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Terrified parents see 'ghosts' on baby monitors

By T.K. Randall
August 16, 2019 · Comment icon 24 comments

What is to blame for baby cam ghost sightings ? Image Credit: YouTube / WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7
The last thing a new parent wants to see on their baby monitor is a ghostly figure watching their child.
Baby monitors capable of providing a live video link to a sleeping child's room have been available for years, but as this technology becomes more affordable and widespread, the potential for false alarms increases - as does the number of cases involving alleged paranormal disturbances.

One such case was reported by Brooklyn resident Adrianne Wright and her husband who had been at home one evening when their Nest cam alerted them to motion within their baby's room.

"I looked at the camera and noticed the closet door was open," Adrianne said.

After establishing that her husband hadn't opened the door, she was left decidely spooked.
"I went to [the baby's] room and looked at her and she was fine," she said. "I sat in there watching her for an hour. I could not go to sleep that night."

Such experiences, which can include strange sounds, visual anomalies and objects moving around, are nothing new, but are such incidents genuinely paranormal or is something else going on ?

According to Lawrence Balter, professor emeritus of applied psychology at New York University, much of this may be to do with the natural nervousness a new parent might feel about protecting their child.

"If you weren't nervous you probably wouldn't make that interpretation," he said. "You'd say it's probably some sort of technological glitch. But if you're nervous and worried about your newborn's well-being, you might jump to a conclusion that's less than logical."

You can read more about the video below, which shows an example of an alleged 'ghost' captured on a baby monitor in Michigan, by clicking here.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by SecretSanta 5 years ago
I got the same thing as Timothy. I don’t think I’ve read many things on website. 
Comment icon #16 Posted by Eldorado 5 years ago
Dauly Mail UK: Same report at MSN: At "Singular Fortean":
Comment icon #17 Posted by Timothy 5 years ago
Maybe region blocked? I’m in Australia and don’t generally use a VPN.  Sad days.  Or, the dark lord is keeping this pertinent information from me!!!!!!
Comment icon #18 Posted by Impedancer 5 years ago
It's either Gremlins or Putin...
Comment icon #19 Posted by Timothy 5 years ago
Bloody Putin. My ex thought it would be funny to send me photos of me aged with that age app. So Putin is probably creating deepfakes of me as we speak to incriminate me in some future Russian crime. Lol! Hope he enjoys a couple of my profile pictures. 
Comment icon #20 Posted by kobolds 5 years ago
I don't get it, what so scary , where the ghost
Comment icon #21 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
It looks like  a double exposure, I don't know how digital works with that kind of thing though.  Is it digital or tape?
Comment icon #22 Posted by papageorge1 5 years ago
All of these baby monitors are digital or they could not send real time notification to the parents. Double-exposure doesn’t just happen digitally unless there was intentional fraud.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Coil 5 years ago
It is even good that ordinary people do not see ghosts and creatures of other levels, otherwise it would create big problems for humanity. To spiritual people they pose great obstacles. If someone will rise spiritually, then the hostile creatures of other worlds will try to overturn you.And no amulets, garlic or the help of a priest will help you. But if you remain an ordinary person, you will not be interested. Ordinary ghosts can not harm us in any way because the physical body is a powerful armor against such creatures but these creatures can easily see you in the room and you won’t see a... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 5 years ago

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