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Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Science & Technology

Hybrid embryos are part human, part monkey

April 16, 2021 | Comment icon 32 comments

Where exactly do we draw the line ? Image Credit: Pixabay / Gellinger
The controversial research, while impressive, has unsurprisingly raised some major ethical concerns.
While the achievement could lead to a number of significant medical advancements, not everyone is thrilled about the idea of cross-species 'chimeras' that are part human, part monkey.

The research, which involved injecting human stem cells into early-stage macaque monkey embryos, was carried out by researchers at the Salk Institute in California.

The resulting embryos lived for approximately 19 days before having to be destroyed.

Some scientists, such as Professor Julian Savulescu of the University of Oxford, believe that experiments like this have the potential to open up an ethical can of worms.
"The most difficult issue lies in the future," he said.

"This research opens Pandora's box to human-nonhuman chimeras. These embryos were destroyed at 20 days of development but it is only a matter of time before human-nonhuman chimeras are successfully developed, perhaps as a source of organs for humans."

"That is one of the long term goals of this research. The key ethical question is: what is the moral status of these novel creatures ?"

"Before any experiments are performed on live born chimeras, or their organs extracted, it is essential that their mental capacities and lives are properly assessed."

"What looks like a nonhuman animal may mentally be close to a human."

Source: MSN.com | Comments (32)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #23 Posted by Stiff 8 months ago
No, it's worse. She judges.
Comment icon #24 Posted by Hankenhunter 8 months ago
I'm starting to believe that. I'm willing to bet that you could dump a huge amount of bad Karma reincarnating as a Chimera. It wouldn't be a pleasant life. Basically stuck in a lab for the rest of your life. Walking, talking science experiment. I'm already feeling compassion, and it isn't even viable...yet.
Comment icon #25 Posted by thelion318 8 months ago
What happens is that if youmention this informationto friends or family youwill get labeled a fear mongering conspiracy theorist. Interestingly, chimeras are depicted in many ancient cultures. https://www.nature.com/articles/gim2008128 Symbolic only?https://returnofthespacegods.wordpress.com/2009/11/14/did-the-egyptian-gods-have-animal-heads/
Comment icon #26 Posted by gillmanjoe 8 months ago
alex jones has been talking about this for literally decades and was called a crazy person. Almost every thing he has said has been proven true over time.
Comment icon #27 Posted by mesuma 8 months ago
Same with Bob Lazar I think. For me Alex Jones problem is that he has a tendency to communicate like a bible belt preacher which unfortunately comes across as mental to some folk. Maybe he's just a little bit too commited to his views.
Comment icon #28 Posted by CloudSix 7 months ago
The one question that instantly popped into my brain,after all the ethical ones you guys and girls mentioned, is how do we know that they destroyed all 19?
Comment icon #29 Posted by MissJatti 7 months ago
Bad Idea, because at some point life has to breakand escapesall barriers, and it will be free.
Comment icon #30 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 7 months ago
Can they cage it like a pet ? Does killing it constitute murder? If it lives its life in great pain, should creating the beings be banned? Lots of questions. And what possible good can come out of it, the creation of an army? scary times.
Comment icon #31 Posted by razman 7 months ago
Comment icon #32 Posted by Rlyeh 7 months ago
And still is. Alex Jones runs his mouth without thinking. Like his talking ape-men or the alien/demons/elves that tell scientists to build the LHC.

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