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British politician steps down over 'alien' claims

By T.K. Randall
November 10, 2019 · Comment icon 10 comments

It seems that believing in aliens can harm your chances of a career in politics. Image Credit: CC0 Pixabay
Jill Hughes dropped out of the election race after it came to light that she had previously claimed to be an alien.
The Brexit Party's parliamentary candidate for the Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen, Hughes had been a relative unknown until an investigation revealed some interesting facts about her.

An aspiring author, she had previously written the novel 'Spirit of Prophecy' about a psychic detective. While this wouldn't really have raised any eyebrows on its own, her Amazon biography reads:

"To this day J.J.Hughes believes in elves/fairies/mermaids/unicorns and all things Elemental and Other Worldly... She has had numerous prophetic premonitions - usually about death, which so far despite a few close shaves she has escaped. She came to believe in reincarnation in her mid-twenties when her old horse Red made a re-appearance, this time as a palomino called Hooray Henry.

She also wrote about the idea that aliens are working with world governments:

"The E.T's, some of them less than apple pie wholesome or positive pumpkins, are already here working with our world governments, but that's all hush-hush for now."
Perhaps most notably of all however, she also reportedly wrote:

"I have just come to truly realize that my purpose is to raise consciousness here on Earth - I originated from Sirius."

Ultimately it shouldn't really make any difference whether a person believes in any of these things or not, but unfortunately when it comes to politics, a belief in such ideas can be problematic.

It seemed that her party was sufficiently concerned about these revelations to ask her to stand down.

When it boils down to it though, this is arguably more of a reflection on the current state of politics and the society in which we live than it is on Hughes herself.

Source: Yorkshire Post | Comments (10)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Dumbledore the Awesome 4 years ago
While Jacob (or William) Rees-Mogg is an alien, but is still allowed to stand. How is that fair? 
Comment icon #2 Posted by RabidMongoose 4 years ago
It doesnt inspire confidence in me about our leaders when their are/were candidates who are obviously insane.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Tom1200 4 years ago
I believe I have the tremendous honour of being your 45 000th 'thumbs up'per.  Do I win a car?
Comment icon #4 Posted by LightAngel 4 years ago
  Agreed - that's why they are not my leaders! However, the really insane ones are often the ones who seem normal.    Edit: I like this quote by Aldous Huxley.        
Comment icon #5 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
"I have just come to truly realize that my purpose is to raise consciousness here on Earth - I originated from Sirius."   This is a typical 90's new age trope, what star system is your consciousness from and why are you in a human body on planet earth?  A way to be "special".
Comment icon #6 Posted by Hawken 4 years ago
It just occurred to me. If you claim to be abducted by aliens or hear voices in your head. Society says your insane. But if you're a dude claiming to be a female or vice versa. That's normal.
Comment icon #7 Posted by highdesert50 4 years ago
In politics, stupidity is not a handicap ? Napoleon Bonaparte
Comment icon #8 Posted by Essan 4 years ago
I don;t see the problem?   She appears quite as sane and well balanced as most current members of Westminster.  
Comment icon #9 Posted by ocpaul20 4 years ago
The ones who believe, they need a voice too. Someone has to save the human world and it wont be who we think it will be. Maybe she is the one? Fukushima was a wake-up call There should be many old hippies around still who can go into politics and help start a save-the-world movement.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
The "old hippies" are in their 70's and 80's.  Like Pelosi and Sanders, they are too old.  And their kids prpobably rebelled and are conservatives so I think we need some new blood, with more updated ideals.  

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