Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Archaeology & History

Major controversy surrounds 27,000-year-old 'pyramid' Gunung Padang

3-29-2024 | 79

A recent paper concerning the controversial site in Indonesia has been fully retracted by publishers.

Space & Astronomy

China is attempting to build a giant rail gun to fire astronauts into space

3-22-2024 | 3

Launching a rocket takes a lot of energy, but what if it were possible to fire a spacecraft into space instead?

World of the Bizarre

Giant inflatable Santa is gunned down by drive-by shooter in Kentucky

12-1-2023 | 10

An armed assailant drove past the house and fired a shot into the enormous Christmas garden decoration.

Nature & Environment

Rare Vangunu giant rat caught on camera for the first time ever

11-24-2023 | 4

Native to the Solomon Islands, the rat hadn't even been recognized as a real species until relatively recently.

Archaeology & History

Gunung Padang: 'world's oldest pyramid' dates back up to 27,000 years

11-4-2023 | 32

This enigmatic archaeological site in Indonesia has the potential to be the oldest monolithic structure on Earth.

World of the Bizarre

Police in Nebraska pull over man driving with bull in passenger seat

 VIDEO  9-1-2023 | 12

Officers couldn't believe their eyes when they spotted the vehicle cruising along with the huge bovine riding shotgun.

World of the Bizarre

Artist trains monkey to give him a permanent tattoo with a needle gun

 VIDEO  2-8-2023 | 8

South American social media influencer Funky Matas recently published a video showcasing the insane stunt.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bizarre video shows cops shooting at goblin-like 'Pombero' in Paraguay

 VIDEO  10-2-2022 | 31

The strange clip shows a police officer firing his gun at an unidentified creature that had broken into a building.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds case of man who was hit by 'ghost gunshot'

2-18-2022 | 7

The man had been walking outside when he was hit by a bullet that seemed to come out of nowhere.

World of the Bizarre

'Stress coach' makes a living by letting people punch him

 VIDEO  12-12-2021 | 1

Whatever Turkey's Hasan Riza Gunay gets paid to be a human punching bag, it's probably not enough.

Science & Technology

Robot dog equipped with a sniper rifle unveiled

10-23-2021 | 10

A robotics firm with a history of building dog-like robots has now produced one with a large gun on its back.

World of the Bizarre

Man arrested after shooting at hotel 'aliens'

9-14-2021 | 10

A man from Waco was arrested at the weekend after firing his gun at 'aliens' he had seen outside a hotel.

Science & Technology

60ft moving Gundam robot unveiled in Japan

 VIDEO  12-1-2020 | 8

Japan's Gundam Factory Yokohama complex has revealed its fully functional, life-size robot to the media.

Science & Technology

60ft Japanese Gundam robot takes first steps

 VIDEO  7-28-2020 | 14

Engineers in Japan have been working to bring this life-sized robot replica to life in spectacular fashion.


BBC film crew was held at gunpoint at Area 51

11-11-2019 | 14

Comedian Andrew Maxwell and his crew once had their own harrowing experience near the secretive facility.

World of the Bizarre

Oklahoma woman shot by spooked dog in truck

10-6-2019 | 19

The victim was taken to hospital on Thursday afternoon after a puppy inadvertently fired a loaded gun at her.

Space & Astronomy

Russia's gun-toting robot flies to the ISS

 VIDEO  8-23-2019 | 14

The humanoid contraption was the only passenger aboard a Soyuz capsule that launched on Wednesday.

Science & Technology

Russia builds drone equipped with a shotgun

 VIDEO  4-3-2019 | 7

A weaponized drone designed to intercept and shoot down enemy drones has been developed in Russia.

Science & Technology

China's hypersonic railgun 'ready by 2025'

2-1-2019 | 27

The Chinese military reportedly resumed testing of the world's most powerful naval gun earlier this month.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Man charged with firing his gun at a 'ghost'

9-9-2018 | 104

Christain Devaux reportedly pulled out his gun and fired two rounds after encountering a ghostly intruder.

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