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NASA picks astronauts who will go to the Moon

By T.K. Randall
December 11, 2020 · Comment icon 4 comments

We now know who will be taking the next giant leap for mankind. Image Credit: NASA
A total of 18 astronauts - 9 men and 9 women - have been chosen as part of NASA's Artemis program.
To walk on the surface of the Moon is an adventure that has so far been undertaken by only 12 men in the history of mankind - of which only 4 are even still alive - and the last time it happened was almost 50 years ago when Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt touched down during the Apollo 17 mission.

Now, at last, a whole new generation will be walking on the lunar surface and this week NASA has revealed who those people will be - a team of 18 astronauts, some of which with experience aboard the International Space Station and others who have never flown off-world before.

"My fellow Americans, I give you the heroes of the future who will carry us back to the Moon and beyond," said US Vice President Mike Pence during the reveal event in Florida.

Among those selected are some familiar names including Christina Koch - record holder for the longest continuous time spent in space for a woman - and Victor Glover - who recently launched to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.
Veteran astronaut Stephanie Wilson - who traveled into space three times aboard the Space Shuttles - is also on the list, as is Joseph Acaba - who has also been into space three times.

"This is the first cadre of our Artemis astronauts," said Nasa administrator Jim Bridenstine.

"I want to be clear, there's going to be more."

Which of these astronauts will be the first to go to the Moon however has yet to be revealed.

Source: BBC News | Comments (4)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by pallidin 3 years ago
I read the original press release a week ago, and their bio's are amazing. Outstanding group!!!
Comment icon #2 Posted by TigerBright19 3 years ago
Imagine how many conspiracy theories will appear on this site when the mission to the Moon is underway.    
Comment icon #3 Posted by fred_mc 3 years ago
Nice. As a Swede I'm happy that a Swedish citizen has been selected, Jessica Meir (who has both US and Swedish citizenship). Noticeable is also that Kjell Lindgren is a very Swedish name, both first and last name, apparently a decendant of Swedish immigrants.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Silver Surfer 3 years ago
Here let me start this.... Well someones gotta get up there and put that damn flag on the moon before another country finds out it doesn't exist! Else they'll all know about Kubrick! I should know I'm the silver surfer and i've done a few ride bys on the cosmic wave...   /transfers self to conspiracies section.

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