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'Creature' blamed for mystery bridge deaths

November 28, 2020 | Comment icon 6 comments

Who or what is responsible for the mystery deaths ? Image Credit:
A prophet is investigating a series of deaths attributed to a mysterious creature at a bridge in Zimbabwe.
The anomalous deaths, which have all occurred near a bridge over the Mtshabezi River in Gwandan Town, began all the way back in the 1970s when a number of male school pupils drowned in the river while collecting water.

According to the stories, the victims would report seeing a fish in the water before drowning. The survivors would then return to school to tell their teachers what had happened.

Now the same thing seems to be happening again - except this time the victims are all adult males.

Prophet Mehluli Moyo of the Zion Apostolic Church in Central Africa, who has been attributed with solving several similar mysteries, has now been tasked with investigating the deaths.

It still remains unclear exactly how the drowning occurs because the river is so shallow and the victims had stayed at the river's edge. Some of those who drowned were reportedly gold panners who had been there to bathe and others had simply been there to collect water.
Some suspect that a 'creature' such as a mermaid might be grabbing or luring them into the river.

"Now it's suspected that this creature is now targeting men that will be bathing at the river," said Moyo.

"Each time someone drowns in the river there are usually a series of funerals which follow which are recorded in the town. It's like that drowning incident would have sparked or ignited some evil spirit which hovers around the town."

According to Pastor Michael Ndlovu, three people have already died at the river this year.

"We have to go through the correct procedures and inform the relevant authorities," he said.

So far however, an explanation to the mystery has yet to be found.

Source: News DZE Zimbabwe | Comments (6)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by DieChecker 1 year ago
Sounds like some men who prefer not to bath are like, "Uh... Yeah. There's a monster, so I can't bath today.".
Comment icon #2 Posted by DieChecker 1 year ago
Yep. Mermaid... Proof...,+disappears+during+baptism.html
Comment icon #3 Posted by MissJatti 1 year ago
Not Mermaids but Sirens
Comment icon #4 Posted by Jon the frog 1 year ago
You said mermaid ? You said evil mermaid ? It's time for :
Comment icon #5 Posted by Jon the frog 1 year ago
Beside some jokes, it's maybe a croc. It fit well with a river creature pulling people down to drown them...
Comment icon #6 Posted by mesuma 1 year ago
Prophet Mehluli Moyo??? Jessica Fletcher on the sick?

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