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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Haunted dolls and cryptids greet visitors at haunted NC museum

 VIDEO  11-23-2023 | 1

Stephen Barcelo's Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum in Littleton has long offered up a wealth of inexplicable enigmas.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Yowie researcher believes wild boar was 'torn in half' by Bigfoot-like cryptid

11-7-2023 | 45

Evidence of a large creature in a remote part of Queensland, Australia has sparked some heated debate online.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

DNA analysis conducted on 'Yeti' hair found during trip to Himalayas

11-5-2023 | 14

Andrew Benfield and Richard Horsey had traveled through the region looking for evidence of the legendary cryptid.

World of the Bizarre

Intoxicated woman calls police to report 'Chupacabra' in Michigan

 VIDEO  2-4-2023 | 8

The woman, who hails from Midland County, believed that the elusive cryptid was skulking around outside her home.

Science & Technology

3D-printed shoe 'Cryptide' leaves behind Bigfoot tracks

 VIDEO  9-11-2022 | 1

A German designer has developed a rather unusual shoe that can be put together using 3D-printed parts.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery 6ft creature spotted on rural road in England

2-24-2022 | 21

A witness who had been driving home in the early hours of Sunday morning encountered something very unusual.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Creature' caught on camera during camping trip

 VIDEO  11-9-2021 | 14

A woman who had been camping in England last summer managed to capture this eerie photograph in the middle of the night.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Two 'ape creature' photos surface in Brazil

3-6-2021 | 23

The photographs show alleged ape-like creatures rumored to be skulking around Brazil's Itaparica Island.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Bigfoot documentary heads to New York

 VIDEO  2-5-2021 | 3

Seth Breedlove and the 'On the Trail' team are returning with another investigation into the elusive cryptid.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bill aims to establish 'Bigfoot hunting season'

1-22-2021 | 56

An Oklahoma lawmaker is hoping to establish an official hunting season in the state for the enigmatic cryptid.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Witness recounts 'winged creature' encounter

1-18-2021 | 13

Three people had been driving in northeastern Illinois when they saw a flying creature with 'human proportions'.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Strange creatures filmed in Argentina and Brazil

10-24-2020 | 32

Two videos have recently emerged showing unidentified creatures lurking around in the darkness.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Japan's Bigfoot mystery endures 50 years on

8-13-2020 | 4

Japan's answer to the legendary cryptid was first sighted during a mountain drive one night 50 years ago.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Strange creature washes up on Mexico beach

2-15-2020 | 32

This strange eyeless sea beast is rumored to have come from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Thylacine traffic warning sign raises eyebrows

12-21-2019 | 7

Police in Australia are on the look out for whoever put up a sign warning people about the legendary cryptid.


Cave painting depicts world's oldest cryptid

 VIDEO  12-13-2019 | 17

A cave painting dating back 44,000 years shows the earliest known depiction of a supernatural creature.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bigfoot evidence discovered in Vicksburg

 VIDEO  9-2-2014 | 20

Two men witnessed evidence of the infamous cryptid at separate times in the same location.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Dozens of Yeti hair samples DNA tested

7-2-2014 | 182

Scientists have been analyzing samples of hair that are said to have originated from the elusive cryptid.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Recognition and respect for cryptobiologists

6-23-2011 | 30

A shout out to the Bigfoot hunters and other researchers who dedicate their lives to finding cryptids.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Team return from death worm expedition

9-2-2009 | 15

Journalist David Farrier has returned from an expedition with camerman Christie Douglas to Mongolia in which they aimed ...

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