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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Space & Astronomy

The universe is like a giant human brain

November 18, 2020 | Comment icon 23 comments

Could the universe itself be conscious ? Image Credit: NASA/ESA/ESO
A new study has noted the striking structural similarities between the universe and the brain inside our heads.
According to two researchers - an astrophysicist and neurosurgeon from the Universities of Bologna and Verona - while it is obvious that the scale is different when comparing the universe to the human brain, there are actually striking similarities between the two.

The universe is made up of galaxies, while the brain is made up of neuronal cells. In both cases, there are many tens of billions of each and they are connected together by long filaments and nodes to form a vast, complex web or network.

In addition, these threads make up only around 30% of the mass in each case - with the other 70% being made up of water in the brain and dark energy in the cosmos.

"We calculated the spectral density of both systems," said astrophysicist Franco Vazza from the University of Bologna. "This is a technique often employed in cosmology for studying the spatial distribution of galaxies."
"Our analysis showed that the distribution of the fluctuation within the cerebellum neuronal network on a scale from 1 micrometer to 0.1 millimeters follows the same progression of the distribution of matter in the cosmic web but, of course, on a larger scale that goes from 5 million to 500 million light-years."

So if the universe really does have a similar structure to the human brain, could that tell us something about the nature of consciousness ? Could the universe itself be conscious in some way ?

"Probably, the connectivity within the two networks evolves following similar physical principles, despite the striking and obvious difference between the physical powers regulating galaxies and neurons," said study co-author and neurosurgeon Alberto Feletti.

Source: Independent | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Twin 1 year ago
I hope our guy doesn't do acid.
Comment icon #15 Posted by fred_mc 1 year ago
It doesn't seem like a new discovery. I read about this already years ago.
Comment icon #16 Posted by NCC1701 1 year ago
It will be a slow brain then, as signals take trillions of years to reach the other side of the brain.
Comment icon #17 Posted by XenoFish 1 year ago
That depends on perspect, slow to us, fast to it.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Mr Walker 1 year ago
Nup the thoughts use quantum entanglement and are instantaneous.
Comment icon #19 Posted by Old Guy 1 year ago
Oh the Biden effect, good call.
Comment icon #20 Posted by aztek 10 months ago
yea it is, ourconsciousnessis not inside our head, it is outside of us, our brain is only a receiver. simple example is a tv, it has many channels, sound and pic, brake it a bit and you lose a channel or two, but it does not mean channels disappear, brake it a bit more and you lose sound, but it does notmean sound disappeared. that explains why some people can see do, things others can not, everyone has a different tv, some groups of people have tv's of different brands, and specs.
Comment icon #21 Posted by joc 10 months ago
oMG...the brain is like a computer....omg, the brain is like our infinite universe...omg, the brain, the brain, the human brain...... No...it isn't like a computer...at all. No it isn't like the universe...at all. You are welcome
Comment icon #22 Posted by Scholar4Truth 9 months ago
I think the universe a bit more complex then the human brain.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Rlyeh 9 months ago
In that case you're always conscious.

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