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Footage of last known thylacine is colorized

By T.K. Randall
August 9, 2019 · Comment icon 31 comments

When Benjamin died, his species died with him. Image Credit: Archives Office of Tasmania
A fascinating video has emerged showing colorized footage of the last known Tasmanian tiger.
The animal, which was known as Benjamin, was trapped in the Florentine Valley in 1933 before being sent to Hobart Zoo where it lived in captivity for three years.

It died on September 7th, 1936 as the last confirmed member of its species.

Famous footage of Benjamin, which shows the animal yawning and walking around its enclosure, was captured by naturalist David Fleay.

The colorized version was reportedly created using a software program called DeOldify.

The color footage is perhaps the closest we may ever get to seeing a live thylacine in the flesh.

Source: YouTube | Comments (31)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #22 Posted by Unfortunately 5 years ago
The thylacine had distinct black stripes on its back and flanks that led to the whole 'tiger' outlook I believe. I'm not sure about its genealogy in regards to dogs.  Edit: Here's a better picture of the stripes.
Comment icon #23 Posted by openozy 5 years ago
Closer to a carnivorous roo.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Piney 5 years ago
None whatsoever.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 5 years ago
Yes, and I think too, that if said tract of land has been explored once or twice that people mistakenly think that it proves of the non existence of some creature that was not seen. How silly. How often do explorers not see the snow leopard in their tour? Woodsmen in central US and in the Carolinas hardly ever see the panther but enough have over the years to conclude that it does exist, and the panther is not the most elusive of animals
Comment icon #26 Posted by oldrover 5 years ago
I agree, with the current research available on the thylacine's life appearance they went with that colour.  Edit: actually looks like they didn't, this seems to be the result of that colourising programme which picks the colour for you. 
Comment icon #27 Posted by Golden Duck 5 years ago
Tiger Shark
Comment icon #28 Posted by Captain Risky 5 years ago
Yes i get it but they don't call it a tiger marsupial or Tiger dog. Having stripes is sorta appropriating. poor tiger.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Golden Duck 5 years ago
A real Tasmanian Tiger
Comment icon #30 Posted by Captain Risky 5 years ago
I have a property in Hobart and I intend to retire there at some point. Wondering how long i’ll have to wait before my neck starts to sprout another me.
Comment icon #31 Posted by Cryptid_Control 5 years ago
Truly beautiful creatures, and the original reason I joined this forum.

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