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Oklahoma woman shot by spooked dog in truck

By T.K. Randall
October 6, 2019 · Comment icon 19 comments

The oblivious canine had leapt on to the back seat. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia / Elf / Djmirko
The victim was taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon after a puppy inadvertently fired a loaded gun at her.
44-year-old Tina Springer had been sitting in the passenger seat of a truck driven by 79-year-old Brent Parks when the pair stopped to wait at a railway crossing for a passing train.

Spooked by the locomotive, Parks' dog - a young yellow Labrador Retriever - bounded on to the back seat of the truck and inadvertently caused a loaded handgun in the console to discharge.
The bullet hit Springer in the thigh, leaving her in urgent need of medical attention.

It is believed that cloth from the seat covers may have become lodged in the gun's trigger well, thus making it easier for the weapon to be accidentally discharged when the dog jumped up.

An investigation into the exact circumstances surrounding the incident is still ongoing.

Source: Fox News | Comments (19)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 5 years ago
Sheesh, I knew the Second Amendment was about arming bears, but dogs as well?
Comment icon #11 Posted by It's Just An Opinion 5 years ago
 I think he "is" stupid, as in present tense, not "was" He shouldn't need to be taught on how to handle guns, he's a 14 year old living in modern society. He should've known better as in; had the common sense to not make that sort of mistake, Yes, ai'm aware that all people make mistakes, but my point here is that ~That is the kind of mistake that stupid people make. I do wish him the best of luck- (not really that's just some conformative formality type of talk.) -I just hope he's never near me, cause he might do something stupid that might end up killing both of us. Intelligence is so... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by aztek 5 years ago
it happens from time to time, iirc few years back a hunter in his boat was shot, when a dog stepped on a shotgun's trigger
Comment icon #13 Posted by It's Just An Opinion 5 years ago
For home safety, perhaps you could have picked up the habit of carrying a small one with you at all times. and i mean ~all times. straped while you're sleeping, on the floor next to the bathtub ect. (and I say strapped while you sleep because you did mention that he was a hellion brat) so who know he might have snuck into the room and taken it. but if you got rid of them, that was probably for the best, so good for you. Better safe than sorry. Can never be too safe around kids, or the crazy, or the mentally disabled. There's no knowing what they'll do, by incident or not. 
Comment icon #14 Posted by It's Just An Opinion 5 years ago
he protect, he atac, but most importantly he shoot your back.  DANGER DOGGO.   X'D HAHAAHAH
Comment icon #15 Posted by It's Just An Opinion 5 years ago
btw desert, I'm actually ~trying to be rude. (I do think her 14year old is stupid) but I would never actually use the kind of wording I did  to express that, The reason I did here is because I was trying to be rude for the sake of humor. So I'm sorry if I offended you or maybe her, or her nephew, I never speak that rudely to people in person (not that i speak to people ever) but yeh, in person Id be way more shallow despite being just as blunt (can i use shallow like that? is that a right way to use shallow? IDK but it feels right with the sentence here)  
Comment icon #16 Posted by Desertrat56 5 years ago
Well, I did say he was being stupid.  Even watching a grown up play quick draw with a loaded gun should have been enough for him to think about the consequences but it didn't.  Kids do what they see the adults around them doing.
Comment icon #17 Posted by freetoroam 5 years ago
Someone who should not be allowed to own a gun, or a car. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by freetoroam 5 years ago
As for this rather stupid woman who got shot,  My sympathy
Comment icon #19 Posted by Impedancer 5 years ago
Sneaky lab to shoot his owner it's why i prefer cats :-D

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