Thursday, October 29, 2020
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'Expedition Bigfoot' set to track down Sasquatch

Posted on Sunday, 8 December, 2019 | Comment icon 68 comments

Will the 'Expedition Bigfoot' team be successful ? Image Credit: Steve Bexter / Pexels
A new TV series will follow a team of Bigfoot hunters as they attempt to find evidence of the creature's existence.
Bigfoot hunting shows have been a dime a dozen over the last few years, however despite the number of film crews out there looking for evidence of a large bipedal hominid in the forests of North America, so far nobody has actually managed to find anything conclusive.

Expedition Bigfoot, which will premiere tonight (Dec 8th) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Travel Channel, is aiming to change all that by using state-of-the-art equipment and powerful data algorithms to calculate exactly when and where these elusive creatures are most likely to be seen.

The first episode will focus on a 90,000-acre 'hot zone' around Ochoco National Forest in Central Oregon - a state where there have traditionally been a large number of sightings.
The team will consist of actor and producer Bryce Johnson, veteran primatologist Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot researchers Ronny LeBlanc and Russell Acord.

Whether they will actually find any definitive evidence of the creature however remains to be seen.

You can check out an interview with Mayor and LeBlanc below.

Source: Live Science | Comments (68)

Tags: Bigfoot

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #59 Posted by Crikey on 21 January, 2020, 21:34
Still on the subject of how to see what our eyes can't see, you probably already know this experiment, but pick up your TV remote and hold down any button and look at the small bulb in the end, and it looks as if the bulb is off. Now pick up any small digicam or camera phone etc and look through the viewfinder at the light and you'll see it flickering away! Here's a pic of my remote which I took through the viewfinder, the light is purple, but to my naked eye it was invisible. The moral is that if we're hunting UFO's or ghosts etc, it might be worthwhile to pan around while looking through our... [More]
Comment icon #60 Posted by stereologist on 22 January, 2020, 13:28
The notion of using eDNA to search for BF is not new. Here is a report from 2013 in which Meldrum collected material from a so-called nesting site. There was crowd sourcing to fund this eDNA testing. There is money. There are samples. Where is the result? Nothing as of 2019. My guess is that this is another case of no positive results. There was sample collection. There was cash and then deafening silence.
Comment icon #61 Posted by STAR LORD on 22 January, 2020, 14:12
 No fossil record, no bones, no dna, no nothing.. Just bad footage, bad audio, eye witness blah blah. It does appear to be real but only to sell t-shirts and beer. However hmmm lol    
Comment icon #62 Posted by Socio on 6 February, 2020, 12:16
8 episodes over a three week camping trip in the middle of no where using analytics to determine the most likely places to find a Bigfoot based on the number of past sighting and time of year they took place, which is more than most other shows have done. I enjoyed the show hopefully it gets renewed for a second season, I have to wonder though if they are camping in tents for three weeks how to they manage to keep so clean, after a week in the woods I am pretty damn grungy, I think the tent are props and they have some nice campers with showers etc... near by.  
Comment icon #63 Posted by Myles on 6 February, 2020, 13:36
I agree.   
Comment icon #64 Posted by stereologist on 6 February, 2020, 14:12
Having done a number of extended trips in the wild I can tell you it is not hard to stay clean. Not having seen the show I can make a number of suggestions as to how this is done. There is a large support staff that does nothing but handle laundry and provides hot water for showers. The staff do all of the cooking. The notion that they are in the middle of nowhere is probably an illusion. They could be in a spot just off of a road. They could be using helicopters to ferry goods in and out. They might be staying in a town or renting a ski condo and driving out to their site each day. If you eve... [More]
Comment icon #65 Posted by Candor on 7 February, 2020, 1:47
I haven't seen the show either but I can just imagine what it is like. I never hunted bigfoot (  ) but I hunt deer and moose here in Canada. There's one give away to show how fake most shows are. Just listen and you will realize how noisy "the hunters" are... try deer hunting that way and get back to me as to how many deer you get. They would be lucky to see a rabbit the way they are interacting/travelling through the woods and btw bears are no danger to those people either. Bears are dangerous when with cubs or when you sneak up on them so... the hunters are safe.   
Comment icon #66 Posted by ~Onyx~ on 9 February, 2020, 16:33
Ol Footy is gonna be REALLY torqued-off when they finally find him, and he discovers how much money he's been screwed out of in proprietary rights alone over the decades, lol.   Said it before, and I'll say it again, two words.......Yeti Crab.   We can find THAT by accident in an environment that spans roughly 75% OF THE PLANET, but can't seem to properly find, document, and demonstrably prove the existence of an alleged 6-7' tall, 400-500lbs, upright walking (alleged) ape-like creature most usually purported to be seen in the Pacific Northwest?   If your retort is "give it time", then I'm mor... [More]
Comment icon #67 Posted by Resume on 9 February, 2020, 18:56
I think we should spread the rumor that footie tastes like possum; then we'll get Jed and every other cracker* up the holler out lookin' for it.   *ETA: All respect due to Jed and the crackers.
Comment icon #68 Posted by ocpaul20 on 22 February, 2020, 1:38
In the last episode(8) they found a couple of what they thought were cinnebar mines. This mineral is very toxic to humans, and so they all gather around the entrance with only a passing comment on the lead-in path and any evidence to be found there. OK, so they stay safe, they get an expensive drone to go inside which develops electrical faults with the communications(unsurprisingly) deep within the mine. To me, the mines look very used and even have a huge wood support at one entrance which I doubt Bigfoot would have erected. If I were them, I would be careful what lives in there 'cos its pro... [More]

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