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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Turkey Mountain 'Bigfoot' caught on camera

By T.K. Randall
March 31, 2020 · Comment icon 26 comments

Is this Bigfoot or someone in a costume ? Image Credit: Facebook / Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area
Visitors to the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area have been reporting sightings of a strange creature.
In a post on the region's official Facebook page, officials noted that they had received a number of reports from visitors who had described seeing a Bigfoot-like creature in the area.

"Over the weekend, we received dozens of calls and messages reporting a 'sighting' at Turkey," the post reads. "While we investigate the matter, this seems like a good time for us to remind you that social distancing of 6ft is required when at Turkey Mountain."

The wilderness, which cover a 300-acre area of undeveloped land in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has proven a popular destination for those looking to take a break from the monotony of isolating at home.

Images of the 'Bigfoot' show a light-brown bipedal ape partially obscured by bushes and trees, however it remains impossible to discount the possibility that it is simply someone in a costume.
You can check out some additional photographs below.

Is this a real Bigfoot or is it someone pulling a prank ? You decide.

Update: The mystery has been solved - here.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by DieChecker 3 years ago
It looks very much to me like someone in a camouflage outfit, very like a gillisuit. It's either a very stupid thing to do, or an extremely iffy way of suicide. I wonder if someone did shoot a BF hoaxer, if it counts as homicide, or manslaughter?
Comment icon #18 Posted by Myles 3 years ago
I assume it would be homicide. You cannot shoot something that you aren't certain what it is. I'm not certain that you can shoot any living thing for the hell of it. If it is threatening you of course, but if there was an mammoth on my property in Indiana, am I OK to shoot it?
Comment icon #19 Posted by tortugabob 3 years ago
Surprise ...surprise. All of these sightings are fake because bigfoot doesn't exist.
Comment icon #20 Posted by drakonwick 3 years ago
The most interesting Bigfoot sighting I've ever seen is the Patterson-Gimlin footage recorded back in 1967 and it's still debatable!
Comment icon #21 Posted by hatecraft 3 years ago
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Comment icon #22 Posted by tortugabob 2 years ago
Lucky he didn't a cap busted in his a$$. They don't put up with crap like this in OK.
Comment icon #23 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Wow, those are as bad as Ivan Marx stuff from the 70s, i could take as good bigfoot pics in my yard with tina wearing my 40.00 halloween gorilla suit.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 2 years ago
It's called "free advertising" for the Turkey Mountain Tourist Bureau
Comment icon #25 Posted by Harte 2 years ago
Comment icon #26 Posted by Phantom309 1 year ago
You would think if somebody was really intent on creatinga hoax, they would at least putsome level of effort into it....just a wee bit maybe?

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