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Ghosts & Hauntings

Exorcist claims movies contain actual demons

March 14, 2021 | Comment icon 60 comments

Movies are just movies, aren't they...? Image Credit: noheart / Pixabay
An exorcist from the Philippines maintains that popular horror movies are a source of actual real-life demons.
When William Friedkin's 1973 horror classic 'The Exorcist' first released, some cinemagoers were so disturbed by what they saw on the screen that it caused them to faint on the spot.

While today the movie is still a classic, almost 50 years of increasingly violent and grotesque horror movies have left cinema audiences far less sensitive to the relatively tame scenes within it.

For one man however, the movie, as well as many other modern horror films, are not simply pieces of harmless entertainment but sources of actual real-life demons capable of possessing the living.

In a recent Facebook post, Father Ronnie E. Ablong of the Diocese of Dumaguete listed a number of movies that he believes are responsible for demonic possessions that he has exorcised.
"I have been exorcising a young woman for many weeks now," he wrote.

"Thirty-nine demons have already been cast out."

"Five of these demons come from the movies the demoniac had watched. The names of the demons are either the primary or secondary characters of these movies."

"First, Valak ,from the movie The Nun (2018). Second, Esme (Cullen), from the movie Twilight (2008). Third, Sylvia Ganush, from the movie Drag Me to Hell (2009). Fourth, Diana Walter, from the movie Lights Out (2016). And fifth, Annabelle, from the movie, Annabelle (2019)."

"I'm making this post to warn everyone of the certain danger of patronizing horror films or films that deal with magic and witchcraft."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #51 Posted by Rlyeh 10 months ago
So we're back to imaginary.   Science is great if you want substance.  But you're quite happy making up BS about imaginary beings feeding off imaginary energy.
Comment icon #52 Posted by Rlyeh 10 months ago
You can invoke all the astral nonsense in the world.  How does this help anyone?
Comment icon #53 Posted by the13bats 10 months ago
You do?!?!? Great Caesars ghost Then why havent you posted any of it? you only say you have this or that you never ante up.
Comment icon #54 Posted by papageorge1 10 months ago
No we're back to square zero in this conversation.
Comment icon #55 Posted by Rlyeh 10 months ago
What you always had.
Comment icon #56 Posted by the13bats 10 months ago
You could change that by posting the proof you claim to have why you dont is a mystery.
Comment icon #57 Posted by papageorge1 10 months ago
But bats, post where I claimed to have proof?? You might be imaging things??
Comment icon #58 Posted by the13bats 10 months ago
So you are really going to cop out like that? Very lame even for you.
Comment icon #59 Posted by papageorge1 10 months ago
LOL. I suppose next time I should claim proof just to satisfy you???? LOL
Comment icon #60 Posted by the13bats 10 months ago
You cant claim what you dont have never had and never will have...actually you make countless claims you never back up.

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