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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Weird creature filmed by fishermen in Thailand

By T.K. Randall
October 9, 2019 · Comment icon 57 comments

What is this thing ? Image Credit: YouTube / Toothless Vlogs
This mystery animal was captured on camera next to a fishing boat and nobody seems to know what it is.
Resembling a turtle without its shell, the creature was spotted by fisherman as it glided effortlessly through the water next to their boat with its head and neck raised above the surface.

Little is actually known about the clip, which has so far racked up over 50,000 views on YouTube, so it is unclear exactly where it originated or who the men were who recorded it.

Some have speculated that it could be a new species, while others suggest that the clip is a hoax.

You can check out the video for yourself below.

Source: iHeartRadio | Comments (57)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #48 Posted by Carnoferox 5 years ago
Upon further comparison with specimens from Japan and South Africa, I'm 99.9% certain that the animal in the video is indeed a blanket octopus. I have yet to see any convincing arguments for alternate identifications.  
Comment icon #49 Posted by MrBene 5 years ago
Carnoferox got it. Good catch mate! It really looks like a blanket octopus. 
Comment icon #50 Posted by Gwynbleidd 5 years ago
Yeah once I saw it's head, my first thought was, "Woah that's a cute little faced sea lion!" With some different looking colours on his back and it's two little flippers moving in the water for buoyancy.  Initially I thought it was a duck under the water, until it stuck it's head up, that ruled that idea out.  There are so many answers in this thread, it's amazing.  It could be anything    
Comment icon #51 Posted by the13bats 5 years ago
The pic carno posted shows me the cute head was pareidolia, this is a fun one.
Comment icon #52 Posted by the13bats 5 years ago
Yep, stick a knife in it, the new pics prove it to me.
Comment icon #53 Posted by Robotic Jew 5 years ago
I've never even heard of a blanket octopus before. Very neat looking creature. I've got some googling to do!
Comment icon #54 Posted by SecretSanta 5 years ago
I see an otter face. 
Comment icon #55 Posted by NCC1701 5 years ago
It looks a little bit like the banana blossom on this picture:
Comment icon #56 Posted by the13bats 5 years ago
At first I saw a face too If you zoom in on the pic carno posted the one i asked him to way back, it's not a face.
Comment icon #57 Posted by SecretSanta 5 years ago
Oh, I know that now after reading all the replies.  But when I first saw it I thought it looked like an an otter.  Never knew blanket octopuses existed. Very interesting.

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