Friday, December 6, 2019
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Pentagrams painted on sheep in occult killings

Posted on Sunday, 1 December, 2019 | Comment icon 12 comments

Someone has been targeting farm animals. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 George Gastin
A spate of unsolved animal killings involving occult symbolism have been reported in the south of England.
The strangeness began on November 19th when a dead ewe was found by an unsuspecting member of the public (who has remained anonymous) on Penn Common Road in the village of Bramshaw.

Whoever was responsible for killing the animal had painted a number of occult symbols on its body including a pentagram, a star, a reverse cross and the number '666'.

"It's sickening, I was genuinely shocked to find something like that in the forest, I couldn't believe it," said the local resident who found the ewe.

"Why would somebody do this to a sheep, the poor thing. There are some strange people around."
The mystery deepened further still when three cows were also found with similar wounds and it was discovered that the culprit(s) had also painted an inverted cross and '666' on the local church.

"The attacks on the animals have left people quite disturbed and scared, particularly people who have animals in the forest," said Rev David Bacon.

A full police investigation is currently underway.

"The New Forest, like many rural areas, has a historical association with witchcraft so that draws some people and some of the local shops trade on that but it's normally more about fairies," said Tony Hockley, chairman of the Commoners Defence Association (CDA).

Source: Wales Online | Comments (12)

Tags: Occult

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Calibeliever on 2 December, 2019, 14:25
Exactly. There are also plenty out there who like to stir the pot and commit false flag attacks to try and turn the community against pagans. No one would simply discard an offering out in the open to be found like this, unless it was specifically designed to make headlines. 
Comment icon #4 Posted by Seti42 on 2 December, 2019, 17:26
Good point. And scary. I didn't even think of the 'false flag' idea. I could see that happening in many communities to demonize Pagans, Wiccans, etc. 
Comment icon #5 Posted by Calibeliever on 2 December, 2019, 17:37
Spend a little time in the South (bible belt) and you'll get to see all sorts of ways humans are willing to treat each other in the name of their 'beliefs'. 
Comment icon #6 Posted by Scholar4Truth on 2 December, 2019, 21:08
What's interesting is I was just watching  Geraldo Rivera's special on Satanic crimes.  What craziness. 
Comment icon #7 Posted by Dark_Grey on 3 December, 2019, 17:57
I've driven through the "bible belt" a few times. Everyone I met was very friendly and hospitable - whatever their beliefs are, I hope they spread.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Calibeliever on 3 December, 2019, 18:10
That's the south for you. Everyone is always very "friendly" and hospitable on the surface, especially to Yankees. Just don't cross them. Source: married to a southerner lol
Comment icon #9 Posted by Not A Rockstar on 3 December, 2019, 20:56
Good Lord I live in the South, Louisiana back roads where there is a church for about every five houses it seems like. Some folks are weird, some are totally nice, like anywhere else in the country.  These "sacrifices" aren't Pagan. It is not religion, it is mental illness. 
Comment icon #10 Posted by Calibeliever on 3 December, 2019, 21:06
No offense to my southern friends and family. The events I'm referring to specifically took place in Arkansas a few years back and affected people I know. I generalized in jest and certainly don't hold "the south" responsible, especially if I want dinner tonight. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by rashore on 3 December, 2019, 21:21
Poor sheep and cows  Even though this sort of thing has been going on for decades, I am still shocked when some person(s) decide to go off and do such a horrific thing for whatever reason(s). It’s fortunate this seems to happen fairly rarely. Usually seems to be the rare sick person/group, or some young folks really messed up into their own little clique/cult.
Comment icon #12 Posted by QuickQuickSlow on 4 December, 2019, 19:00
I saw a bright pink sheep the other day, looked really cool but I think the farmer had just overdone it on the marking paint (bit off the track sorry)

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