Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Strange creature washes up on Mexico beach

Posted on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 | Comment icon 32 comments

What is this thing ? Image Credit: Facebook / Documental Nayarit
This strange eyeless sea beast is rumored to have come from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.
Discovered by locals on Destiladeras Beach along Mexico's Pacific coastline, this mysterious creature has some seriously sharp teeth and looks a little bit like a dolphin, yet seems to have no eyes at all nor any other discernible features such as fins or flippers along its grey, serpent-like body.

According to reports, the people who found it initially mistook it for a dolphin but quickly changed their minds after getting a closer look at it.

None of the local fishermen who came to examine the carcass could identify what it was either.

Some have speculated that it could have come from a particularly deep part of the ocean off the coast of Puerto Vallarta that descends to a depth of over 1,000 meters.
If this is true, the darkness at such a depth might explain its apparent lack of eyes.

Some Internet users meanwhile have suggested that the image could be a fake and may simply be a dead dolphin with the eyes and other features removed using photo editing software.

Whatever the case, it's certainly an unusual image.

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Tags: Cryptid, Pacific

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #23 Posted by Ultimatium on 17 February, 2020, 2:28
Sorry, but it doesn't look like it was made in photoshop, as in not even the slightest bit. It looks more like a washed up moray eel.
Comment icon #24 Posted by ChrLzs on 17 February, 2020, 4:29
From a pic in the first link, I've put an arrow pointing to where the moray eel's eye would be: It looks like the sockets are shrunken and at an angle where they are not easily seen - the skin and eye socket has probably shrunk back as it has decayed. Looks exactly like a moray to me.
Comment icon #25 Posted by TomO' on 17 February, 2020, 4:46
All those that said it's a moray eel are correct. And Chrlzs is correct about where the eel's eyes would have been before decaying. There are almost 200 species of moray eels, but the ones (pictures) I've seen have their eyes located right where Chrlzs has the arrow pointing. Here's a link to a picture of one that still has its eyes:
Comment icon #26 Posted by Golden Duck on 17 February, 2020, 5:01
Cue Dean Martin
Comment icon #27 Posted by Hammerclaw on 18 February, 2020, 5:27
An aborted fetus of some species of odontocete, possibly an Orca.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Carnoferox on 18 February, 2020, 5:51
It's pretty clearly a moray eel as has already been established.
Comment icon #29 Posted by cookemeister on 18 February, 2020, 12:24
of no relevance but they almost align  
Comment icon #30 Posted by Robotic Jew on 18 February, 2020, 15:00
It's clearly a banana. 
Comment icon #31 Posted by Varelse on 20 February, 2020, 2:56
creatures like eels and whales will get very gassy and bloat as they decompose-some actually explode.  
Comment icon #32 Posted by Amanda Evans on 22 February, 2020, 22:43
Whatever it is, it's really freaking me out...

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