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Scientists put human genes into monkey brains

November 20, 2020 | Comment icon 9 comments

Perhaps the movies weren't as far-fetched as we thought... Image Credit: CC BY 2.5 Carmem A. Busko
A recent experiment has raised eyebrows due to its potential to bring about a real-life Planet of the Apes.
Meddling with the intelligence of non-human primates might seem like a recipe for disaster, however that hasn't stopped scientists from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Germany from engineering marmosets with human genes inserted into their brains.

The experiment, which may ring alarm bells for anyone familiar with the Planet of the Apes movies, reportedly resulted in the monkeys growing a larger neocortex - the part of the brain responsible for higher functions such as sensory perception, cognition, spatial reasoning and language.

The physical shape of their brains also changed to mimic aspects of the human brain.

"We found indeed that the neocortex of the common marmoset brain was enlarged and the brain surface folded," said study author Michael Heide. "Its cortical plate was also thicker than normal."
"Furthermore, we could see increased numbers of basal radial glia progenitors in the outer subventricular zone and increased numbers of upper-layer neurons, the neuron type that increases in primate evolution."

Sadly the marmosets themselves did not get beyond the foetal stage, however it is easy to imagine how in the future, enhancing the cognitive abilities of animals may be a very real possibility.

It may even one day be possible to do the same in humans.

Source: Bro Bible | Comments (9)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by MysteryMike 11 months ago
Do you want the Simian Flu to become real? Because this is the path it'll bring us to.
Comment icon #2 Posted by _Chez_ 11 months ago
Get your paws off me, you goddamn dirty ape !
Comment icon #3 Posted by Chronus 11 months ago
This idea makes me uncomfortable.
Comment icon #4 Posted by The Wistman 11 months ago
Smart people doing stupid, thoughtless things.† Just because you can do something, doesn't make it a good idea. Maybe saving the planet and its species and perhaps a little actual altruistic intent would better serve than their Dr. Mengele beastly experiments. Gah!†††
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nnicolette 11 months ago
People get mad about everything. Just experiment. But if anything make dogs smarter because they are loyal.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Jon the frog 11 months ago
The only thing they can do, it's bring me my pack of velociraptor !
Comment icon #7 Posted by The Wistman 11 months ago
It may be, after all, okay to experiment on the brains of people who gaslight other people and who think dogs aren't already smart. And btw, Stockholm syndrome is a form of induced loyalty toward one's oppressors.† Loyalty isn't necessarily an absolute good.† Unless you're the prison guards/oppressors, who seek to maintain their dominance.† Then it's absolutely good....for them.
Comment icon #8 Posted by and then 11 months ago
† †I wonder how many human clone experiments are already alive on the planet.††
Comment icon #9 Posted by jethrofloyd 11 months ago
Better to monkey genes into human brains. †

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