses not to make contact.
"Perhaps extraterrestrials are watching humans on Earth, much as we watch animals in a zoo," said METI president Douglas Vakoch. "How can we get the galactic zookeepers to reveal themselves?"

Taking this idea one step further - what if the Earth itself is literally under quarantine ?

"It seems likely that extraterrestrials are imposing a 'galactic quarantine' because they realize it would be culturally disruptive for us to learn about them," said workshop co-chair Jean-Pierre Rospars.

On the subject of extraterrestrial intelligence in general he added:

"Cognitive evolution on Earth shows random features while also following predictable paths. By considering the regular and random components together, we can expect the repeated, independent emergence of intelligent species in the universe, and we should expect to see more or less similar forms of intelligence everywhere, under favorable conditions."

"There's no reason to think that humans have reached the highest cognitive level possible. Higher levels might evolve on Earth in the future and already be reached elsewhere."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #167 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
Right!  That was my point, microbial life has been found.  That article is a fluff piece with no basis in real science.
Comment icon #168 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
Please post a link to microbrial life being found. I've never heard of that.
Comment icon #169 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
https://www.*** blocked ***/news/science/1114822/life-on-mars-meteorite-alien-space-news-bacteria-found   Whether the bacteria is a live or fossilized, it is still evidence of life.   As for your other comments about what people said in the 50's, what does that have to do with this thread?  Do you think people are chosen as messengers or guinea pigs, and by whom would they be chosen?
Comment icon #170 Posted by Myles 5 years ago
I think he was mostly referring to how stories morphed from decade to decade.   Today, fictional shows like Ancient Aliens  are swaying gullible people into believing different stories.   Like that they came and showed Columbians modern day airplanes.   When the fact is that the "airplane" pendant looks just like a flying fish that are abundant off the coast.
Comment icon #171 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
That is the meteorite I was referring to. It turned out NOT to be a fossil. I hope I am your link because the link was blocked.  
Comment icon #172 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
@stereologist the link I posted was an article from April of 2019, not 1996.  It is from the Daily Express  
Comment icon #173 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
Thanks. I see the link under the Sun and express.  The article I see under *** blocked *** suggests this is similar to the findings from the 1996 find I linked to that were decided not to be fossils. The same could  be true here.
Comment icon #174 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
I think that is because the website I copied the link from does not want people copying the link.
Comment icon #175 Posted by stereologist 5 years ago
Or this site blocks links to those places. Thanks Desertrat56. I tracked the meteorite number to the wikipedia and then to the following link. I couldn't continue as my present location heavily restricts what I can view.
Comment icon #176 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
Thanks for the link.  I work from home so I can use my personal computer to look up anything.  I never browse on my work computer unless it is for work.  And I understand the restrictions for some locations.

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