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Cheap Ouija boards removed from sale in UK

By T.K. Randall
October 17, 2020 · Comment icon 66 comments

Should shops sell cheap Ouija boards ? Image Credit: YouTube / ImJayStation
A budget retailer in Northern Ireland has come under fire for selling inexpensive Ouija boards to young shoppers.
A staple of horror movies, paranormal investigations and mediumship sessions for over a century, the Ouija board is normally operated by having participants place a finger on a planchette which then moves between the printed letters and words to spell out a message from beyond the grave.

The sale of these infamous spirit boards is typically frowned upon in most shops, which is why eyebrows were raised recently when British budget retail chain Poundland started selling them for a single pound as part of their Halloween range aimed at young shoppers.

So great was the outcry over the availability of these budget boards that the store quickly moved to protect its reputation by removing them from sale.

"We had a message from the spirits to make the handful that were left vanish," said a spokesperson.

The move has since been praised by critics.
"The young person doesn't control the board, the board controls them and that is frightening in every sense of the word," said Free Presbyterian minister Rev David McIlveen.

"I think they are an introduction to a world that is very satanic and takes control of a person's mind, and once the mind is taken control of then it takes control of actions as well."

DUP MP Gregory Campbell also welcomed the move.

"Any responsible retailer has an obligation to look at the product they have for sale, especially if they believe young people might see something that would be attractive to them and could possibly be used to bring upon them an influence to dabble in other material that would be unsafe for them," he said.

Whether Poundland's decision will impact the sale of Ouija board's elsewhere however remains unclear.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #57 Posted by Sir JGP 4 years ago
I have been using a Ouija board for 15 years and had no problems at all, I understand people not wanting their young children to buy one but Quija boards are not the evil tool people and hollywood claim them to be.
Comment icon #58 Posted by Seti42 4 years ago
Nah, if you're going to claim a board game attracts evil spirits, the award has to go to Monopoly. Look at what that game does to people, FFS.
Comment icon #59 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 4 years ago
Prove it. That argument works both ways you know.
Comment icon #60 Posted by XenoFish 4 years ago
Pony up your counter argument then. 
Comment icon #61 Posted by Mr Walker 4 years ago
Do they sell gel blasters?  (just been classified as firearms here, and banned for sale or ownership without a firearm's licence)  There are lot more harmful things a person could be doing (and many people are doing)  than using a ouija board. 
Comment icon #62 Posted by Mr Walker 4 years ago
Been banned from south australian schools for over a decade   (admittedly mostly because of the conflicts and fights they cause in young people.) 
Comment icon #63 Posted by jmccr8 4 years ago
Hi Seti I know these games involve spirits. To be honest I don't really need a game board to entice the spirts. jmccr8
Comment icon #64 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 4 years ago
Nah. You first. 
Comment icon #65 Posted by Cookie Monster 4 years ago
We have a free market here, why should one group make these boards illegal for others?
Comment icon #66 Posted by rashore 4 years ago
It wasn't made illegal. Some people complained about it. So Poundland stopped selling the product at a few of their stores where people were complaining most. They are still selling it in stores where people aren't complaining about it. 

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